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The information about the flight terminal, excess luggage charges, flight status, airport parking, etc., is essential as it will help you make your journey more comfortable. You will get this information by connecting with the representative of airlines available at the airport. While traveling with American airlines, you will get several facilities and several airports from where you will get your flight. If you are at Jacksonville airport and want to make American airline bookings, then you can easily do it. If you have any queries, you can contact (904) 741-4902 and connect with the American airlines representative available at this airport.

American Airlines Jacksonville FL Phone Number

Several passengers want to travel with American Airlines at Jacksonville, fl airport. They provide multiple contact numbers to connect to manage that passenger and offer genuine solutions to the queries. You can dial these numbers and connect directly with the expert on that query. A few specific American airlines are mentioned below at Jacksonville, FL, airport. 

For general queries: (904) 741-4902

For Additional Parking: 904-741-2277

For Ground Transportation: (904) 222-2222

For lost and found office: 904-380-4069.

For lost and found at the terminal: (904) 741-2022

Passenger pick-up information: 904.741.2277

For JAA business development, 904-741-2707

For hotels at airport property: (904) 741-1997

To contact police: (904) 741-2040

To Contact American airlines: 800-433-7300

Jacksonville, fl airport addresses are below mention. 

Jacksonville International Airport

2400 Yankee Clipper Drive

Jacksonville, FL 32218

Jacksonville FL International Airport Office Address

Jacksonville Aviation Authority

ATTN: Customer Service Department

14201 Pecan Park Road

Jacksonville, FL 32218

Jacksonville Airport American Airlines Baggage Claim

While making the journey with American Airlines at Jacksonville airport, if your property or luggage gets damaged, you need to inform the representative by dialing this number 904-380-4069.or you can also visit the airport counter of American airlines. They will register your query and resolve it in the best possible manner. 

Does American Airlines fly into Jacksonville, Florida?

Yes, there are several flights of American airlines which fly in Jacksonville, Florida. You can reserve the flight from American airlines to this destination by taking the help of a representative. You can also reserve the flight using the official website of Jacksonville airport or the American airline's website. 

Jacksonville Airport American airlines terminal

The terminal allotted to American airlines at Jacksonville airport is the main terminal and concourse C. But the terminal may vary depending on the flight departure time if weather issues or air traffic arise.  

American Airlines Direct Flights from Jacksonville FL

The flights of American airlines that are going directly to any place will vary as per the destination you select. Still, American airlines continuously offer direct flights from Jacksonville, FL, for several destinations, and you can confirm those destinations by connecting with their representative. 

Best Time To Call American Airlines at Jacksonville FL 

The best time you can communicate with American airlines at Jacksonville is in the morning from 07:00 AM to 11:00 AM, as in these times, you can avoid the call hold barrier. Still, you can face the call-hold barrier if you connect on American airlines during a long holiday or vacation.

Contact American Airlines at Jacksonville, FL, Through Email

If you have any document which you want to share with your query, then you can use the email id option. To send your email, you need to open this link  and then compose an email in which you must mention all the relevant information about the queries and send it. The representative will see your question and provide genuine solutions within 24 hours. 

Services Offered by American Airlines in Jacksonville, FL, Are below. 

  • You can make a flight reservation with American airlines by connecting with their airport representative. If you get any issues after making the bookings, you can also modify your bookings form there. 
  • On the departure date of your flight, if your flight is delayed due to which you cannot reach the destination on the selected time, you can cancel the bookings and apply for a refund from the airport. 
  • If you want any assistance at the airport, such as medical facilities, wheelchairs, etc., you can contact the airline's representative available at the airport. 
  • If you want to know any vehicle assistance, such as parking, or if you're going to rent a car or shuttle bus service to reach the airport, you can ask for it by connecting with the representative. 
  • Hotels nearby Jacksonville airport provide the best-staying facilities if the airport flights are late due to bad weather, air traffic, or other unavoidable issues. 


How Do I Contact Jacksonville Airport?

Jackson airport has ensured the availability of customer support at the airport that ensures that those travelers who are going to use this airport or even those who are using it won't face any issues regarding the services that are available at the airport, so there are various ways that you can use to reach the support team of Jacksonville airport.

Contacting using the Email Us 

There is a facility of email as well that you can use where you have to select an issue, and after explaining that issue, you have to move on. After you complete that form, mail it to the support team at Jacksonville airport as soon as they see the complaint you recently wrote. To make a complaint, follow these steps. 

  • First, you have to reach the website of Jacksonville airport
  • After this, you have to click on support. This shows all the approaches to reaching the support team
  • Select email us from there. This asks you to select the topic for the complaint that you are about to write.


Properly explain your issues to the support team, and then after submission, there is a response on your submitted email id.

Contacting using Social Platforms

Social platforms have made it easier for travelers of Jacksonville airport to reach them and convey their issues to the support team. If you are facing some issues regarding the services provided at Jacksonville airport, you have to select from the available platforms and then explain your issue. 

Support on Facebook

Support on Twitter

Does JAX have a Cell Phone Lot?

Yes, you can call the superpose team of Jacksonville on their official phone after you do. Your issues are resolved. 

Where To Complain Regarding Baggage Claim?

Suppose you have any issues related to the luggage you were carrying and want to use any services related to baggage claim. You can reach Jacksonville Airport lost and found number at 1904 380-4069 and tell them your issue regarding the luggage. 

What Time Does the TSA Open at Jacksonville Airport?

Although the airport is functional all the time, you have to know that if TSA is necessary, the check-in counter TSA is functional from 4 AM.

This was very useful for those who are travelers and are traveling to Jacksonville airport as there are various ways you can use to reach the support team of the airport, and if you are going to use TSA, then there is a timing from which it is fully functional.

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