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RwandAir is the best and lower cost provider airline that offers its services to East, Central, West, and Southern Africa and Europe. Also, it can offer its aid to Asia and the Middle East through its Kigali Airport by operating international and domestic flights. However, to take its best support, you search to get it by contacting them, but you don’t know how to do this, so there are some prompt methods by which you can easily talk with them. 

There are many ways to talk with a live support person; however, if you seek to get instant support, there are two ways that offer immediate assistance in every situation.

Call the RwandAir Live Representative:

  • Launch the web browser of the RwandAir 
  • Move down the page to the “Connect with us” section, there you should choose the “Contact us” column, open it, 
  • Find the RwandAir Phone Number according to your city,
  • Dial +250 788 177 000 and call the customer service person by talking with them.
  • Through this, you solve all issues rapidly and, if you want, connect with them easily.


Do Chat with the Live Person:

  • Go through the website of the RwandAir
  • Look for the contact page, find the live chat tab,
  • Click on it and continue to chat with the agent,
  • Share your difficulties; the airline person offers some options
  • Choose the options according to your difficulties, and get a reply on your chatbot.
  • And, through this, resolve all dilemmas efficiently.


How Do I Contact RwandAir by Email?

It is easy to get a response from the Rwandair due to trying to give an answer for all issues in a day. However, if you are searching for how to contact via email, go to the customer service page and look for the email address. And, move to your mailbox over your phone, compose your issues, or ask anything you want to know about them and send it to In a few days, approx 1 to 2 working days, the airline person answers your email by sharing the relevant information with the live person.

How To File a Complaint to RwandAir?

If you interact with any difficulty while using any service or get misbehavior from any service person, you can easily file a complaint with Rwandair. However, if you seek how to do this, fill out the complaint form, which readily helps you get an instant response in 1 to 2 business days.

  • Open the official portal of Rwandair.
  • Find the complaint or feedback section by scrolling the page to the bottom.
  • After that, you may look for the complaint form and open it.
  • There you need to enter all requisite details in the form, 
  • Share your experience, add any attachments, and if you have, describe your problem.
  • And review the form; after that, click on the “submit” option.


Also, you can make a complaint by calling +250 788 177 000. And the customer service man quickly helps you in removing your obstacles by taking apologies from you.

How to talk with RwandAir by using WhatsApp Number?

Also, you can speak with Rwandair by talking with them on WhatsApp; for that, you may take the WhatsApp number. Thus, to get it, you may pursue the below steps:

  • Go to the contact support page of the Rwandair
  • Find the WhatsApp phone number, +250788177000.
  • Save it in your phone directory. Open the WhatsApp,
  • Find the Rwandair WhatsApp number, dial it,
  • Start the chat with the person and share your conflicts with them, 
  • Get instant support by talking with them, and get reliable help quickly solving all disputes.


Does RwandAir have an App?

Yes, the RwandAir has an app by which you can easily do anything you can do like, you can make a reservation, manage your booking, select your seats, upgrade, cancel, check-in, add luggage, cancel, request a refund, file a complaint, speak to the customer service agent directly, or more things you can do easily with them.

How Can I Use RwandAir to Manage Booking?

RwandAir is offering its flights to various places throughout Africa. Suppose you made a reservation with the airline and noticed a mistake like selecting the wrong destination that you want to rectify for a hassle-free check-in at the airport. You can go to the RwandAir Manage Booking to make the necessary changes.

Follow the process below and correct your mistake:

  • Visit the official page of RwandAir.
  • Locate “Manage Booking” and click.
  • Fill in the booking itinerary and enter to continue.
  • Get the flight details and select the route change option in the menu.
  • Provide them with the new destination and pay the fare difference. 
  • The Airline will cancel your previous ticket, issue you a new booking for the chosen location, and send you the details to your registered email id.


How Do I Contact RwandAir by Phone?

The Airline offers their passengers to make their reservations from their place over a phone call. If you reserved a seat on the airline, then get the RwandAir Booking Contact Number and follow the process below: 

  • Dial +250788177000 and join yourself with their booking office.
  • Provide them with the details required to make the booking.
  • They will send you the payment details on your registered email id.
  • Make the payment and receive a notification of your ticket on your phone.


What Are Changes Possible through Manage Booking?

There may be possible that you make a mistake while booking a seat for you on the airline. You can make the changes in your ticket to save yourself from further tension at the airport while checking in. There are some of the changes that are described below one can make through managing booking.

  • If a traveler mistakenly selects the wrong date for their travel. They can further make the rectification in their mistake and select a new date for their journey.
  • In case a passenger wants to change their flight route due to any emergency. It is possible to go to the “manage my booking” on their official page, make the changes, and pay the fare difference.
  • There may happen that a passenger sometimes makes a typing error in their name. You can rectify your mistake as per your government id.
  • In some conditions, you may be required to cancel your flight. It is possible you need to visit the My Trip on their official page and cancel your trip after paying the cancelation fee.

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