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If your flight is delayed by Wizz Air for more than 3 hours, then you will be given a refund for your inconvenience. If your flight has been somehow canceled due to any extraordinary conditions such as air traffic, climate, security reasons or terrorist alerts, natural calamity, etc., then the airline is not liable to give you your money back. To obtain a refund, customers can use either the online approach, which is by visiting the official Wizz Air website and filing the refund request form, or the offline approach, which is by contacting their customer care services.

Wizz Air Canceled Flight Compensation

Wizz Air will provide compensation to the customers for the canceled flights. Travelers must keep the following points in mind:

  • If your Wizz flight has been canceled by the airlines, then you can rebook alternate flights to your route. If no option is available on the same date, then you must arrange your own travel, and their expense documents must be submitted to the airlines.
  • If you want, you can cancel your reservation and claim full compensation by filling out the form.
  • If passengers are informed about the flight cancellation two weeks before the date of departure, then they are not liable to get compensation.
  • Passengers will be given 250 EUR, 400 EUR, and 600 EUR if their canceled flight is expected to cover a distance of 1500 km, 1500-3500 km, and more than 3500 km, respectively.


How Do I Ask for Compensation For a Delayed Flight Wizz Air? 

If any customer wishes to obtain compensation for the inconvenience caused due to a delayed flight, then they can request it by reaching out to customer care services. For this, customers are expected to dial the official phone number of Wizz Air and to connect with the live representative; they need to press the corresponding number from the IVR menu

Soon the call will be connected to the person who will help you to get compensation for your delayed flight. You just need to provide passengers traveling details to find the booking.

How Do I Claim Compensation from Wizz Air delay?

If your flight has been canceled by Wizz Air, then you can get compensation by following the below-mentioned steps: 

  • Visit the official Wizz Air website via your device.
  • Now from the top menu bar of the homepage, select the option of "information & service."
  • Now you need to tap on the "refunds and compensation" section under prices and discounts to proceed further.
  • Next, you need to login into your existing Wizz air account using your credentials.
  • Enter the passenger's last name and confirmation code to find your ticket. Once you obtain a reservation, tap on the desired option.
  • To claim the compensation, you must fill in all the mandatory fields of the compensation form.
  • Finally, insert your reason for claiming compensation in the message box provided and attach the relevant receipts and invoices. 
  • Press the submit button to end the procedure.


Can You Get Compensation for a Delayed Flight from Wizz Air?

Yes, Wizz Air is liable to provide you compensation for the following delayed cases:

  • If your flight has been delayed at least by 5 hours.
  • If you are delayed at your destination for more than 24 hours, then you will be provided accommodation and transport facilities by the airlines.
  • If your flight has to cover a distance of 1500 km or less and is delayed for 2 hours or more, then refreshments or meals will be provided to the customers.
  • For the flights covering distances of 1501-3500 km delayed for 3 hours or more and for flights covering distances of 3501 km or more delayed for 4 hours, will be provided meals, two telephone options, or telex, fax messages, or emails.
  • For flights that are delayed for more than 5 hours or more, people can receive full payment or rebook a new flight ticket to their destination.


How To Claim Wizz Air Flight Cancellation Compensation?

After booking with Wizz air, if airlines cancel your flight due to a technical glitch, less staff, or other issues with Wizz air, you can apply for compensation. If you want to use it for payment but, due to lack of information, you are unable to do it, then you need to read below.

Ways to apply for compensation are listed below mention.

There are multiple modes available by which you can apply for compensation, and if you want to know all these ways, you need to read below.

Communicating with a representative: You can connect with the representative of Wizz air and apply for compensation. For this, you need to call on the mentioned 0044 330 977 044 4 contact number and then choose the language in which you can communicate. Then you need to follow the below-mentioned IVR instruction.

  • Dial 1 for information about luggage cancelation or refund policies 
  • Dial 2 if you want to modify the flight details or cancel the flight 
  • Dial 3 issues related to delay flight compensation
  • Dial 4 if you're going to know about miles or offers 
  • Dial 5 If you want to get in touch with a representative 


After listening to the choose the option as per the queries 

Via online: While communicating with the representative on call, if you get any issues applying for the compensation, you can use the alternative mode for this, which is online. Follow the below points to apply for the payment online.

  • Search the official website of Wizz airlines 
  • Then click the contact us page 
  • Next, choose the options claim and compensation form option
  • after this, you need to fill out the bookings information and then your contact details 
  • then you need to mention the claimed reason and then submit the form


Does Wizz Pay Compensation?

Yes, Wizz air pays their passenger compensation, but the amount will depend upon their compensation policies. To know about their compensation policies, you need to read the below statements.

  • If you apply for the compensation within 24 hours of canceling the bookings, you will receive complete payment. 
  • After 24 hours, you need to pay the flight cancelation fee, and you will get the compensation.
  • If you get any medical issues, you need to show the relevant documents from the registered institution, and you will get the total compensation. 
  • If the flight is delayed due to any natural fault, you will not be able to receive compensation, but if the delay arises due to a fault of Wizz air, you will receive compensation.
  • You will only receive compensation if you apply for it before 2 hours of the flight; if you apply for it after the flight departure or the time left is less than 2 hours, then you will not be able to receive compensation. 


How Long Do Wizz Air Take To Pay Compensation?

Time taken from Wizz air will depend upon the mode of your payments and the type of your flight. If you use a card while booking the flight, you will receive compensation within 14 working days. But if you make the booking using another mode, you will get the compensation within 17 days. 

Can You Claim Wizz Air Compensation for a 3-hour Flight Delay?

Yes, you can claim compensation if you make the check-in, and after that, your flight is delayed due to any fault of Wizz air. You will also receive complete care at the airport; if you want, you can reschedule your flight. If your flight covers less than 1500km distance, then you will get 240USD compensation, flight covering a distance from 1501 km to 3500, you will receive 410USD. If your flight covers more than 3501 km distance, you will get 610USD as compensation.

Has Anyone Actually Got Compensation from Wizz Air?

Yes, every passenger that fulfills Wizz air's conditions can receive compensation, but only if all the details they provide the official representative are correct. They will receive compensation in the same in which they book the flight. 

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