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Acquire Details For Customer Service phone number for Star Airlines

Star Alliance is renowned as the world’s largest global airline and offers significant facilities to book your flight ticket to your required destination. It is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, providing substantial travel facilities to your required destination. You can initiate your travel plan with the Star Alliance Airlines Customer Service team at +49-69-12009821 and convey your vital concern to get an answer from a representative unit. You can utilize this phone number to contact a travel agent and select your language to share your concerns. 

How do I contact Star Alliance by phone?

When you wish to get an appropriate answer from a representative using a phone call service, you get the phone number from Star Alliance's official booking website. If you have planned your travel to your significant destination with USA domestic flights, get +1 866-900-5018 to communicate with a travel agent to inform baggage service, flight booking, and cancelation service conveniently. To contact Star Alliance by phone, go through the steps provided by the experts below.

  • First, dial +1 866-900-5018 or +49-69-12009821 and listen to the IVR command.
  • Change your language by pressing one and sharing your tongue in the same.
  • Press 2 for general travel concerns and 3 for new and existing booking services.
  • Press 4 for deals and offers and 5 for flight modification and cancellation service.
  • Press 6 for a refund and travel voucher and 7 for other services.
  • Press * to contact the Star Alliance customer representative team and ask for travel suggestions and assistance quickly.


What is the phone number for Star Alliance Round the World?

Star Alliance provides specific guidance for travel assistance regarding seat selection, flight change and cancellation, deals and offers, check-in service, and so on. If you belong to different countries and want to connect with the Star Alliance Airlines Customer Service team, you will get the phone numbers you can use from your location conveniently. Find the phone number for Star Alliance worldwide and share your queries to get the answer from a natural person on time. Check with the phone number list provided by the customer representative team. 

  • For Australia, dial +61 11 800 86 100 999.
  • For Hongkong S.A.R. dial +86 10 95583 
  • For Canada, dial+1800-882-8122.
  • For China, dial +86 10 95583.
  • For Japan, dial 0570-0-95583.
  • For Korea (South), dial +800 86 100 999.
  • For The Philippines, dial +800 86 100 999.
  • For Singapore, dial +800 86 100 999.
  • And for the United States, dial +1 800 882 8122.


Get Other Methods To Contact Customer Service for Star Alliance Airlines:

When you wish to interact with a real person from Star Alliance, you will conveniently find the phone call directory for sales and customer service. But if you find some other trouble and are unable to access a real person, go through the alternative contact channels and share your crucial concern to get the answer from a representative team efficiently. 

Use live chat service to contact Star Alliance representative:

When you don’t get any quick response to your queries over a phone call, you will be provided a live chat service and efficiently convey your suggestions, concerns, and questions for travel services. If you are eager to get Star Alliance Airlines customer service live chat, you must go through the significant tips provided by the customer representative team, which can assist you on time.

Following are the ways to use live chat to contact representatives on Star Alliance:

  • First, visit the booking website of Star Alliance Airlines and go to the travel information tab above on the same page.
  • Select customer relation, scroll down to the Contact Us section, and choose the services on the same page.
  • Sscroll down to the bottom, select the live chat section, go to the chat menu, and select the queries and services.
  • Select the guest mode and type your queries to get the correct answer from a representative of Star Alliance on a live chat service quickly. 


Use Email Service to Contact Star Alliance Representative:

Get the best contact method to share your travel-related concerns and check with the email service available to assist you promptly. Get the Star Alliance Airlines customer service email you find on the official booking website and send your concern to and wait for the answer from a natural person. When you request a call-back service, enter the valid date and time and conveniently receive a phone call from a customer representative team.

Get the Social Media Service to Contact Star Alliance Representative:

You will find a convenient method to interact with a natural person at Star Alliance Airlines and convey your concern to get the answer promptly. You must choose social media services and type your queries to get the top-class travel experts' answers. You will get specific advice, guidance, and assistance to make your trip convenient. To share your concerns, you must go through various social media resources listed below.

  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • Linked-in:
  • YouTube:
  • Twitter: and so on.


Thus, you may go through the different contact resources that you can find to contact the customer service team of Star Alliance and convey your concern to get the solution.  

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