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Is Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service 24 Hours

Airlines must meet the needs and demands of passengers by solving their queries. Passengers always look for valuable help and support from the airlines. Hawaiian airlines have customer support phone number, live chats, social media, and email through which passengers can ask for help and support. Also, Hawaiian airlines' phone wait times is not much, but sometimes passengers have to wait for the best and quick resolution. Below are some of the ways through which passengers can connect to the customer care executives-

Ways to Connect to Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service-

Phone number-Hawaiin airlines provide different phone numbers according to the country code to the passengers for customer support. These numbers are available on the official website of Hawaiin airlines under the contact us section.

  • Go to the contact us section on the official website of Hawaiin airlines.
  • Search for the customer support number along with your country code.
  • Dial the number through your phone, and listen to the IVR carefully.
  • Press the number of your preferred language or query.
  • Also, if you want to talk to the representative, press that specific number.
  • Passengers can now share their problems or can ask for any information they require.


Live chats-Hawaiin airlines provide a 24/7 live chat support facility to the passengers. Chat executives are 24/7 available for the help of the passengers. They can text the problems or issues to the chat representatives and let them help with the solutions. Sometimes phone numbers are not reachable or available due to network issues, and at that time also passengers can reach out to the representatives through chat.

Social media-Different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are available on the official website of Hawaiin airlines to comment on the problem or share feedback. Passengers can connect to the Hawaiin airlines through these sites for different information also.

Email: Hawaiin airlines provide a mailbox to the passengers where they can submit their problems or queries. Interestingly, passengers can get the solutions to their problems in a very brief time through emails. This mail id can also be used to share the feedback as well. 

How Do I Manage Booking from Manage Booking?

Passengers can solve all the reservations issues from the manage booking section on the official website of Hawaiin airlines. The Hawaiin airlines manage booking section can help add seat preference, check the delay and rescheduling of flights, cancel, and request a refund. Ways to manage your booking through manage booking-

  • Visit the manage booking section on the official website of Hawaiin airlines.
  • Fill up the required details like the booking id, first name, and last name of the passengers.
  • Click on modify option available at the side of the page.
  • Now passengers can modify or make any changes they require in their reservation ticket like cancellation, request for a refund, etc.


The steps mentioned above can help change the Hawaiin airlines reservation number, seat preference or know more about extra baggage charges, conditions applied. Passengers can also connect to the customer care support executives if they face trouble while booking or canceling tickets.

How to Get a Hold of Hawaiian Airlines?

Hawaiian Airlines is the largest operator of commercial flights, which operates from the U. S state of Hawaii. It is ranked as the tenth-largest commercial airline in the United States. Suppose you have plans to make a reservation with Hawaiian airlines. It would be best if you got the assistance of its representatives. Regarding baggage policy regarding what numbers of baggage, we need to carry with them before boarding a flight.

Here are the ways mentioned how you can get a hold of Hawaiian Airlines-

  • Via Phone. 
  • Via Chat. 
  • Via Email. 
  • Via Social Media


Contact By Phone of Hawaiian Airlines

The Phone is the most genuine way to get connected through representatives of Hawaiian airlines. The Phone offers you the most reliable, fastest, or best services to its customers. If you call Hawaiian airlines, you have to be highly patient. Hawaiian airline' phone wait times are usually pretty high. There are end numbers of customers who put their query forward. You can quickly put your question across and get the proper assistance for all your answers. By simply following IVR options, you can get connected through Phone services.

Press 1 - To know about the Reservation Process. 

Press 2 - To know about Baggage Allowances. 

Press 3 - To know about chosen languages. 

Press 9 - speak to live representatives. 

Contact Hawaiian Airlines By Chatting

Chatting is an open window that offers you a platform on which customers can quickly put forward their queries and get the proper answers to all their concerned questions. Chatting keeps you engaged or activated, through which customers can soon get quick replies to all your questions. A lot of customers put this question across, which says IS Hawaiian Airlines customer service 24 hours. Steps through which you can easily get connected through live chat representatives. 

  • First and foremost, do visit the official site of Hawaiin airlines. 
  • Do scroll down the screen down there you will find an option that says contact us. 
  • Next to it, you will find the option which says, live chat representatives. 
  • You can quickly put across your query and do get the easy resolution to all your questions.


Contact Hawaiian Airlines Via Email

Email is another mode through which you can easily get connected through email representatives. They do provide you with much-needed assistance. You can put across your query, feedback, suggestions through which you can quickly put across your query through email. Steps through which you are easily able to get connected through email representatives. 

  • First and foremost, do visit the official site of Hawaiian airlines. 
  • Do scroll down the screen where you will find an option that says contact us. 
  • Next to it, you will find an option that says drop an email representative. They do provide you with ready assistance. 
  • You can put across your suggestions as well as feedback or query by simply dropping an email.


At times, many queries come across, or many customers ask this question: Why does Hawaiian airline's customer service take so long, and what are ways to get connected through Hawaiian airlines. Hawaiian airlines provide you with ready assistance through which you can quickly get a hold of Hawaiian airlines and get the best services you need.

Does Hawaiian Airlines Answer The Phone?

Whenever the person faces any issue while reservation, the most common way to contact live support is by phone, nothing can replace this method and its importance. However, if you are wondering whether you are going to fly with Hawaiian airlines, and do they answer the phone or not, then yes, they answer each query. 

Even for better management and coming with more solutions, they have installed the system for volunteers who answer the query overcall. For this reason, they almost spend 1730 hours per week. It is enough to show why one should opt for this method to get the solution fast. 

How Do I Send An Email To Hawaiian Airlines?

There are many such situations that occur when the person needs to send an email to the airline. It could be related to the feedback or customer suggestion. But, for this, you need to direct some steps that are mentioned below. 

  • Go to the browser and search for the official website of Hawaiian Airlines; you can open a mobile application too. 
  • Next, click on the "contact us" section. You can find contact us in the mobile application too. 
  • Here at the top of the page, you can see the option for the Email us 
  • You have to click on it, and then you can connect with a person where you have to mention the email ID and query. 
  • Click on the send email and complete the process. 


Does Hawaiian Airlines have free texting?

These days providing the best customer support is a topmost priority, and for this reason, Hawaiian include texting services too. If you are wondering whether it is free or not, then the answer is no. Hawaiian Airlines does not charge any kind of texting fee from their customer. It does not matter what kind of user you are. Though, for accessing service, you need to pay some fee, but for query, you can access the service for free.  

Though, if you are running the booking process or cancellation on the call, then you can find that there are some changes. Make sure you are not considering this as calling charges, but you can find most of the services and solutions with text too.

Where is the headquarters of Hawaiian Airlines?

You can find the headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. Most of the issues are solved by the airlines from this place, and you can contact them here for further assistance. Many flyers use this whenever they are in a complex situation. You can expect a quick solution and directly from higher management. 

Does Hawaiian Airlines have a lost and found?

Yes, Hawaiian airlines provide support regarding lost product or bags. But, if you fail to recover it, then Hawaiian airlines is not responsible for it. However, you can put a request for the lost bag or any other stuff. For complaints, you can connect with a person on call and describe the bag size and shape. Once you submit this, then airlines will notify you if there is any news regarding it. This service is free, and you don't have to pay any kind of charge for it.

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