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Sometimes, you lost your baggage at Logan airport and want to file a claim to get the luggage. For this, passengers look for the baggage claim area at the airport to report the issue accordingly. The baggage claim and ground transportation are available on the lower level 1 outside both the north and south sides of the terminal. Some of their baggage claims services are accessible at the curbside of the airport. You are required to use the crossing on the central reservation, although, you can claim the baggage online with Logan Boston airport.

Can I Meet Someone at Baggage Claim at Logan Airport?

Boston airport has various terminals, and all the terminals have two levels. The lower level is for flight arrivals, and the upper level is for flight departures. Baggage claims have a curbside where you can meet someone at the airport.

  • If you lost any item and want to make a claim for that, you can reach the baggage claim area and meet with the appropriate representative. 
  • You need to provide all the details regarding the flight travel and lost luggage.
  • With this, they will ask you for the bag tag number of the suitable lost bags and register your complaint. 
  • They will inform you regarding the lost or found baggage at logan airport through the registered email id. 


Does Logan Airport have a Lost and Found?

Yes, Logan airport has a lost and found department where you can report missing luggage and any found bags. Moreover, travelers can reach the airport lost and found authorities or report the item online at their website. For this, you need to follow the below simple steps and make a complaint accordingly:

  • Initially, you must access the official web portal of Boston Logan airport.
  • At there, you can proceed toward the passenger services option available on the home screen. 
  • You can choose the "report a lost item" option from the drop-down list on the left.
  • On the new screen, you will get the lost and found request form.
  • You need to provide all your personal information and select the continue tab.
  • With this, you need to add the date, time, and place where you have lost or found the baggage. 
  • When you provide the terminal, you need to enter the bag tag number, if any.
  • Your lost and found request will be submitted immediately, and they will notify you by email shortly. 


Logan Airport Baggage Claim Phone Number:

If you are unable to request the lost and found report online with Logan Airport, you can connect with their customer service team. They will help you to report the issues and find the bags as soon as possible. For this, you need to dial the Logan airport baggage claim contact number at 617-568-7514 and follow the automated voice instructions carefully. When you select the lost baggage option on the IVR prompts, your phone will be conveyed to a suitable representative. You can provide all the descriptions of your lost item and claim the baggage for your flight journey.

Where do I go to pick someone up at Logan Airport?

Logan airport understands the passenger's needs and requirements related to flight travel. Active curbside passenger pickup spaces are available if you want to pick up someone at Logan airport. The pickup spaces are also clearly marked at every level of the terminal at Logan airport. Moreover, curbside parking is not allowed at any terminal.

What terminal is for pick up at Logan Airport?

If you want to pick up someone at Logan Airport, you can use terminal C. Once you exit from the baggage claim area, you will see the limo pick-up area where all the passengers will arrive from their preferred destination.

Logan Airport Baggage Rules

Have you packed your bags and are ready for your trip? And you have a few questions that need to be answered, which is why you are surfing the internet. The baggage rule depends on the airline you are traveling to and not the airport. Hence you need to contact the customer service of your airline and get the details about the baggage rules. Usually, in every airline, if you carry on excessive baggage, you will have to make a payment in order for you to board.

How Early Can You Check Bags at Logan Airport?

It is always recommended to be at the airport 2 to 3 hours prior to your flight departure. And if you are traveling at peak hours, make sure to be at the airport prior since the check-in can be long. The baggage counter opens a few hours before the departure of your flight. You can also self-check in at the airport. If you want to know how you can self-check in at the airport, you can go through the process below.


You can also use the self-check-in machine, the kiosk machine, to print your bag tags beforehand.

  • Look for the kiosk machine at Logan Airport.
  • Then on the Kiosk machine, you need to be given the PNR number and click next.
  • Select the seats that are available and then add the number of baggage and enter.
  • You will get your boarding pass along with the bag tags.
  • And lastly, you can give your bags to the counter before boarding.


How Much is it to Check a Bag at Logan Airport?

If you have not pre-booked your baggage while booking your flight tickets, you can also make the payment when you check in your baggage. You are allowed to take two checked baggage and then one carry-on baggage with half of your ticket fare. And every excess baggage will be charged $10. If you have any doubts, you can reach the representative at the airport counter, or you can contact the customer support team of the airline you have booked a reservation. 

Can I Wrap my Luggage at Logan Airport?

Yes, the wrapping service for your luggage at Logan Airport is available. You need to wrap your luggage prior to your check-in process. Wrapping is the process of protecting your baggage during transport, and if you would like to wrap your baggage, you can get in touch with a representative at the airport and request the wrap.

How Much Does it Cost To Wrap Luggage?

The cost can depend on the size of your luggage. But usually, the wrapping of your suitcase can cost anywhere from $10 to $35. But if you are planning to wrap your luggage, you need to be at the airport a few hours before your flight departure since it might take a few minutes to wrap your suitcase. And if there is a queue, you might end up getting stressed. Hence be at the Airport early if you want to get your luggage wrapped.


If you have any doubts about Logan Airport Baggage Rules, you can get in touch with a representative at the airport or contact the representative of the airline at the counter to know more or if you are confused.

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