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If you have planned a trip for vacation or any other purpose and travel with a disabled family member or friend, Then in that situation, you will have to use a wheelchair for your co-passenger. As a passenger, you can book a wheelchair online, or you will get the option to carry your own wheelchair, but for that, you need to go through some of the rules for a personal wheelchair. To get a wheelchair on United, you will follow these points step by step.

  • First off, visit the official website of the airline via a browser page
  • Now click on the book option, and therein you will have to click over the wheelchair for disabled
  • Next, you need to add all the appropriate information of the disabled passenger like full name, phone number, email, and upload medical certificate document, etc.
  • After that, click on the payment option and pay the wheelchair charges accordingly through online methods or you can pay later at the airport ticket counter.


How Do I Request A Wheelchair on United Airlines?

If you need to request the wheelchair directly from United Airlines, Then in such scenarios, you have two options to use for requesting a wheelchair. So, for guidance, go through the two ways to get appropriately assisted.

Call Airline to request Wheelchair: Passenger can request a wheelchair for co-passenger over call, wherein they will have to provide passengers information. But call the representative at least 48 hours before your departure.

Get help via online procedure: While you book your online ticket with the official website page of United Airline, therein you get the option of choosing a wheelchair for your fellow passenger & you can add their details too and proceed with remaining steps for payment, etc.

Get help via Airport staff: if you need to have a wheelchair and you have provided all the information to airport staff. Then in such a scenario, after you check-in with a disabled passenger, the airline staff will arrange for a wheelchair for your transfer to the airline without any hassle.

Does United Allow Wheelchairs?

YES, at United Airlines, disabled passengers are allowed to use wheelchairs for travel. And to do so, you have to request wheelchair assistance and other complimentary benefits of a wheelchair through when you book your flight ticket.

How To Add Wheelchair Assistance In United Airlines

To add up wheelchair assistance, you need to make this arrangement within 48 hours of departure through the on-call process. You will get assistance directly from a customer care representative who will provide you with assistance on adding a wheelchair.

  • In the first step, go to the official website of the airline
  • Then go to its contact us page
  • Now, from this page, get the helpline number
  • Dial the customer care number and follow the IVR steps
  • Now press onto 9th IVR option, and after a short while, you will speak directly with a representative
  • At last, you need to provide details of disabled co-passenger & they will arrange a wheelchair before you arrive at the airport.


United Airlines Wheelchair Assistance Phone Number

You gathered a lot of information about wheelchair support for disabled passengers. To connect with the representative, you should use the 1-800-228-1744 helpline number to clarify questions or go for additional assistance. So use this number and call the United Airlines accessibility desk for help.

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