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How Do I Get My Money Back from Flydubai?

Flydubai always provides services as per the needs of the passengers. But sometimes, you cannot board the flight on the decided date; in that case, you can cancel the flight and get a refund. To apply for the refund online, you can do the below steps: 

  • To start the process, you need to open the fly Dubai official website at your preferred search engine.
  • Then, you need to navigate towards the manage booking option available at the top of the website.
  • At there, you need to enter the passenger's last name and booking reference number.
  • Once you tap on the view booking option, you will retrieve your flight details.
  • You need to open the request a refund option available at your account and select the flight you need to cancel and get the refund.
  • You are required to fill the refund form and submit it to the flydubai reservation team.
  • With this, your refund will be processed within 7-10 working days at your original payment source, and a non-refundable ticket will get the travel voucher.


FlyDubai Ticket Refund Policy:

As per Flydubai, if you cancel the flight 24 hours within the purchase, you will get a full refund.

After 24 hours of purchase, you need to pay refund charges as per the fare rules and regulations, which you can check in the manage booking section.

Non-refundable tickets will get the travel voucher they can use on future flights.

If you cannot board the flight due to health issues or the sudden demise of a family member, in that case, you will get a full refund.

Flydubai Cancellation Refund:

If you decide to cancel your flydubai ticket, you can get a refund depending on the type of ticket and some fare rules. You will get the flight voucher for future travel with flydubai. Business of flex passengers will not charge any cancellation charges if they make changes more than 24 hours of the departure.

If flydubai cancels the flight, you re-book the same flight or apply for a refund. Flydubai will immediately respond to your refund request and provide you with the best services.

Flydubai Refund Request:

If you cancel the flight, you can request a complete refund on your flydubai flight ticket. To request a refund, you need to open the manage booking section. You can also reach the customer service team of flydubai and ask them to refund the flight ticket or redeem your voucher.

How Long Does it Take To Get Your Flydubai Flight Refund?

Once you request the refund to flydubai, you will get the refund within 7-10 working days at your original payment source. If you request a refund for the non-refundable ticket, you will get a travel voucher which you can use to purchase the flights in the future. If you purchase the flight through an online travel agency, you need to contact the agency to request a flight refund. To get more information, you can also reach the airport reservation team and get details of the refund.

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