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A Complete Guide on Nok Air Flight Cancellations

Nok Air is an airline from Thailand that deals in low-cost segment flights. It primarily focuses on providing domestic flights out of Bangkok. Nok Air is known for its outstanding services in the aviation industry and for providing budget-friendly flights to passengers looking for domestic flights. 

Cancellations in the aviation industry can sometimes be tricky because of its policies and procedures. If you have a Nok Air flight reservation or booking, the query you have is, ‘How do I cancel my flight Nok Air?’ If that’s the case, then you are reading the perfect material. The following points will help you with the complete Nok Air flight cancellation procedure and policy.

How to cancel my Nok Air flight?

If you wish to know the procedure through which you cancel your Nok Air flight, in that case, you can instantly take help from the points listed below;

  • Visit the official Nok Air website with the help of your system’s browser.
  • Once the website loads, locate and click on the option ‘Manage Booking’ present in the main booking tab of the website.
  • The following page will ask you to enter the below-mentioned details;


Booking Reference

Last Name

  • Enter the following details and click on the option ‘Login.’
  • It will then display all the information related to your Nok Air flight booking.
  • Click on the option ‘Cancel’ to proceed with your flight cancellation.
  • After that, click on the option ‘Confirm’ to proceed with your choice.
  • Your flight cancellation request will be submitted after that.


Thus, you can cancel your Nok Air flight with the help of following the points listed above. However, the amount you’ll have to pay to cancel your flight tickets will depend on your cancellation date, booking fare, and several factors.

Nok Air Cancellation Policy

The following minutely detailed points will help you understand the Nok Air Cancellation Policy, and you can understand all the terms and conditions under which you can cancel your Nok Air flight tickets and find yourself in a profitable situation;

  • Nok Air allows you to change the full name on your flight booking.
  • This feature allows you to transfer your flight ticket to someone else.
  • You can only change the name on your flight ticket by showcasing an official government-authorized identity card matching the new name.
  • In this way, you wouldn’t lose the money you used to buy your Nok Air flight tickets.
  • You’ll have to change the flight ticket name 4 hours before your scheduled departure time.


Thus, the above-listed points will help you effectively understand the Nok Air cancellation policy.

Nok Air Cancellation Fees 

If you’ve made up your mind for canceling your flight tickets and you wonder about the Nok Air Cancellations fee, in that case, the following points will help you get the perfect idea about the topic instantly;

  • A change fee of THB 750 per passenger is applied on the flight tickets if you change your flight ticket name for your domestic flight tickets.
  • A change fee of THB 1,210 per passenger is applied if you change your international flight tickets.
  • In the case of international flight tickets, the amount will vary depending upon the currency of your international destination.


Nok Air 24-hour cancellation 

If the question ‘Can I cancel a Nok Air flight within 24 hours?’ comes to your mind, then Nok Lite and Nok X-tra passengers will have to make the required changes 24 hours before your scheduled departure time. If you are a Nok Max passenger, you can change your flight ticket 3 hours before your scheduled departure time for your benefit and convenience.


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