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The passengers want to contact the airline for information about the PPS Solitaire. But the passenger does not have the contact number of the airline. They can find the contact number on the official website and select it according to their region. Follow the given instructions to reach the representative:

  • Use this contact number: (65) 6388 6888.
  • Follow the IVR menu options carefully. 
  • Get the details of PPS Solitaire from the representative immediately. 


What is the PPS Number in Singapore Airlines?

The Singapore Airlines PPS Contact Number is (65) 6388 6888. Imagine you are a solitaire pps club member wanting to renew it. In that case, you can use the mentioned contact number and communicate with the representative. The representative will provide you with the details about your issue immediately. 

How Do I Become a PPS Member on Singapore Airlines?

To become a PPS member on the airline, you have to collect 25,000 in PPS value within 12 succeeding months, and you will become a member of the PPS Club. Your membership tenure will be 1 year. You must earn 25,000 PPS value for another year to renew your membership.

What is the Singapore Airlines PPS Solitaire Baggage Allowance?

Suppose you are traveling with your family and holding a PPS membership; you have a different baggage allowance. To know the Singapore Airlines PPS Solitaire baggage allowance, you can read the given information regarding the baggage allowance: 

  • If the passenger has the flight in economy class, they can bring baggage of 30kg. 
  • You can bring up to 40 kg of baggage in the premium economy class. 
  • You can bring baggage up to 50 kg in the first class or suites. 


How Much Luggage Can a PPS Member Take?

It means the passenger can check in four bags of weight up to 32 kg each in the airline's first and business class and suites. If the passenger holds the premium economy and economy class, they can check-in up to 4 bags weight 23kg each. Suppose the passenger requires more information regarding the baggage. In that case, they can visit the web airline's web page or connect with someone at the airline to get the detailed information regarding the baggage.

What are the benefits of being a PPS member of Singapore Airlines?

You will get many benefits when you have an active PPS membership on the airline. Here are the details:  

Lounge Acess:

The airport has two lounges: Plaza Premium Lounge and Silk Air Lounge. When your flight arrives at London’s Heathrow Airport, and you hold the PPS Solitaire card, you will get access to both lounges. You have to present your boarding pass and membership card simply. The lounge is located at terminal 2.

Extra Check-In Baggage Allowance: 

The airline provides an extra baggage allowance for those passengers with a pps membership card. The airline allows the passenger in all the classes. Here is some information regarding the baggage:  

  • For Economy Class: Extra 30 kg. 
  • For Premium Economy Class: 35 kg.
  • For Business Class: 40 kg.
  • For First Class or Suites: 50kg. 


Seat Selection Benefits:

The passenger can select the seats free of cost, and they also enjoy the complimentary extra legroom, forward zone, or standard seats when they fly in premium and economy class on Singapore airlines. If the passenger has a travel partner, they will also enjoy complimentary forward zone or standard seats when they fly together in economy class on the airline.

Priority Check-In:

A traveler has booked the flight ticket on the business, premium economy, or economy class, and they will get priority services at these check-in counters. This same thing will happen if the passenger is flying with their family. 

Guaranteed Reservations:

If you create the booking on any flight ticket or your name has been put on the waiting list. Don’t take the stress; you will get a guaranteed reservation if you are holding a PPS membership. 

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