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How Do I Get A Refund From Wizz Air

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    How Do I Get A Refund From Wizz Air

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    Can I Get a Refund From Wizz Air?

    It feels like a dream come true when you travel with an ultra-low-cost airline that has the facility of automatic refund. Wizz Air gives you both the facility. If you had to cancel your Wizz Air ticket for some reason, you don’t need to worry about your refund.

    In this article, you will learn the answer to how do I get a refund from Wizz Air. You will also know the refund policy of the airline with different ways to get a refund.

    Ways To Get A Refund From Wizz Air

    Most of the time, the refund is initiated automatically at the time of cancellation. If you don’t see the refund amount in your bank account, you can request to get a refund by the methods given below:

    1. From The Website:

    • You need to get to the homepage of Wizz Air.
    • You will see the sign-in option at the right corner, where you have to log in to your account.
    • Now choose the reservation you want to cancel from the Manage booking section.
    • Complete the cancellation process as instructed on the form.
    • Click on the Refund button that will help you to initiate your refund automatically.
    • If you have already canceled the ticket, you will see the refund option besides the flight name.
    • You will get the refund within 7 working days.


    2. Via Call Center: If you cannot initiate your refund online, you can contact customer service.

    • Visit the official website of Wizz Air.
    • Click on the Information and services option at the top menu.
    • You will see the Contact Us option in this section.
    • Click on the link and dial the Wizz air refund contact number you see on your screen.
    • Once you are connected with the customer support at Wizz Air, you can request them to initiate your refund.


    3. At the Airport: You can also request your refund at the airport. Just visit the customer service counter and follow the steps they ask you to do. They will check if you are eligible for the refund or not. After that, they will help you to initiate your refund.

    NOTE: Please keep in mind that your refund will be initiated automatically if you are eligible to get a refund. To know this, you can read the refund policy of Wizz Air provided in the next segment.

    Wizz Air Refund Policy

    • You will get the refund automatically after canceling a ticket.
    • A full refund will only be transferred if you cancel the flight within 24-hours of the booking.
    • The service fee will be deducted from your refund amount.
    • The refund will be given only on refundable tickets. There must be a proper and valid reason if you want a refund on the non-refundable ticket.
    • If the airline cancels a flight or there is a delay, then also you can get a full refund.


    So, this was all about getting a refund from Wizz air. If you still have a doubt about how long does it take for Wizz to refund, the minimum span is Seven days. You can contact the airline if you don’t get your refund after 90 days, which is rare.

    Wizz Air Cancellation Policy

    Due to any circumstance, if you wish to cancel the reservation from Wizz Air, then look at the terms and conditions for the cancellation before taking the steps. And the things which are included in the cancellation are cited the beneath.

    • Wizz Air offers a risk-free time period to cancel without paying any cancellation charge. And the time is when you cancel the booking within 24 hours of booking and be made seven days prior to the flight departure.
    • But when the cancellation is made after that period, you have to pay the cancellation charge, and the cancellation fee will depend on the type of ticket you have purchased.
    • When you are carrying the nonrefundable ticket, you are not eligible for the cancellation, but you have to forfeit your ticket price if you do. 
    • You can cancel the flight when your flight gets delayed by three hours, and this option is refundable as well as the non-refundable fare.
    • With Wizz Air, you can also cancel the flight when you get stuck in certain conditions, and it is more important if you have a medical emergency or got sick; for this reason, you can also seek a refund.
    • You cannot book your flight through the official site when you have made your reservation with the help of a travel agent because the booking made by them is their liability for the cancellation.


    Does Wizz Air Cancel Flights?

    Yes, Wizz Air canceled the flight, but the interest of the passenger is also protected by the airline so that either you can use the alternative they arrange or simply cancel the reservation and ask for a refund or compensation. Suppose the Wizz Air flight gets canceled for any reason, such as bad weather, security, or safety reasons. The passenger having the nonrefundable ticket is also eligible for the refund in-flight credit or voucher.

    How To Cancel A Flight with Wizz Air?

    When you have doubts about the cancellation, you can either contact the customer service of Wizz Air or give them the necessary information related to the cancellation, or you can use the online procedure for the cancellation. And the steps for the cancellation have been stated under this. 

    • On the first step, get to the official site of Wizz Air with the help of your internet browser or use the Wizz Air mobile application.
    • Then click on the check-in/booking option; you will find this option at the top of the web page.
    • When you know that the fund booking small tab will open, you have to enter your confirmation code and the passenger's last name; then tap on the search image.
    • Now your booking detail page will open, and on the page, you get the different options such as check-in, modify booking, and cancel; tap on the cancel option.
    • As you have selected the cancel option, the verification page will open; see the details and tap on the continue option.
    • On the following procedure, you will see the amount that will be deducted or the final amount you receive in return; tap on the cancel now icon.
    • When your cancellation procedure is completed, you will receive the confirmation on your email address and the phone number you have provided at the time of booking.


    Wizz Air Cancellation Fee

    With Wizz Air, you also get the free cancellation, but you have to cancel the booking with the grace time when the cancellation is made; after that, you have to pay a lump sum amount of 64 dollars. But this is also not the fixed fee because it depends on the fare rule and what type of fare you have purchased.

    So, by reading this article, you have sufficient information related to the cancellation policy, process, and charges, but if you find any of the provided information hard to get, use the customer service option and get help from the expert.

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