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Reach Out To American Airlines Regarding Your Complaints via Email: Customer Services

Customers often face problems with their travel plans, baggage, check-ins, seat upgrades, etc. However, sometimes reporting them to the airline’s customer services becomes a bit difficult for the customers. Besides, it is also important to share details with the experts regarding any of your queries and unexpected travel experiences. Plus, a large part of passengers prefers the email option for such tasks as it is one of the convenient options to thoroughly mention the details of complaints.

When it comes to American Airlines, the infamous airline lets you report your complaints via different ways to its customer services easily. Apart from its official email address, one can also report their issues via different other quick options. Hence, if you are also thinking about How Do I Complaint to American Airlines, then refer to this post.

How Do I Complaint To American Airlines: Quick Ways

Here are the most convenient ways to get through to American Airlines customer services to report your issues.

American Airlines Customer Service Via Email

You can send your email complaints to the American Airlines customer service email address i.e. This email address will let you share your advice and complaints with the airline’s customer relations team. Hereafter, the professionals will go through your email complaints, and then reach out to you for providing any kind of relevant special assistance and other information.

Support Email Address:

American Airlines Via Phone Number:

In the event, if you’re more of a phone person and prefer to share your complaints, then you can opt for this option to reach out to AA customer services. Besides, the live customer services on American Airlines are available through 800-433-7300. You can dial this phone number to talk to the AA live person directly, and get special assistance on your complaints or queries.

Via Phone

Customer Service: +965-2202-2806
Email ID:
Hours: Sunday – Thursday (9AM – 5PM)

Customer Service: 03-7219-497
Email ID:
Hours: Sunday – Thursday (9AM – 5PM)

Customer Service: 2202-2806
Email ID:
Hours: Sunday – Thursday (9AM – 5PM)

Customer Service: 00800-100-669
Email ID: N/A
Hours: Sunday – Thursday 9(9AM – 5PM)

Saudi Arabia
Customer Service: 800-850-0685
Email ID : N/A
Hours: Sunday – Thursday (9AM – 5PM)

United Arab Emirates
Customer Service: 800-03305924
Email ID: N/A
Hours: Sunday – Thursday (9AM – 5PM)

Argentina ( America )
Customer Service: 0-800-444-84253
Email ID: N/A
Hours: 24 hours

Colombia ( America )
Customer Service: 01-800-9171-045
Email ID-
Hours: 24 Hours

Customer Service: 000-4019-0834
Email ID- N/A
Hours: 24 Hours

Customer Service: 0-800-136-2334
Email ID- N/A
Hours: 24 Hours

Customer Service: 01-360-277-3960
Email ID- N/A
Hours: Monday – Friday (8AM – 6PM) Saturday – Sunday (9AM – 5PM)

Customer Service: 09-8171-0443
Email ID- N/A
Hours: 24 hours

Customer Service: 902-054-654
Email ID- N/A
Hours: 24 Hours

Customer Service: 0848-289-289
Email ID- N/A
Hours: Monday – Friday (8AM – 6PM)

United Kingdom
Customer Service: 0207-660-2300
Email ID- N/A
Hours: 24 Hours

American Airlines Via Live Chat

Apart from American Airlines customer service email address, and phone support options, the airline also offers its virtual assistance through its live chat. One can access the live chat option from the American app, and talk to the 24/7 available experts.

American Airlines Via Online Complaint Form

You can either share fill out the online complaint form i.e. accessible on the American Airlines official website, or send your email on In addition, use the email subject as “UKInquiry-”, otherwise the airline will not be receiving your inquires or complaints.

Online Complaint Form -

How Do I Send An Email To American Airlines? Services & Benefits

Now that you know how to share your complaints with experts on American Airlines customer services, Here’s the list of all the things for which you can assistance from the experts. Also, read further to know about the top benefits of contacting AA experts via email.

Services Offered Through Email On AA Customer Services

  • AA Reservations and flight ticket changes.
  • Special assistance on Manage Booking, flight cancellations, in-flight facilities.
  • AAdvantage customer service & assistance on check-ins.
  • Baggage, delay, loss, compensation, etc.
  • Receipts and refunds, reimbursement, rebooking, group reservations, etc.
  • Technical support on the American Airlines website and mobile app.
  • Vacations, discounted fares, deals and offers.


Benefits Of Contacting Customer Services On American Airlines

  • 24*7 available experts
  • Any type of assistance is provided against your queries & complaints.
  • 100% satisfaction & reliability assured.
  • Quick assistance via phone, live chat and email.


Therefore, this was all about How Do I Send an Email to American Airlines via email address, and reporting complaints through other ways. You can simply use the above-mentioned information to connect with the AA customer services experts and get relevant assistance from them.

Report and Know How Do I File A Claim with American Airlines?

There are many travelers who have concerns with American Airlines regarding their lost luggage or flight delays or cancellations. These customers have the facility to file a claim. If you have recently traveled via this reliable airline and you wish to file a claim due to inconvenience caused during your journey due to delayed baggage, then you can fill out the online claim form. To file a claim with American Airlines, it is important that customers go through the following sequential online steps:

  • Go to the American Airlines official website.
  • Scroll and tap on “Contact American.”
  • From the fields available, click on your concern.
  • Now login into your existing account using the American airline's id and password. 
  • Soon you will see the claim form.
  • You must fill in all the mandatory fields of the American Airlines claim form.
  • If required, attach all the supportive documents by clicking on the link key/.
  • You can also write your issue in the message box.
  • Finally, you must click on the submit button.


Where Do I Submit/Send My Complaint to American Airlines?

There are a number of customers or ticket holders who have issues with American Airlines, and they wish to send their complaints formally. In that case, the best medium is to write a letter and post it to the official postal address. They are also expected to provide all copies of their travel documents to validate their problem and avoid any confusion.

American Airlines

Attention: Passenger Refunds

4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd.

Phoenix, AZ 85034

How Do I Report American Airlines for Not Refunding?

There are many cases in which customers have concerns regarding American Airlines not refunding their amount. In that case, they can report about it. If any traveler wants to report American Airlines not providing a refund, then they can contact customer care services. For this, they can call by dialing the official phone number: 800-892-3447; after their call is answered by an automated voice, they need to follow all the guided instructions to get in contact with the American Airlines corresponding representatives. Finally, when they hear the voice of an American Airlines representative handling refund-related concerns; they can provide their booking specifications followed by providing their concern regarding a refund. The airline representative will look into your matter and provide a solution in the shortest while. 

How To Make an American Airlines Baggage Claim?

There are many travelers who travel to their destinations via American Airlines, and they discover their luggage is being lost or delayed. In that case, they can make American Airlines baggage claim to report their lost property and proceed. If you wish to make baggage claims on American Airlines, then you can reach the airport’s baggage service office and inform them about your lost luggage. You must always provide details of your bookings and also provide details regarding your luggage, like bag tag information or other specifications. Travelers must note that they report their lost baggage within 4-12 hours of arriving at the airport. Once your report is registered, you will be handled with 13 character id; you can use this id to track your luggage status.

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