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Delta Airlines allows infants and children on the flight. They can fly with you on your lap. If you have already booked a flight with Delta Airlines and now you want to add a child, then it is an easy process, and you can add the child through the official website by following the given instructions:-

Find the process for how to book a flight ticket or add a child to your Delta flight: 

  • Go to any web browser and search for Delta Airlines' official website.
  • Open the "My trips" option from the menu.
  • Type your "PNR number or ticket number" and "Last name."
  • Click on the "Special service request" section.
  • Add the child to your flight and mention the age.
  • Then, choose the option as per your choice and add a child to your flight. 


What is Delta Child Policy?

Traveling with a child is so complex, and you need to take some precautions before traveling and take all the necessary things for them. So there are some policies to travel with them on flights that you need to know, and below are the following that is mentioned clearly:-

  • Suppose a parent wants to travel with their infant child that is under 7 days. In that case, delta Airlines only allows them to the accompanied by an approval letter from the physician that gives permission to take their newborn baby on the flight. 
  • If the child's age is between 0-2 years, then they are allowed to travel with their parents or any adults that are above 18 years old. 
  • Delta airline takes some charges for the 0-2-year-old child, which is 10% of the adult fares price. 
  • When you book the seat for your less than a 2-year-old child, then the ticket will be required for which country-specific discount may apply. 
  • When the child's age is between 2-4 then they need to be accompanied by an adult passenger that is above 18 years old, and the ticket is required, which country-specific discount may apply. They are not allowed to travel alone on the flight. 
  • Delta Airlines provides some protection and proactive security for those passengers who travel with their infant child, and they make their travel easy and comfortable.


What are Delta Airlines Child Identification Requirements?

Delta Airlines requires identification proof before boarding the flight. However, if the child is less than the age of 18, then they do not need to show any ID proof. The child only requires the boarding pass, and if they are less than 15 years of age, they must be accompanied by an adult, or they cannot board the flight. If you want to get more information, then you can contact the customer service of the airline, and the representative will answer all your questions.

Does Delta Allow Infants To Fly Free?

If you want to travel with an infant on Delta Airlines and want to know about the charges or if the tickets are free, then the answer is yes. Delta allows infants to fly for free if they are under the age of 2 years on the lap of for free but only within the boundaries of the United States. If you want to travel internationally, you must buy a ticket for the infant at a much-reduced fare.

How Much Does Delta Charge For Infants on International Flights?

The baby can fly on the lap, but still, you have to buy the ticket if the infant is less than two years of age. The charges are less if you fly domestically and high for international flights. Delta Airlines charges 10% of the adult fare for the ticket. If the baby or infant is more than two years old, you have to buy the ticket for them, but some discounts also apply according to the country you are traveling to and the baby's age.

Will Delta Seat me and My Child Together?

Delta Airlines have a family seating policy that lets all family members sit together. You can inform the airline through Delta app or the official website. If you face any issues, go to the reservation center, and the executive will review the available seats and put you and your family member's seats together.

However, if you have any issues, you can discuss them with the customer service representative, and they will provide you with the answer. You can also visit Delta Airlines' official webpage to read more about the children's policy.

How Do I Add an Infant to my Delta Ticket?

If you travel with your child under 2 years of age, you will choose to travel with them in your lap for free of cost, but there are some steps you need to mention with your ticket. Below are the following steps that are mentioned to add an infant to the delta ticket:-

  • Initially, open the official site and then go to my trip option. 
  • Now, move to the special services request option and tap on open, which is under the infant in the arm icon. 
  • From the request infant in arms option, you need to click on the + buttons to add on. 
  • Lastly, you have to fill out all the forms and then submit the form by clicking on the confirm button shown. You will receive the confirmation on your registered email and contact number. 


What Documents do I Need for my Baby in Order To Fly Delta?

If you are scheduling to tour with your child on a delta airline flight and the child is 7 days older or under 2 years, then you can travel with them, but there are some valid id required to travel with them, and there are some documents that are needed to give them and here are the following that you have to offer:-

The birth certificate of the child.
Mother's hospital discharge summary.
Child passport.
Vaccination certifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to pay for an infant on Delta?

Yes, the infant can travel for free of cost on the lap of an adult if you are traveling within the united state. If you are traveling internationally, then the price of the infant on Delta Airlines will take charge, but the fare will be reduced.

Does Delta Allow Infants To Fly Free?

Yes, delta airline allows infants to fly for free of cost; if they are traveling within the united states and to travel internationally, they need to pay some charges, and then you have to make the payment. 

Do I Need To Bring my Baby's Birth Certificate When Flying Delta?

No, Delta Airlines does not require bringing the baby's birth certificate. When you travel on Delta Airlines with your baby, then you don't need to provide them with any proof. 

There are some documents that you need to provide to the airline that is mentioned below:-

Your child's passport. 
The birth certificate of the child. 
A child's immunization record or other medical forms may also work if you travel domestically. 

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