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American Airlines Philadelphia (PHL) Phone Number & Address

If you have booked American Airlines flight tickets and your boarding is scheduled from Philadelphia airport and are unable to gather information about the parking availability at the airport, then you can reach customer care services of American Airlines at Philadelphia airport and receive the required details. If you are thinking, “How Do I Contact American Airlines Philadelphia?” Then all the crucial information to approach them is curated in the following section. 

Important Information to Contact American Airlines at Philadelphia Airport:

American Airlines Philadelphia Airport Office Address:

Philadelphia International Airport

8000 Essington Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19153

Operating time: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST. 

American Airlines official website:

American Airlines code: AA

Philadelphia Airport website: 

IATA code of Philadelphia Airport: PHL

Airport customer care service information: If any person has queries regarding bookings, cancellations or wishes to gather information regarding flights, they can use the following details to get information:

Phone number: 215-937-6937

Email address:

Airport Parking information: To resolve parking-related problems or to book a parking slot at the airport, customers can use the following details:

Parking phone number: 215-683-9842

Email address:


Airport Police Information: In case of any emergency, passengers can contact airport police using the following phone number:

Philadelphia airport police phone number: 215-937-6918

American Airlines Baggage Claim Details at Philadelphia Airport: 

For all the queries related to your baggage, customers can reach the baggage counter of the airport situated at Terminals A-West and Terminal A-East and Terminal B/C. All the passengers whose domestic flights arrive at Terminal A west and do not have any further connecting flights must pick up their bags from Terminal A East. 

Different Mediums To Communicate with American Airlines at Philadelphia Airport:

Contact via phone: If any person wishes to gather information about the operating Terminal at the airport, then he can dial the official American Airlines Philadelphia Airport Phone Number: 800-433-7300. To get in touch with the corresponding representative, they must obey instructions provided by an automated voice. 

Seek Assistance using social media:

This medium can also be used as a communication medium to reach customer care services and eliminate their traveling concerns. Customers can tag the official handler of Philadelphia airport to get the response to their post, and they can also send messages on the following platforms:




Services offered at American Airlines customer care services at Philadelphia airport: 

Several services are offered by the airline; some of the available services and most frequent issues that are handled by the customer care department are mentioned below:

  • Bank ATMS and cafes are presented at different terminals of the airport.
  • A parking facility is provided for travelers.
  • Special assistance can be requested by disabled passengers.
  • Kids traveling alone can request desired assistance.
  • Taxi rental facilities to reach different destinations from the airport can be arranged.
  • Self-check-in kiosks are present.
  • Trolleys are present to carry your luggage.
  • Immigration and visa-related queries can be resolved.


How To Reach American Airlines Lost and Found at Philadelphia Airport?

If you wish to report your lost baggage during your journey, then you can reach 

American Airlines Lost and Found Philadelphia Airport by dialing the official lost and found contact number: 215-937-6888 OTA 1-865-432-7300. 

What Terminal is American Airlines Philadelphia?

If you are confused about the operating Terminal of American Airlines at Philadelphia, then the flights operate from Terminal A-west. You can collect your luggage from Terminal A-west, but for domestic flights, you need to pick up your belongings from Terminal A-east.

Does American Airlines Fly To Philadelphia?

Yes, American Airlines provides different flights to Philadelphia. The flights are available at different times. You can search for your flight by visiting the official website of American Airlines and entering the point of origin and traveling date. Finally, you can make a flight selection from the list of all available flights.

Frequently Asked Questions about American Airlines at Philadelphia Airport: 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mailing address of Philadelphia Airport?

If you wish to formally complain about the damage of your luggage at the airport, then you can write a letter giving a description of your luggage. You must also attach all the bag-tag information and any other required details and drop them at the official mailing address of the airport: 8500 Essington Avenue.

Philadelphia, PA 19153

Where Can We Make a Baggage Claim at Philadelphia Airport?

To report about lost or damaged baggage or if your bags have been exchanged at the airport, you can contact the representative by dialing Philadelphia Airport American Airlines Baggage Claim Phone Number: 800-371-4771. You must provide the details of your baggage. 

Where is the American Airlines Admiral Club at Philadelphia Airport?

If you wish to know the location of the Admiral club, then you can locate it at the Terminal A-West of Philadelphia Airport, Mezzanine Level Between Gates A15 and A16, and on Terminal A-East, it is situated between Gates A4 and A6. If you wish to locate it on B/C Connector, then it is present on the 3rd Floor; Terminal F is present on Level 2 near the Food Court.

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