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Are you willing to connect with customer services to fix the issues and want to know the process of how do I call Larnaca airport. Then this is best for you and below is the following that mentioned all the steps to contact the services through phone number:-

Initially, you have to access the official website of Larnaca airport and then go to the contact us page there you have to start searching for the official contact number, and when you get the number 00357 24 816057, then dial that and you will get connect with virtual assistance that assists you to get a real person from airline and resolve all the issues. There are some instructions that help you to connect with a real person, which you need to follow in the right way. 

Larnaca Airport Customer Service 

The customer services of Larnaca airport are available for their customer 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If you are facing issues or want to get information related to airport customer representatives, then you can connect with them instantly. To get connect with them, there are multiple ways to be helpful to you, like an official live chat option, contact number, email, and social media handle, and fix all the issues that appear.

Office Phone Number: +357 24 816 130

Flight Information: +357 24 816 400

Larnaca Airport Lost and Found: +357 24804715

Fax: +357 24 643 633

Where is Special Assistance at Larnaca Airport?

If you are traveling with a disabled person on the flight and you need to get special assistance for them, then here are the following process that will assist you in connecting with special assistance and resolving all the issues. Below are the following all the steps that you have to follow:-

Through the Official Contact Number- 

Initially, open the website and then click on the contact us tab. Now, when you open that then there you will get the assistance phone number and connect with them. Then, you need to follow all the instructions that appear and press the number according to your issues. 

  • Press the 1 button if you have any queries. 
  • Press the 2 buttons if you want to resolve the issues. 
  • Press the 3 buttons to request for special assistance. 
  • Press the 6 buttons to get a real person from the airline.


How Do I Contact Larnaca Airport Lost and Found?

If you think that you may lose your baggage or want to get it back, then here are the following contact number of Larnaca Airport lost and found services that will assist you in getting back the baggage and below are following are mentioned for your:-

For lost and found services, you need to get their official contact number by visiting the official website, and when you get the number then, dial that, and you will get connected with virtual assistance. After that, you need to provide them with all the details related to your baggage, like size, color, tag number, and many other things. Then, you will get all the updates from them regarding baggage when they get your bags and receive the messages.

How Long is Check-in at Larnaca Airport?

To get the information that is related to the check-in at Larnaca airport then, the opening of the check-in is at least 2 hours before the departure, and the check-in closes 45 minutes before the departure.

There are two ways that you can check in at the airport that is web check-in and another one is through self-check-in. In the web check-in, you are allowed to check in from 3 to 48 hours before the departure, and there are some processes or instructions that you need to follow to make the check-in at the airport. In the self-check-in method, you need to visit the airport and then the kiosk to check-in, or there is another kiosk that assists you with self-check-in within less than 10 seconds; if you need any help, then there is some assistance.

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