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Do Not Hesitate To Obtain Volaris Wheelchair Service

Traveling to your preferred destinations with Volaris Airlines your preferred route? But due to any medical injury, you are not able to travel? Then you don’t need to worry because you can make a wheelchair assistant request with Volaris Airlines. But before making a wheelchair request, you must know its policies and process. In this blog, you will learn everything about the Volaris wheelchair assistance request and all the related things.

How do I Request A Wheelchair from Volaris?

Usually, senior citizens or people with physical disabilities need wheelchair assistance. But sometimes, you may also obtain this service in case of leg injuries. You can request the airline for a wheelchair at different points; check them ahead:- 

  • At the time of booking: - When you make your ticket and select the services you require in your journey. Then you get multiple options to select, and you may choose a wheelchair option to get it at the airport.
  • At the airport: - if you have forgotten to click on the wheelchair service option or got injured before your departure date, you can ask for a wheelchair at the airport.


How do you book a wheelchair on a Volaris flight after booking?

There are two ways to help you book a wheelchair even after booking your tickets with Volaris. Let's get acquainted with the ways:-

  • Through manage booking:- As you have made your booking online with Volaris, you can also reach the Volaris web portal to manage or make changes to your ticket. You need to enter your ticket "Confirmation number" and "Last name" mentioned with your booking. Your ticket will open, and you can make changes to the additional services and add on a wheelchair. Submit it, and later you will get confirmation mail or a message of an upgraded ticket with a wheelchair.
  • On the departure date:- If you want to get the wheelchair service on the day of departure, then you need to reach the airport at least 3 hours before your flight departure time. Meet the concerned team of your airlines and raise a request for a wheelchair.
  • Through customer support:- If you feel that you may not arrive at the airport much prior to the flight departure, you can utilize the Volaris helpdesk services. To get this, you will need to hang on to the Contact page on the Volaris website, where you may obtain a live chat facility and Volaris helpline number. 


How Much Do Volaris Airlines Charge for a Wheelchair?

Volaris cares about your physical condition and is always with you to provide the best assistance possible; that is why Volaris does not charge any amount for the wheelchair service you request. A wheelchair facility comes under the requirement section of senior citizen passengers and equipment for medical needs.

Does Volaris Have Wheelchair Assistance?

Yes, Volaris always tries to make every passenger comfortable. Senior passengers require more care and assistance; that's why the Volaris airport team assists the wheelchair passenger through the airport screenings, check-ins, security points, boarding area, and then to the aircraft. Later, the cabin team will help you reach your plane seat. 

Volaris Wheelchair Policy

A wheelchair is equipment used specifically in special cases, so it does not come under the baggage policy. Let's go through some policies related to a wheelchair:-

  • If you have requested a wheelchair with your ticket, when your wheelchair is checked in with your luggage, then a new one from the airline will be provided to you at the baggage check-in point.
  • A manual folding wheelchair will accompany you from the departure airport to your destination. Until you receive your wheelchair back from the luggage conveyor belt, you will be personally assisted by an airline's personnel.


If you have an automatic wheelchair with you, then:- 

  1. You must not bring Lithium and non-sealed batteries. Or the batteries that are not officially certified.
  2. You should keep your wheelchair manual to disconnect your battery in flight.
  3. It would be best to reach the airport at least 3 hours earlier, as it takes a little time to go through the automatic wheelchair inspection.

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