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FIJI airways refunds are available online and offline. If you need help with your Fiji airways refunds then you have come to the right place. We are about to share some useful information pertaining to Fiji airways refunds. All you need to do is follow until the end to have a smooth experience with Fiji airways.

Let us consider a few frequently asked questions concerning Fiji airways refunds. Let’s get started.

Are Fiji Airways offering refunds?

Refunds are available for flights reserved with Fiji airways and travelers can file a refund request online via the official Fiji airways website. Passengers can communicate with the customer service department to get timely refunds for the canceled flight tickets at Fiji.

Fiji airlines are offering refunds to passengers and the entire refund process is governed by the Fiji airways refund policy. People need to follow the inclusions of the refund policy to get proper assistance as far as flight refunds are concerned.

Fiji Airways Refund

Travelers can file refunds via the following means: online and offline. Online refunds are easy and quick to process. Offline refunds are available over call and travelers can communicate with the customer service team to get optimum refunds from Fiji airways.

Online Refund at FIJI Airways

Passengers can stick to the below-mentioned steps in order to file refunds at the airline. The step-by-step guide to initiate an online refund is as follows: 

  • Open your web browser and navigate to the official Fiji airways website. Visit
  • Once you are on the homepage, travelers need to scroll down on the homepage to locate the cancellation and refunds option on the page. 
  • Once you are on the refund window, travelers will locate the Fiji airways refund request form on the page. 
  • Fill in the details of the refund request form. A cancellation reference number is needed in order to submit a duly filed refund request form online to file a refund request with the airline. 
  • You will receive a refund confirmation email at your registered email address. 


This is an online mode to file refunds for your canceled flight at the airlines. Travelers can file offline refunds as well. People can dial the Fiji airways refund phone number to reach the designated department at Fiji airways for help and assistance with their flight reservations. You will hear an automated voice on the call. Select an appropriate option to get effective assistance as far as refunds are concerned.

How long will it take to refund Fiji Airways?

Once you have filed a Fiji Airways refund request, a refund token is initiated at once; however, it may take somewhere around 4 to 10 business days for the amount to reflect in your original payment source. You can confirm with our bank as far as FIJI Airways refunds are concerned. 

What is Fiji Airways' Refund Policy?

The inclusions of Fiji Airways refund policy are as follows: 

  • Refunds are offered online and offline for the following flight categories: refundable flights and non-refundable flights. 
  • Future travel credit is available after the cancellation of a non-refundable flight fare with the airline. 
  • Refunds are available at once and it may take around 4 to 10 business days for the amount to reflect in your original payment source.


Can I Seek Assistance with Refunds from the Fiji Airways?

The customer service team is available round the clock to address passengers’ queries and concerns. If you are facing any complications with your Fiji flight booking or need help with cancellation or refunds then you can connect with the customer service team at Fiji airways via the below-mentioned ways: 

Hotline Number

People can communicate with the customer service department in Fiji by reaching out to a customer support executive online via the helpline number (011 679 672 0777). This is one of the best ways to get optimum assistance for your flights. 

Email address

Passengers can drop an email ( on the customer service email address released by the airline to get support with refunds. You can cancel your flight booking online to write to the refunds department in Fiji. compose an email and include your flight cancellation confirmation code to initiate a refund. 

Live chat

GetHuman at Fiji airways by initiating a live chat with the customer service professional. All you need to do is visit the official website and select the contact us option on the page. You need to select the live chat option and proceed further to initiate a chat with the customer service live person online. A live person is available 24x7 to help passengers as far as their flight booking or any refund-related query is concerned.

Everything You Should Know About Fiji Airways Cancellation Policy 

Canceling flight tickets is difficult when you don't know the airline's policies. But if you have booked a flight ticket with Fiji Airways, you can know the cancellation policies in detail. The airline has a flexible cancellation policy to cancel the flight for free.

To know such interesting policies of the airline, you can read the complete article. Below are the inclusive guidelines that allow you to cancel the booking without much trouble.

What is Fiji Airways Cancellation Policy?

  • As per the airline's cancelation policy, you need to cancel at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • You can cancel the flight from the same source you have booked the flight ticket. Hence, if you have made the booking with a travel agency, contact the agent for the cancellation.
  • If you want to cancel the group booking, you need to contact the customer support representative to make the cancellation. Group travel cancellations are not allowed online.
  • The airline's cancellation charges depend on the cancellation time and your ticket type.


Fiji Airways 24 hour Cancellation

  • If you make the flight cancellation within 24 hours of the booking and have a timeline of seven days between the booking and departure date, you can cancel for free.
  • Cancellations done in the 24-hour risk-free period provide you a full refund irrespective of your ticket type.


Cancellation made by the Airline

  • You can ask for compensation or a full refund if the airline has canceled the flight without giving a prior notice before 14 days.
  • If you need to cancel the flight due to a delay of more than 3 hours, you can ask for a refund. The airline provides a refund in a travel voucher or original payment method.


Can I cancel my flight with Fiji Airways?

Yes. You can cancel the flight booking with Fiji Airways whenever you want before 24 hours of booking the ticket. If you want to cancel the flight on the same day, you need to pay extra charges more than the cancellation fee. In such cases, you can contact the airline's customer support and make the cancellation. If you want to know the steps to contact customer support for flight cancellation, follow the instruction below:

  • Visit the contact page of the airline from the official website first.
  • Choose the customer support phone number related to the issue
  • Follow the IVR process and choose to talk with a live person.
  • Provide the flight details to the representative and proceed with the payment through the payment link.
  • After that, you receive a cancellation message in your email with the related information based on the airline's policy.


In essence, the airline allows you to cancel the flight booking following all the cancellation policies. So the answer to your question- can I cancel my flight with Fiji Airways is affirmative, and you can cancel the flight online and offline mode. Keep in mind to read all the policies before starting the cancellation. In case of any questions, contact the airline's customer service for a smooth cancellation with Fiji Airways.

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