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Can My Dog Fly With Me To Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines provide facilities to the passengers as well as to their lovely pets, especially dogs. Dogs get special privileges if they are properly trained. For more information, you can continue with this article that provides you with pet policies and procedures to add the dog to your Turkish airline flight ticket. Traveling with your dog is now easier and more comfortable because a team has been assigned, as well as a special carrier inside the flight in which your pet will travel with you to your destination. 

If you want to transport a live animal on the flight, then the reservation must be made through call and needs to be confirmed up to 6 hours prior to the flight departure time. After dialing the customer service number 080005 01565, the live person will ask you for your dog details and provide you a form with your contact details.

Fill it out and attach the supportive document, such as a health certificate and submit it to the airline authority.

The authority will process your request and then give you permission to carry your pet with you. But there are some conditions or policies to follow so that you can avoid any type of mistake.

Does Turkish Airlines Allow Pets on the Plane?

Yes, you can add pets to the Turkish Airlines on the plane. According to the authority rules, there is a capacity range fixed by the staff in which can take a maximum of two pet cages that are accepted for each passenger, and it needs to be remembered that from two pet cages, one cage is permitted in the cabin, and other cages will fall in the category of “AVIH” or they both will be carried as an AVIH.

Turkish Airlines may allow 1 pet sharing cage on the plane if the maximum of (2 same species or siblings). You can take the boarding pass for your pet at the check-in counter. You can provide your details, name, surname, etc., along with the details of your pet as well, As a pet name or pet info must be labeled on the cage or container.

If your pet is clean, odorless, and calm looking, as well as all the documents have been deposited and verified properly, then the airline will allow the pets on the plane.

How Much Does it Cost to Add a Dog to a Turkish Ticket?

Turkish Airlines charge some fees to add a dog, and the cost has been decided according to the weight of the individual animal. The fee structure has been discussed below; please go through it and make the decision accordingly. If a pet weighs 8 kg or less, then you can carry it in the cabin, but pets weighing more than 8 kg will be carried in the aircraft hold. 

  • Pets ranging from 0 to 8 kgs will be charged 7$.
  • Pets ranging from 9 to 15 kg will be charged 12$
  • Pets ranging from 16 to 22 kgs will be charged with 16.28$.
  • Pets ranging from 23 to 28 kgs will be charged 17.34$.
  • Pets over 28 kgs will be charged 20.51$.


How Do I Avoid Turkish Airline Pet Fees?

You can use miles, or you have an elite membership card. By applying that, you can avoid the Turkish airline pet fees, but you need to pay the pet transportation fee on the basis of your route.

Turkish Airlines Pet Travel Policy

Pets like cats, dogs, and small singing birds are allowed in the cabin with the passengers. 

Dogs, regardless of breed or type, must be trained to cooperate with the crew and can able to perform certain tasks according to the passenger’s disability, Then only be accepted in the cabin as a service dog.

Pets with special conditions must have a valid US-issued rabies vaccination certificate, proof of microchip, and be at least 6 months old as well as healthy. 

Can Cats Fly in A Cabin on Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines is well aware that passengers can have their pets, for example, cats, etc., so the airlines allow cats to fly in the cabin. However, certain terms and conditions are laid down by them, which you must know. So, you are suggested to look at the related points:

  • Your pet or a cat should be 10 days old to be eligible to fly in-cabin. 
  • You will be required to have an approved airline pet carrier. 
  • The carrier must hold enough space for your cat to move and stand and have enough ventilation. 
  • As per the pet policy of Turkish Airlines, one passenger can carry only one pet carrier. 
  • The maximum weight of your cat or pet should be 8KG. 


Does Turkish Allow Cats in Cabin?

There are concerns in the minds of passengers wondering about the allowance of cats in the cabin of Turkish Airlines. So, to get the answer related to the same query, the below-given points will guide you in possible ways;

  • Regarding the Turkish Airlines pet policy, you are permitted to carry a cat in-cabin. 
  • However, you will have to present all the necessary medical documents with respect to your pet or a cat to the authority when asked. 
  • If you have further confusion, you can contact the airline to inquire about their pet policy, required documents, etc. 


How Do I Bring My Cat from Turkish?

There are certain ways or formalities which you have to fulfill to complete the process of carrying a cat on Turkish Airlines. So, to know about the same, you can give a look at the given points: 

  • As per the airline’s norms, to be eligible to transport your pet, you have to make a reservation 6 hours before the flight timings. 
  • There are also certain limitations laid down by the airline; for example, per passenger is allowed to carry one pet in one carrier. 
  • You may have to provide all the authentic documents to the airline with respect to your pet or a cat’s health condition, must be above 10 days old, etc., and if you have any doubt, dial the airline’s concerned phone number to get a live person. 


Turkish Airlines Pet Weight Limit

As per the guidelines of Turkish Airlines, there are particular limitations that have been set up by the airline. Because exceeding the prescribed limitations can lead you to pay an additional fine; however, for your convenience, below are details of the weight limit of the airline:

  • In the Turkish Airlines pet policy, it is mentioned that up to the weight of 8 KG, you can carry your pet or a cat along with you. 
  • However, this 8KG of limitations is not restricted to only 1 pet; it also includes another pet. This denotes a combination of 2 pets must be up to 8 KG, and the airline will permit you to take your pet. 
  • In case you exceed the weight limits, you may get a denial for carrying your pet, or you can be asked by the airline to incur an additional fee, and then you may get authority. 
  • The weight limits may change from time to time, so try reaching out to the support team or an operator of the airline who will guide you.


How Do I Bring My Pet on Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines is a well-known airline that flies multiple routes around the world. The airline is a Turkey-based flag carrier that aims at offering the best in-flight services. The airlines' policy and guidelines are in the passengers' favor. If you have made the flight reservation with the airline and later realized that you still need to make the additions for your pet to travel in the airline. Later the passenger might also wonder: How do I bring my pet on Turkish Airlines? It is advised that customers who wish to travel with their pets must be known the pet policy of the airlines and also the other T&Cs of the airlines.

Pet policy of Turkish Airlines 

The significant points related to the pet policy of Turkish Airlines are mentioned here below:

  • If the passenger travels with their pet, they must pay the applicable transportation fee per the destination and route. 
  • The passenger will be required to carry the "Health Certificate" of their pet from the veterinarian in which it is mentioned that the pet is safe to travel. 
  • Suppose you need to carry the medical certificate while boarding the flight. Then airlines will not accept your pet to travel on the flight with you. 
  • There are few specific destinations in which passengers will not be allowed to take their pets. If you travel to the UK, airlines will not permit you to take the pet. In other countries, the customer cannot travel with a pet; details can be obtained while making a flight reservation. 
  • Dogs and pet species with respiratory problems in the aircraft will not be allowed to travel with the passengers. 
  • Pets will not be included in the free baggage allowance of the customer. There will be some specified fees that the customer will be required to pay as "pet travel airfare."
  • If you need any other information, read the pet transportation table and check all the required details. 


What is the Turkish Airlines Pet Ticket Price?

The ticket price for travel will differ per the international and domestic destination. The details related to the pet ticket price are mentioned here below: 

  • If while traveling with the flight, the weight of the pet or its crate is 8 kgs or less than that. Then, the pet will travel in the cabin till the destination. And if it weighs more than 8 kg, it will be carried in an aircraft hold. 
  • The fee charged by the airlines for the pet will be fixed as per the weight and crate. 
  • For the weight of a pet upto 8 kg, 235 TRY will be charged. For upto 15 kg, 375 TRY will be charged. For the 16 to 22 kg weight, 505 TRY will have to be paid.
  • For 23 to 28 kg, 535 TRY will be charged, and for above 28 kg, 635 TRY will be charged. 
  • The Turkish Airlines pet carrier size and dimensions are 23*30*40 cm. 

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