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How Do I Get Delta Notifications?

Delta Airlines is a well-established airline in the US that operates flight services on international and domestic routes worldwide. The airline's main is to offer excellent services to travelers. People booking their flight tickets for the first time by using the mobile application of Delta Airlines might find it tricky and difficult if they need help getting the notifications. They might even wonder: How do I get Delta notifications? One can even connect with the airline's customer support team if they cannot use its mobile app. To get the notification, you can follow the steps mentioned here below: 

  • Firstly you need to log in to your account at 
  • Go to the Profile option.
  • Click on Preferences, where you can choose the email in which you want to get the quick notifications. 


Note: If you do not have an existing account in Delta, then sign up for it and, while processing, select the email in which you wish to receive the notification. 

To receive more information, you can read the whole blog and get the required details. 

Find The Reason: Why Am I Not Getting Delta Notifications?

If the traveler is not getting the notification, they must check out their phone. Multiple reasons for not receiving the notifications are mentioned here below: 

  • The foremost thing is to check out the notifications setting on your mobile device. 
  • If the push notification permission is not enabled, you will not receive it. 


The process of enabling the notifications is mentioned here below: 

  • Go to the Settings on your mobile device. 
  • Then reach the option of "Notifications" on the Delta mobile application. 
  • If the notification mode is not enabled, then simply enable it. 


How Do I Turn on Notifications on Delta App?

To get the notification, it is necessary to turn on the push notifications from the Delta Airlines mobile app. The customer must first go to their smartphone's "Settings" option. Afterward, go to the notifications section and turn on the notification mode. So, if there are any updates or latest information related to the airline services or fluctuation in airfare, then the notification will be sent to your email and phone. 

What are Push Notifications for Delta Airlines?

Push notifications remind travelers about any of the changes taking place in their existing reservations. If the traveler has made the flight reservation with the airline, they will get the details about the travel details by enabling the push notifications. The details will include factors such as delays in the flight, hotel timings, fluctuation in prices, check-in hours, necessary documents to be taken while boarding the flight, safety, and security measures, and many more. The traveler will also get a notification of the bag's weight and size, permitted by the airline. Customers always appreciate early notifications and also value most for them most. The notifications work as a quick note for the customers from which they can get the latest information. 

How Do I Add a Delta Flight to My Calendar?

Travelers also have the option to add the calendar to their Delta flights. The process of adding the Google Calendar manually to the flight is mentioned here below: 

  • The first step is to go to the date and time of the flight in the Google Calendar. 
  • After that, click on the Time Slot in the question section. 
  • Now simply copy and paste, or you may also type the flight details. 
  • The date you selected must be as per the chosen event, and then save the details. 


Final Thoughts

The above information will illustrate the process of getting the notifications from the delta airlines mobile application. If the customer still has any queries or is unable to receive the notification, they can connect with the customer support team of the airline. There are multiple methods available through which one can direct get in contact, such as by phone call, live chat, email, social media platform, etc.

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