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Many passengers who travel from the Middle East prefer booking flight tickets with Iraqi Airways as it is the most convenient airline for the passengers. Being a national carrier of Iraq, it is one of the oldest airlines with multiple facilities and amenities for its passengers. Several travelers are unaware of the booking process as they are traveling for the first time and want to connect with the Iraqi Airways customer service. Travelers can ask questions related to the booking, cancelation process, refund, and compensation, and ask about the airline's current status. The airline has the facilities for its passengers to contact their customer service representatives and reach them by different modes.

Iraqi Airways Customer Service

Types of Queries: 

There can be different types of queries that a passenger can ask from the live person at Iraqi Airways, and those are as follows:

  • If travelers have doubts related to the services and utility of the airline,
  • If they want to know the current status and information of the flight they have booked.
  • They can contact them for the web check-in.
  • Passengers can ask them about the booking and canceling procedures.
  • They can have one-to-one on the process of requesting refund and compensation.
  • Customer service agents can file their complaints related to the inconvenience they face while traveling.
  • They can also tell you about the baggage availability under their reservation.


If passengers want to contact them through their contact number, then they can go through these steps:

How To Contact Iraqi Airways By Phone? 

Call on their phone number +964781000036, and follow the rest of the information further:

  • To choose your language, press 1 button.
  • To know the status information related to the flight tickets, press the * button.
  • To know the methods of booking cancelation, press the # button.
  • To move to the previous option, press the 2 buttons.
  • To connect with the customer service person directly, press the 0 buttons.


Alternative Modes To Connect with Iraqi Airways live person:

There are multiple methods that are provided by the airlines for the passengers, and they are mentioned below: 

Iraqi Airways Contact Number:

Some passengers need easy tips and modes to connect with the customer service person of the airline. The best way is to contact them through iraqi airways contact number. You can dial their phone number, and the customer service person available will pick up their call. You can tell them all your queries whatever you want to ask the live person during the phone calls. They will reply with the answers you need to solve your queries. You can get their phone number through their official website or by surfing the internet browser.

Iraqi Airways Chat Support: 

If you are unable to contact them through their iraqi airways Reservation Number, you can contact them through their online mode via chat support. Some shy passengers who do not feel flexible during phone calls can prefer this method. To contact the customer service person through live chat, follow the steps:

  • Visit the official website of the airline through your devices with internet connectivity.
  • Now log in to the homepage and navigate the contact us option on the bottom of the screen.
  • After you select the contact us option, you will see different options to contact them. Click on the live chat option.
  • Now on the new page, a box will prompt on the screen and type all the queries you need to ask from the live person. Send it by clicking on the send button.
  • The live person present at the moment will take a look at your queries and tell you the solutions to solve them.


Iraqi Airways Email Option:

If you want an alternative to an online mode to contact the customer service representative, you can go through the email option of the airline. Several passengers may have problems talking to customer service through phone calls or live chat. Travelers can compose an email to send to the customer service person. They can include all the questions they need to ask from the customer service representative. You can send the email to their official email address is Once the email is sent to the live person of Iraqi Airline, they will respond to your mail. They will reply to your email with the relevant answers you need to clear your doubts. Their service is instant; if they reply late, it may take around three to seven business days to reply but will come with the answers.

Iraqi Airways Social Media: 

There is an alternative method of contacting the airline's customer service person through their social media page and account. Like any other airline, Iraqi Airways also has its social media page and official account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. Through their social media account, you can send them messages directly, as they have the facilities to talk to the customer service person of the airline. The live person operates all the social media accounts of the airline. If you want to contact customer service, passengers should have a business account on social media. You can get all the information related to the airline on their official website.

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