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You have made the TUI reservation. Later on, you realize you need to change the ticket, or after buying the tickets, you check the details of your reservation. And you find a typo error in your name or unknowingly click on the wrong date. You must be worried because you must pay a reasonable cost to buy a ticket. Travelers are looking for solutions to modify their ticket information. Here is a relief that TUI Airways allows change tickets due to their passengers-friendly policies. How do I change my booking online with TUI? The airline permits you to change online but you must follow the terms and conditions. First, find out the conditions to adjust your flight.

TUI Flight Terms and Conditions- Date, Destination, and Name

Check the TUI Change Flight Policy before modifying your ticket:

  • Passengers can reschedule their flight and change their destination and name without any fee if they modify the details within 24 hours of making a reservation. 
  • After 24 hours, travelers have to pay the change fee depending on various factors like destination, flight schedule, date, and fare. Flyers must pay the fare differently when changing the date and destination. However, you can change the same fare flight is accessible to you. 
  • The airline allows travelers to select a new date 4 days before the departure schedule. 
  • Flyers can rectify their name up to 3 characters can be changed on their flight ticket after paying the fee. 
  • You can transfer the ticket to a third party after the amendment fee if the transportation agreement is fulfilled. Passengers need to reach out to a live representative for more queries. 
  • You will not be refunded when passengers reschedule their flights; the flight rates are lower than the original ticket. 
  • After check-in, passengers can't change their flight. 
  • When tickets are booked from the airline, these terms and conditions are applied. If you made the reservation from a third party, contact them for support. 


In case you have any problem, dial the TUI contact number to connect with a live representative to get the resolution. 

How Much Does TUI Charge To Change Flights?

If you want to rectify your name on the ticket, passengers have to pay the TUI Name Change Fee of $ 30 per person, regardless of the fare. 

However, the airline will charge you if you have to replace the date, destination, and time.

  • If the flight is changed before 29 days of the flight schedule, the airline may charge up to 70 of the original fare. 
  • When a reservation is modified between 28 and 15 days of the departure schedule, the change can cost you around 90% of the ticket cost. 
  • Within 15 days of departure, you are required to pay around 100% of the ticket fare. 


How to change the flight online? 

Passengers can change their flight online through the web or mobile app. The benefit of online change is that you can save time and money. Follow the simple guide to modify your ticket: 

  • Go to the website or open the app on your device. 
  • Choose option Modifying the Booking option. 
  • Enter your departure number, ticket confirmation, and name. 
  • Click on Login to your Booking. 
  • Select the change flight option. 
  • Rectify the details or reschedule your flight. 
  • Make the payment before clicking the submit button. 


You will get the confirmation details on your registered mail id. Check the details to avoid the last minute's trouble.

How Late Can You Change a Name on a TUI Holiday?

Before check-in, flyers can amend the booking and change the name on their ticket after paying the amendment fee. The amount will be charged to change the name of each person on the ticket and every booking detail. To change the ticket, you need to contact the airline. 

Can I Modify my Flight Time on TUI Ticket?

Flyers can TUI Change Flight Date after paying the TUI flight change fee and change the flight ticket to a new schedule.

Does the Airline Allow to Modify only on Return Flights?

When flyers book two-way flights, i.e., departing and returning flights, they are later required to change their returning flight. Passengers need to contact the airline for help.

How can you apply for the TUI Change Seats?

You can apply for the Tui change seats, whether through the online method or offline method. The site will show you the seat map in which you can go through the available seats representing different colors to make it easy for the user to select a suitable seat. How can you apply for the TUI Change Seats? On the other hand, you can approach the company customer service executive at +32(0)2 717 86 61, who will guide you best so that the query can be resolved without any delay. You can review the information in the article, which will clarify all your doubts. 

Tui Change Seat Policy

  • In case you have booked a flight less than 72 hours before the departure schedule and want to select your seat service, then you need to connect with customer service via +32(0)2 717 86 61 after making your reservation. 
  • According to the TUI policy, the seats are assigned separately for outbound and inbound flights.
  • If you leave a seat empty between the seats or leave a single window seat, the seat confirmation request cannot be registered, and the authority will be asked to reselect it. 


Now the question is Can you change seats with TUI? Yes, you can apply to the TUI change seats option with the help of the "myTUI" option. In case you have selected the seat for the same price as the original reservation, then you do not have to pay for surcharges.

  • If you have changed seats and the selected option is more expensive, then you need to pay the fare difference.


How Do I Change My Seat Selection on TUI?

If you have opted for a seat upgrade, you can select your seat and seat number as soon as possible after booking confirmation. You can apply for this through the seat map chart in the booking flow or by logging through the manage my booking tab. You can follow the procedure mentioned in this article. How do I change my seat selection on TUI? If you want to change the seat, you can go online or dial the TUI customer service executive, who will provide you with the necessary information regarding the seat change terms and conditions via the toll-free number 02036361790.

How Do I Change My Booking Online with TUI?

You can apply for TUI change seats through online mode, which is easy and can be accessible. 

  • You can visit the official page of TUI.
  • After that, click on the login tab and register through your account.
  • Now the page will show you the manage my booking tab; click on it.
  • Following that, enter your booking reference number and last name.
  • The panel will show you the list of bookings, select your booking and tap on the change button.
  • Under that, click on the seat map option, and the map will open; then, choose your seat.
  • At last, click on the confirm button and then pay the price (if any). 
  • Finally, you will get the confirmation code message on your registered email id.


So the above-written procedure answers your question How do I change my booking online with TUI? For further information, follow this article wisely. 

How To Contact TUI Customer Support?

For any required information or support, you can dial the TUI Airways contact number +4420 38 303 111. Choose the language and follow the IVR instructions: 

  • Press 1 to make the reservation 
  • Press 2 to change the flight. 
  • Press 3 for cancelation and frequent refunds. 
  • Press 4 for baggage and check-in concerns. 
  • Press * to speak with a live representative. 

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