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Flight reservations are best when it comes to traveling. If you have to travel in a group then travelling through flight is regarded as one of the best options. Flights not only offer smooth travel but at the same time, the time taken is quite low when compared to other travel modes.

How Do You Buy Group Airline Tickets?

If you are wondering regarding the reservation of a large group flight, Then worry no more. Here, in this paper we are about to share certain details that are going to help with the reservation of large group flights. So without any further ado, let us get straight into this.

Bulk buying is a great option not only in terms of flight seats but in general. You get to have a variety of perks while going for bulk buying. When it comes to flight reservations, buying in bulk or reserving a group trip could offer a variety of benefits that are much liked by passengers from across the globe. To reserve a group travel with an airline, passengers are required to follow certain steps that are not only necessary but are essential in order to reserve your flight seats with an airline.

However, going for bulk buying is not that easy. There are several complications involved. But with the right guidance, passengers are able to book group travel tickets.

What are the methods that are available to book a large group flight? 

Several methods are available as far as bulk buying is concerned. Let us have a look at the methods mentioned down under.

Get down to your travel requirements

  • The first and the foremost thing is that users are required to get started with the first step of making reservations for group travel. You are required to finalise the cities that you will be travelling between. It could be different cities at one time or one city at multiple times. 
  • Next thing you are required to do is enter the details regarding the total of passengers that are going to accompany you as far as your flight travel is concerned.
  • Next in line of the steps is the work related to the travel time frame. This is the next important thing that passengers are required to finalise before making a group 221flight reservation. Whether it be business travel or group travel with friends, travellers need to frame a time period for their group travel with the airline. 
  • You are also required to collect the information pertaining to travellers. The information that is required is as follows: full legal names, birthdays and addresses. These are essential information which are needed to proceed with reserving group travel with an airline. There is one more thing that you must be aware of. You must run double checks as far as traveller names and addresses are concerned. You can check on the government issued identifications such as the driver’s license, passport and so on.


This was the first method that involved a lot of research and work, there are other ways available too through which travellers are able to make reservations for a large group travel with an airline, for instance, Flight Booking Through a Travel Agent is another perfect option. This brings us to the next method which is mentioned down under:

Book Large Group Flight Online by Consolidators

If you are interested in going for group travel with an airline, one of the best things that you can do is find and look for a consolidator. Go for Flight Booking Through a Consolidator.

Now the question arises, who are consolidators?

  • Consolidators are the companies that work by buying flight tickets in bulk from the airline at a cheaper price. If you connect with a consolidator, they are definitely going to offer the right rates and fares to reserve flight tickets for group travel with the airline. 
  • If you opt for the services of consolidators, there are likely chances of getting the right fares. This way you are able to grab a great deal of discount which is meant to provide the satisfaction related to bulk buying.
  • Consolidators have access to all the deeply discounted tickets. However, they don't actually own the planes.
  • You are advised to refer to the Sunday newspaper as listings of consolidators usually come there. So you may refer to this for getting listings of the consolidators for making reservations for group travel.
  • Another major thing that you are required to do is run some checks on  the reputation of the consolidators. This is mandatory as the information about their reputation will allow you a scope through which you will be able to reserve a reliable group flight with an airline that you are interested in flying with. 
  • Also you are required to investigate for restrictions on bookings. For instance, travellers are unable to utilise miles , frequent flyer programs or reward points while making reservations for a group with an airline. Also, the group travel that you reserve with an airline is mostly nonrefundable and non-transferable at the same time.
  • You must ensure that you have properly done the investigation part while making reservations for a group travel with an airline. You are required to get in touch with the customer service department at the consolidator firm to get all your questions and queries addressed. You can also enquire whether the price contains the consolidator’s fee or not.
  • Utilize your major debit or credit card to make payment for your group travel while using consolidator’s services.
  • Also, passengers are required to confirm with the airline regarding their booking in progress. They should run a cross check whether the airline is processing their reservation or not.
  • Make sure that you take the record locator number from the consolidator to get access to the reservation made by the consolidator on your behalf for your group. 


Make Large Group Flight Booking Through An Airline

To make Flight Booking Through an Airline, travelers are supposed to purchase a commuter book. These are airpass memberships that travelers may utilize if they wish to gather great discounts on group travel.

Also travelers may resort to getting in touch with the airline group reservation desk. They are thrones who will guide you in the right direction as far as group travel are concerned.

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