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Do you have to change your flight with Virgin Atlantic? Before moving to the answer, let’s begin with knowing a little about the airline. Virgin Atlantic Airlines is based in Britain and is headquartered in Crawley, England. It is prominent among air passengers for its flight safety standards and worthwhile experience. It permits customers to change their flight if needed. So if you are wondering how do I change my flight on the Virgin Atlantic app, you are at the correct place. The following are the steps to change your Virgin flight via the mobile application.

  • Launch the mobile application of the airline on your cell phone. If you do not have it, install it from the play store. 
  • In the next step, tap the ‘My Booking’ tab on the top of the screen. 
  • You should enter your booking reference, first and last name to retrieve your booking. 
  • When your booking details open, you must select the ‘change flight’ option.
  • Choose a new flight that you wish to book. Ensure that you enter the correct specifications. 
  • Ultimately, you should pay the fare difference between the older and newer flights. Also, pay the flight change fee if there is any.


How Can I Change My Virgin Flight Over the Phone?

After discussing the online flight change method, you should also learn about the offline method. In the offline method, you have to contact the customer service. You can call Virgin Atlantic change flight contact number, +1 800 862 8621. You will hear the following IVR options after calling. 

  • Press 1 to book a flight ticket. 
  • Press 2 to cancel a ticket and request a refund. 
  • Press 3 to change a flight. 
  • Press 4 for issues related to baggage. 
  • Press 5 to hear the menu again.


You should listen to the IVR options carefully and proceed with pressing the correct key on your cell phone. Your call will soon connect with a customer service executive, and you can change your flight. Pay the flight change fee and fare difference between older and new flights. You will get a confirmation email from the airline.

What is the Online Flight Change Process?

The online process is also very easy to understand and follow. You just have to visit the website of the airline and click on the manage booking option. Enter your flight details to get your booking. You can then select the flight change option and pick a desired flight. In the end, you should pay the flight change fee and the fare difference. 

What is the Virgin Atlantic Flight Change Policy?

After learning the processes, you should also know that passengers can change their flights according to the Virgin Atlantic change flight policy only. It is discussed in the below points. You should thoroughly go through them to understand them. 

  • Passengers are permitted to change their flights depending on the type of ticket they are holding. 
  • The airline allows its customers to change their flight date as many times as they require to do so.
  • If you change your flight within 24 hours of booking, you do not have to pay any flight change fee. 
  • It is mandatory to pay the difference between the earlier and the newer flight. 
  • Passengers can rebook a flight, and it is subject to availability, and any additional fare will be charged. 
  • The airline allows changing flights in two ways- online and offline. Passengers who have booked their flight through a third-party agent should contact them for flight changes.


How Much Does it Cost to Change the Flight Date on Virgin Atlantic?

The flight change fee of Virgin Atlantic Airlines depends on the type of flight. International flight changes usually cost more than domestic flights. So the Virgin Atlantic Change Flight Date fee can differ in the range of 75 US Dollars to 400 US Dollars. You should pay the required flight change fee for changing your flights on Virgin Atlantic. 

Virgin Atlantic Change Name on Account procedure:

Many times after making flight reservations, customers want to make modifications to correct their name. Virgin Atlantic allows customers to make the desired modification to their ticket once the ticket is purchased. They can either make the changes online or contact customer care services to make the amendments as per their requirements. If you already have an existing account on the airline website and you are looking for the process for Virgin Atlantic Change name on Account, then you make the changes by navigating to the “manage booking” section. 

You must follow the name change policies and procedures given below. 

How Do I Change My Name on Virgin Airlines?

Sometimes customers are not aware of the process of making the name changes in their already booked tickets. If you are keen to change your name on Virgin Airlines, then you need to follow the steps given below. The steps must be followed sequentially. 

  • Go to the official website of Virgin Atlantic Airlines.
  • Navigate to the “My booking” section.
  • To find your ticket, you must enter the flight reference number and the passenger's first and last name.
  • Once you click the red arrow key, you will be shown your ticket details.
  • You can click on the edit button to make changes.
  • Finally, make the desired modifications and press the save button.
  • Finally, after making changes, you will receive a text message on your registered mobile number about the name modifications. 


Contact Customer Care Services of Virgin Atlantic To Make Name Modification:

If the online website is not working, then you can reach the customer care services of Virgin Atlantic and request them to make the modification. You must make sure that you have gone through the name change policies of the airline before requesting the name change. You can call Virgin Atlantic by using the official phone number: 

When the call gets received by the airline representative, you must provide your reason for making a change, and he will make the modifications. 

Virgin Atlantic Name Change Policy:

Customers are required to follow the following name change policies to make amendments to their already booked Virgin Atlantic:

  • Customers are only eligible to make changes up to three characters, and full name change or correction is not allowed.
  • Customers can not change their ticket name to another passenger as flight tickets cannot be transferred. 
  • They can add passengers' surnames as specified in the passport without making any changes to the entered name. 
  • You can change the order of first and last names if they are displayed incorrectly. 
  • If any person mistakenly enters an incorrect title, then he can make the changes.
  • If your name changes due to your marriage or divorce, then you can make the changes provided you attach the certificates that validate the same.
  • If you want to change your name due to legal reasons, then you are permitted to make changes by providing supporting documents. 


Virgin Atlantic Name Change Fee:

Customers need to make an additional fee to the airlines for the name changes. If customers make changes within 24 hours, no additional amount is to be made. After that, they are required to pay approximately $80-$150; the price might fluctuate. Customers can know the exact quote reaching Virgin Atlantic customer services.

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