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Emirates is a Grahoud, Dubai-based flag carrier which operates flight services at numerous international and domestic networks worldwide. It is known for offering flexible airlines policy to customers. Before booking the flight ticket, customers might be confused about the Emirates seat. However, there is nothing to get disappointed about, as the customers can easily book their favorite seat spot while making the flight or after the reservation. Customers can also choose a seat as per their preference during check-in. The process of selecting the seat through an online process is given here below: 

  • The initial step is to jump onto the official portal of Emirates Airlines. 
  • Then, you need to tap on the "Manage Booking" option. 
  • After that, enter the passenger's last name and booking reference code. 
  • The flight details will appear on-screen, in which you need to look for the seat selection option. 
  • Click on the option of Seat Change. 
  • The new page will appear, and in the seat map, you can see the preferred seats as per the vacant seat available. 
  • Then, choose the seat and make the payment to confirm the seat for the flight departure day. 
  • Once the process is finished, a confirmation message will be sent to your email address. 


Emirates Seat Selection Free 

Emirates Airlines will allot the seats to passengers automatically if they have made the reservation in first class, business class, premium economy, saver, flex, or flex plus. But, if you choose the seat per your preference, then airlines will charge a specific fee. If the customer has made the flight reservation with a special business fare, they will be allowed to make check-in 48 hours before the flight departure, and there will be no extra fare charged by the airline.

Does Emirates Charge Extra for Seat Selection?

Yes, the airlines will charge special charges for the seat selection. After booking the flight tickets, the customers might want to modify the booking to get extra facilities from the airlines. The details related to special prices charged by the airlines are given here below:

  • For a regular seat type, the airlines will charge between USD 15 and 40 from the passengers.
  • If the costumes have chosen the preferred seat type, they will have to pay between USD 25 and 100 to the airlines. 
  • The customer must pay between USD 35 and 135 for a twin-seat type. 
  • If the customers take the extra legroom, they must pay the airlines USD 55 to 250.


Emirates Seat Selection Business Class

The airlines will charge no extra fees from the customers while automatically selecting the seat in the business class, saver booking, flex plus, or flex fare. But if the customer chooses to select the special seat for themselves, then there will be extra fees charged by the airlines for any class of booking. 

Emirates Seat Selection Policy

The special points related to rules and regulations for seat selection are given where below:

  • Passengers cannot make the selection for the automatically allotted seat. However, later they can choose the preferred seat as per the requirement. 
  • Suppose you have chosen the seat while making the reservation. Then you will be allowed to change the seat booking until the check-in. 
  • The airlines will provide the preferred seat only if the seat is available and vacant.


Why can't I Choose my seat on Emirates?

You are wondering, why can't I Choose my seat on Emirates? The airline doesn't allow passengers to choose seats if they buy the basic economy fare. However, Economy Class passengers can also select the seat after paying the additional charge so that they can enjoy their trip by choosing their desired seat. You can book a seat at the time of making a reservation or later via managing your ticket or check-in for your flight.

Does Emirates Auto-Assign Seats?

If the passengers don't select the seats, the airline will provide the seat during check-in for the flight. Does Emirates auto-assign seats for flyers with special requirements? The airline automatically gives a seat free of charge if travelers have specific needs like medical requirements, traveling with an infant, or a pregnant passenger after considering their needs.

Can You Select Seats on Emirates for Free?

Emirates provides seat selection services without any fee for premium, business class, and first-class passengers. You can select the seats from the available seats. Can you select seats on Emirates for free? There are other ways to book the seats without paying any cost are:  

  • Coupons: Flyers can reserve a seat via coupons and vouchers shared by the airline. 
  • Offers: passengers get a special discount at the time of shopping. 
  • Miles: earned miles can be used by travelers to book the flight.


How to Select Seats on Emirates Airlines?

Passengers can choose their seats when buying the tickets by following the steps discussed below: 

  • Visit the website. 
  • Enter the details to book the flight. 
  • Click on the Search Flight. 
  • After finding the required flight, click on the seat selection. 
  • Now, choose the available seat from the map. 
  • Make the payment. 
  • Hit on the submit button to confirm the process. 


Additionally, passengers can choose a seat after booking a flight through manage my booking. How to Select Seats on Emirates Airlines? You need to enter your flight details by sharing the details of the confirmation ticket and last name. After that, choose the seat selection option and make a selection. In case you have any issues, contact customer support for help.

How Does Seat Selection Work on Emirates?

In economy class, passengers can book a seat in advance by paying the extra charge depending on the ticket type or Emirates Skywards Membership. The airline offers different seating options in Economy class.

Check the Economy Class Seat Selection

Let's find the best seat for you: 

  • Regular seats: these are comfortable seats designed for a relaxed journey and available on the aisle, by the window in the middle. 
  • Preferred seat: these seats are accessible at the front of the plane and on the upper deck of some A380 flights. So you can be one first to disembark the aircraft. 
  • Twin seat: two seats, one is a window, and another is an aisle seat. 
  • Extra Legroom: passengers can enjoy more space to stretch out with an extra legroom seat by the exit row.


Flyers need to pay the seat selection fee based on the ticket, destination, season, and route. 

Emirates Seat Selection Fee

  • Regular Seats: The fee varies between $15 and $35.
  • Preferred Seats: The fee is from $25 to $80.
  • Seat with Extra Legroom: Pay between $55 to $205. 
  • Twin Seats: Price Range from $35 to $135. 
  • Premium: Cost varies between $110 and $495.


How Does Seat Selection Work on Emirates for Business, First, and Premium Class? Passengers can reserve seats in First Class, Business Class Saver, Flex or Flex Plus fare, and Premium Economy. In addition, the Business special fare can pick a complimentary seat if check-in is open 48 hours before the flight schedule. Skywards Platinum members can choose their seats anytime.

When Does Emirates Seat Selection Open?

You can buy a seat when making a reservation or later through managed booking and check-in. While booking basic economy, the airline will automatically assign seats without paying any cost. When Does Emirates Seat Selection Open? The assigned seat can't be changed, but after paying an additional amount, you are eligible to purchase a seat.

Which Seat is Best on Emirates Flights?

If you love the iconic view from the heights of the sky, window seats are suggested. When passengers desire to sit near the Emergency exits, closer to public closets, go for the Bulkhead seat row.

In case of any issues, dial Emirates customer service at 1 (800) 777-3999. Follow social media to get the latest details about cheaper flights. Visit the website for more information.

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