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How Do I Speak To A Live Person at Breeze Airways

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    How Do I Speak To A Live Person at Breeze Airways

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    How To Contact Breeze Airways?

    To speak with a live person at Breeze Airways, you can use the different communication methods available on the website. When you use different ways of communication, you can raise the query and get a solution to your question as soon as possible.

    Different Ways to speak with a Live Person at Breeze Airways 

    There are different ways to speak with a Live person at Breeze Airways. Here are:


    You can call British Airways and get in touch with the team. You should have the Breeze Airways contact number to get in touch with the team. To get the contact number of Breeze Airways, you have to follow the process:

    • Jump onto the official website of British Airways and scroll down to get onto the contact option. 
    • Click on the contact option and scroll down to look for the Breeze Airways customer service phone number (1-805-372-0680) available for the passengers.
    • Select the contact number according to your region, and once connected, you must follow the IVR instructions.
    • Hear out the IVR steps carefully.
    • Press 1 to proceed in English.
    • Press 2 to proceed in any other language.
    • Press 3 to proceed with the reservation process.
    • Press 4 to make the change in your flight ticket.
    • Press 5 to proceed with the cancellation of the flight ticket.
    • Press 6 to proceed with the refund or to know the refund status.
    • Press 7 to have any information about SkyMiles.
    • Press 9 to connect with the customer service agent of the airline.
    • Once the IVR process is complete, you may have to wait for a while, after which the airline's agent will contact you.
    • Now, you will be able to get in touch with the live person, and you can raise the query with the team. 



    The passengers can also connect with the agent of the airlines over chat as well. The live chat is the most adaptable way to get in touch with the customer service agent of the airlines. To connect with the agent of the airline over chat, passengers are required to get onto the contact us page and look for the chat icon.

    Click on the icon to follow the auto-generated message, after which the airline's agent will contact you over chat. 


    You are considered the most old-fashioned way email is also considered a way to connect with the agent of the airlines. You can draft a query in the mail and send it to the official email address.

    Contact Form

    If the passengers wish to get a call back as there is a long queue in the phone call, they can fill out the contact form with all the details, a brief explanation of your issue or query, as well as the date and time on which you want to make the agent of the airlines get in touch with you.

    Connect Breeze Airways on Social Media

    The passengers can also connect with the agent of the airlines and have the best possible solution for their issue or leave a comment or complaint about their flight experience.

    Is There a Telephone Number for Breeze Airlines?

    Yes, the airlines have the telephone number for all the passengers from different regions to get quick customer service agent access.

    Where is Breeze Airways Headquarters?

    The headquarters of Breeze Airways is located in the United States of America in Salt Lake City, Utah. If the passengers have any queries who reside in that city can directly visit the headquarters office to get the solution to their query in the quickest way possible as well as you will get the assistance of the airline's executive in person.

    What Time can I talk to a live person at Breeze Airways?

    If you want to speak with a live person at Breeze Airways but don’t know what time they will speak with the customer service representative of Breeze Airways? So, you can speak with the live agent of Breeze Airways 24*7 whenever you need. But the best time to speak with the spokesperson is between 4 am to 7 am. To make a call, you need to go on the Breeze Airways,

    • Find the customer service of the airlines
    • Then, look for the phone call option
    • Take the Breeze Airways phone number  +1 802 200 9500 (OTA)
    • Call the airline representative and speak with them and solve all issues that you are confronting.


    Breeze Airways Manage Booking

    Breeze Airways has the best option of making everything like canceling, changing, and adding baggage, check-in getting a refund through one option: Breeze Airways Manage Booking. So, here are the steps of making manage booking, 

    • Navigate on your browser
    • Find the “manage booking” or “my trip” tab on the Breeze Airways homepage, and click option
    • After opening the “manage booking” or “my trip” page, you must enter the Breeze Airways “confirmation number” and “last name” 
    • After that, click on the “arrow” tab to search for the reserved flight details 
    • Then, edit your setting and if you want to cancel, get a refund, change a flight, select seats, check-in, or add baggage to your flight. 
    • To cancel, click on the cancel option and cancel your flight. 
    • To get a refund, fill out the refund request form.
    • For changing the Breeze Airways flight, make changes according to your preference.
    • To add baggage on the flight, add it
      Go to the payment section, where you will find several payment methods on Breeze Airways, and pay the amount. 
    • The airline will send you its confirmation on your linked phone and email.


    How do I Text them Breeze Airways?

    For SMS, you must navigate the Breeze Airways>>> click on the contact support>>> and take the phone number 501-273-3931 and send your query to this number 501-273-3931, and the airline will reply to you as soon as possible.

    FAQs: Contact Breeze Airways Customer Service & Manage Booking

  • Want to get the Breeze Airways app but don’t know how you will get it? So, you have to download the Breeze Airways app on your phone to avail the best services from the airlines' customer service. 

    • Open your Breeze Airways airlines 
    • Then, you will find the customer support tab and click on that tab
    • There you will see the Breeze Airways mobile app, so click on the download option, download the app process will begin to wait for a few seconds.
    • You will be notified when your download is complete.
    • Open it, log in to your account, and access all details of Breeze Airways in your app.

    Yes, Breeze Airlines will provide their passengers services through the app in android or ios support. So, if you want to learn more about Breeze Airways, download Breeze Airlines on your device and get the best services over your phone. 

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