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Can Malindo Air Tickets Be Refunded?

Have you cancelled your flight with Malindo Air? If yes, then you must be wondering about how you can get a refund from the airlines. Malindo Air is associated with essential services and features to manage your flight that you can do using its points and offers.

Therefore, if you are wondering How do I get a refund from Malindo then this page helps you understand the procedure. Kindly follow the steps mentioned below.

Refund Procedure on Malindo Air

  • Go to the Malindo Air website from your browser.
  • Locate the Refund Request form on the contact us section of the webpage.
  • The next thing which you are required to do is to fill out this particular form.
  • The form contains details like your PNR number, ticket number, your first name and last name, your contact details like your email address and mobile number and most importantly, the reason for the refund. 
  • After filling out the above necessary details, you need to verify yourself by entering the CAPTCHA details in the space provided below. 
  • Then you can finally submit the refund request form. 
  • A critical piece of information you need to know is that the refunds which are made through the airline's website are in the form of Malindo Travel Voucher, which is redeemable when you travel by Malindo Air sometime shortly.


Therefore, if you were thinking, Can Malindo air tickets be refunded, they are refundable depending on the type of ticket, class and route. Now let us look at some of the terms and conditions concerning the Refund policy of Malindo Air.

How Do I Claim A Refund On Malindo Air Ticket?

  • Refund requests on medical grounds require an official medical certificate or doctor's letter, which must be issued from a registered clinic or hospital, stating that the passenger is unfit to travel on the said date or for a specific duration. Malindo Air reviews such applications and considers if refund approvals would be granted. That, too, is on the submission of all relevant documents.
  • Refund requests on the grounds of personal loss like bereavement need an official death certificate. Flyers claiming refunds on such grounds are required to show proof of the relationship to the deceased. Malindo Air will review the refund application to establish what refund terms apply, and passengers will be notified of the decision.
  • Refund requests for double bookings must be submitted with proof of double payments for Malindo's verification. After verification, Malindo Air refunds the booking with the lower value. Double bookings must be reported on the same day or within 24 hours from the time of the bookings. Therefore, if you were contemplating How do I claim a refund on Malindo Air ticket then the above piece of information makes it clear.

Malindo Air Flight Cancellation Policy

  • If you have booked a flight with Malindo Air, you receive a travel credit that has unlimited validity.
  • You have an option of transferring the travel credit to your family members or friends, as it is transferable.
  • You do not have to pay the cancellation charges if the cancellation is made within 24 hours of the flight booking. 

Therefore this was all about the Malindo Air flight Cancellation policy. If you require more help, please get in touch with customer care.

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