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    How Do I Get Through To American Airlines

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    American Airlines is one of the major airlines based in Texas that is quite popular for offering passengers premium services at a reasonable fare. Moreover, to help passenger resolve their queries regarding the reservations and ticketing policies, the airline has introduced a dedicated team of customer service to resolve the passenger queries. 

    Resolved: Ways to Reach Out Customer Service at American Airlines

    Further, for the passengers planning their next trip with American Airlines and have some queries, they can feel free to dial American Airlines Customer Service Numbers for assistance. And those who no information regarding the same can go through the details mentioned in this article. 

    How Does Customer Service at American Airlines Helps in Resolving Queries?

    Whether the query is related to reservation, check-in status, or flight status, the passenger can feel free to reach out to the airline customer service using the dedicated customer support number. Moreover, reaching out to the airline representative is a great help to the passengers to book last-minute flight tickets, info regarding the use of miles, and suggestions for cars and hotel rentals. 

    How can one make most of the phone calls at American Airlines customer service? 

    For the passengers wondering How do I get through to American Airlines? Here, one can check out the contact numbers as per their query to help one manage their reservation.

    Before heading on with the details, here are some points that one can consider while reaching out to customer service over a phone call: 

    • Passengers are required to practice patience and stay calm while making a phone call. 
    • And in case if the passenger gets stucks with the automated system can request to contact the representative. 
    • Further, it is suggested to keep the ticket number and other details related to the itinerary handy to resolve the issue quickly. 


    Customer support number to contact American Airlines 

    To help passengers quickly resolve their issues in time, the airline has launched different American Airlines Customer Service Numbers for reservations, refunds, the AAdvantage membership program, and more.

    Benin (Africa)

    Customer Service- 21-322-795 | 97-482-220

    Hours - Monday – Friday (8AM. – 1PM) - (3PM. – 6:30PM.)


    Ghana (Africa)

    Customer Service - 00233-302-782054 | 00233-302-776724

    Hours- Monday – Friday (8AM. – 5PM.)


    Morocco (Africa)

    Customer Service- 0520-001-375

    Hours - Monday – Friday (8AM. – 9PM.) Saturday – Sunday (9AM. – 5PM.)



    Customer Service- 02-9101-1948

    Hours - English: 24 hours



    Customer Service - 400-818-7333

    Hour - 24 Hours



    Customer Service - 0124-601-4200 | 0124-417-6700

    Hours - Monday – Thursday (9AM. – 7:30PM.)



    Customer Service - +65-634-98444

    Hours - 24 hours



    Customer Service - 03-4333-7675

    Hours - 24 hours



    Customer Service - 03-2053-5120      

    Hours - 24 Hours


    New Zealand

    Customer Service - 09-308-4014

    Hours - 24 hours


    Anguilla (Caribbean)

    Customer Service - 800-744-0006

    Hours - 24 hours


    Antigua (Caribbean)

    Customer Service - 800-744-0006

    Hours - 24 hours


    Austria (Europe)

    Customer Service - 01-360-277-3960

    Hours - Monday – Friday (8AM. – 6PM.) Saturday – Sunday (9AM. – 5PM.)


    Belgium (Europe)

    Customer Service - 070-300-300

    Hours - Monday – Friday (8AM. – 6PM.) Saturday – Sunday (9AM. – 5PM)


    Croatia (Europe)

    Customer Service - 020-898045

    Hours - 24 Hours


    Czech Republic (Europe)

    Customer Service - 225-376-447

    Hours - 24 hours


    United Kingdom (Europe)

    Customer Service - 0207-660-2300

    Hours - 24 Hours


    A) General Queries 

    For the general passengers looking for info to contact customer service, they can dial the following customer numbers for help: 

    • Reservations and flight queries: 1-800-433-7300
    • American Airlines credit card services: 1-800-733-2654 ( available for Canada, U.S, and Puerto Rico) for other countries, the passenger can dial 1-423-477-6512.
    • Baggage assistance: 1-800-535-5225
    • AA account login assistance: 1-800-222-2377
    • Car rentals and other activities: 1-800-960-7163


    B) Special customer support numbers for AAdvantage members

    For the members of the membership program of the airline, the passenger can dial these customer support numbers: 

    • Customer service: 1-800-882-8880
    • Platinum service desk: 1-800-843-3000
    • Gold service desk: 1-800-848-4653
    • Executive Platinum service desk: 1-800-843-6200
    • For Admirals club: 1-800-237-7971


    C) Assistance in foreign languages and speech and hearing impaired

    Moreover, as the airline strives to offer the passengers the best services, one can make use of the following American Airlines Customer Service Numbers: 

    Japanese: 1-800-237-0027    

    Spanish: 1-800-633-3711 

    Mandarin Chinese: 1-800-492-8095    

    English - 800-433-7300       

    French - 800-756-8613

    Portuguese - 866-824-8717

    Creole - 800-833-5767

    Hear and speech impaired: 1-800-543-1586 

    Apart from the above-mentioned support numbers, the airline offers alternative options to the passengers looking for info on how do I get through to American Airlines. So, one can check out the detail discussed below. 

    Email: The passenger can reach out to the airline representative over an email and seek the required help. 

    Email Customer Relation: American Airlines Customer Relations, 4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd. Phoenix, AZ 85034 


    Executive Contacts

    Vince Carcaterra (Director of Customer Relations)

    Address- 1 Skyview Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76155

    Email ID -


    Julie Rath (Vice President, Customer Experience and Reservations)

    Address - Customer Experience and Reservations, 1 Skyview Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76155 76155

    Email ID -


    Doug Parker CEO (Chief Executive)

    Address - 1 Skyview Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76155, (817) 963-1234

    Email ID -


    Visit the office: Lastly, the passenger can visit the airline office to seek appropriate assistance. 

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