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AirAsia customer Care Service on Chat

AirAsia is a popular airline based in Malaysia and one can travel from one part of the world to other and provide direct flights to all major international destinations. Other than daily flight schedules, people also offer daily services to keep a track of your booking and one can enjoy traveling.

Contacting The Support Team of AirAsia

Like any other normal airline, AirAsia also has its own department of inquiries through which you can contact the airline using certain mediums of communication. To ensure the passengers traveling that airline is just one call away; you can communicate and talk to the team by using their helpline number. You can also share email on the support id of the AirAsia. For more details related to How do I contact AirAsia Philippines scroll below.

Chat Support Service of the AirAsia

If you contact the support team of AirAsia then you can take the help of the chat assistant and find about Does AirAsia live chat. The chat assistant feature is available on the support page or the official website and all you have to do drop a message and team will reach out to you on their own.

Ways of interacting via chat assistant

Go to the contact us section on the official website and then open up the chat tab. Now chat access will give you a dialog box where a chat assistant will be online and you just have to enter all the details related to the services you are looking for and inquire about the booking related doubts such as How to get a refund using the live chat.

As you type your message and tap on the send section, the message will reach the other end and you can communicate with the team simultaneously to catch up on all the doubts that you are facing currently.

You can approach the support team as many times you need the updated status of the doubts you are facing.

Alternative Mediums of Contacting the Support Team of AirAsia

1.Other than the chat option of AirAsia, you can even take the help of the other alternatives to communicate and those mediums are as follows.

2.You can take the help of the helpline number that is universal and other supporting numbers assigned each for one common doubt.

3.Similarly passengers can avail the official email id and reach out to the support team to give reviews and the Feedback.

4.Or if needed then you can also follow the airline on all social media applications.

Types of issues Solved by the Support Team of AirAsia

1.To change or cancel the booking, contact the customer support team

2.To apply for the flight refund on AirAsia

3.For inquiries related to the flight deals and discount before making any fresh booking.

4.To upgrade your flight booking on the flight or to reserve seat on the flight

5.In case want to instigate about the baggage policies or the pet policy on the flight For any type of flight feedback or review

And that’s all how you can contact the support team of AirAsia and use mediums to find How do I send an email to AirAsia.

What is the AirAsia AVA Chatbot?

It is a virtual assistant that is accessible via mobile, website, and Facebook Messenger. AirAsia AVA Chatbot works with the help of AI to respond to the customer's queries round the clock. Also, the chatbot has many language databases including foreign languages with a total of 11.

Most common problems get fixed by chatbot like travel insurance, seat selection, baggage allowance. Also, AirAsia live chat is there to contact the customer service representative.

Why should I use AirAsia AVA Chatbot?

Replacing the conventional airline call centers, chat support has introduced a new definition of customer service to the world. Until and unless it is important, you can get help from chatbot for using AirAsia services. In this way, there is no staff for resolving or answering the questions of a passenger, the AVA chatbot handles all queries and provides the solutions.

AVA Chatbot on WhatsApp

Ever since AirAsia customer service expanded its dimensions to provide complete customer satisfaction, the chatbot is accessible on the world's most popular messaging platform i.e. WhatsApp. As soon as, you initiate a chat on WhatsApp, you receive a customized greeting message from the airline. It unfolds several ways to get all information and assistance through an AI-based chat platform. This also reduces the hassle of waiting and standing in a long queue at the airport for a small piece of information.

Steps to Start Chatting with AirAsia AVA on WhatsApp

  • At first, you have to open WhatsApp either on your smart phone or computer.
  • Next, you need to go to Chats 1-805-372-0680
  • Further, select the option to create a new chat and choose the New Contact.
  • Enter the AirAsia phone number i.e. +60 11-3516 5078
  • After that, you can start chatting with AVA without any hassle.


How Do I Contact AirAsia by Phone?

Just in case, you find it troublesome to contact the customer service via chatbot and you need to talk to a live person, you can dial the customer service phone number.

  • Once your dial the phone number, you need to choose the language in which you want to talk.
  • Then you have to choose the category or topic by pressing a dedicated digit on the dialer.
  • After that, your call redirects to the support team member. Meanwhile, you need to stay connected on the phone call.
  • Within a few minutes, you will be in touch with a representative who will assist you thoroughly with your AirAsia query.


This is how you can contact AirAsia on a phone call to get help from the experts.

How Does Ava Chatbot Help You?

At the right bottom corner of the screen, you find the AVA chat icon, every time you visit the website, by clicking it, you can initiate a chat. In this way, you can contact the AirAsia customer service in a modern way. The moment you initiate an AVA chatbot, you can see the list of topics which are as follows:

Checking the flight status

Booking a flight

Purchasing in-flight meals

Purchasing a baggage

Inquiring about AirAsia promotions

Make changes to the booking

AirAsia latest announcements

Getting a refund

Choosing a seat

After that, you will no longer wonder how do I talk to AirAsia customer services. And you won't find any difficulty while contact the customer service to get help. The support team will help you thoroughly without any delay. So, get all information and enjoy hassle-free travel.

Frequently Ask Question ( FAQs ) Related To AirAsia Live Chat Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Contact AirAsia Via Live Chat?

Contacting AirAsia is an easy goal when you try to accomplish that through the live chat method. This chat is easily accessible by going to its customer support section. We can easily perform that to gain valuable information that can help you to gain booking details. Along with that, you can also obtain additional information to fix the confusion.

How Do I Get Airasia Live Chat?

You can easily operate and use the help chat of AirAsia with these steps.

  • Go to the official support page and select chatbot to initiate that. 
  • Enter the topic of your issue and use this to gain a solution from live person.
  • You can also skip the reply by sending them a message on Twitter.
  • Use its chatting service by connecting with its expert on WhatsApp.

Can I Call The AirAsia Customer Support Team?

Yes! You can call the AirAsia official customer service number to contact its official support. Face the IVR and follow its commands to contact the AirAsia Customer Service and gain assistance from its support. This service is generally available between 8AM to 6PM. You can talk to him about the issue which you encounter during or before booking. Contact the regional center and talk to the live person of AirAsia support who is an expert in handling these queries.

Is AirAsia Chat 24 Hours?

Yes! AirAsia has an online chat that works 24/7 to provide necessary assistance to all its customers. It has introduced a chatbot that works around the clock to help its users and obtain customer service from them. It is known for its feature of resolving the problem by using the services of this airline. It serves you perfectly to know what services of the airline work in which manner to benefit you.

What Services Are Provided On AirAsia Chat?

The list of the services provided on the AirAsia chat is given below.

  • Add details about the benefits and use of the Asiana Club membership.
  • Get additional information that will assist you in the process of booking.
  • Modify the existing flight reservation through the official rules.
  • Know everything about the check-in procedure and the baggage rules.
  • Obtain the description of the in-flight services offered onboard.

Can I Complaint Air Asia?

It is possible to file a complaint against any or all the services that are provided by this airline. This is performed by using the email ID ( method and describing your complaint completely. You can also use the live person of this airline to file your complaint and contact them via phone call.

Is AirAsia Works Live Chat Also Helps In Emergency?

Yes! AirAsia has launched a platform that works around the clock even during emergencies. Whether you are in a hurry to book a flight ticket or modify the current booking, this online chat always works. It is mostly used by passengers who are confused due to cancellation and changes made during the COVID pandemic.

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