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How Do I Speak To A Human At Volaris?

Volaris Airlines has spread its customer service worldwide. Whether you have a reservation-related query or any general query, you can talk to a Volaris representative anytime via its various customer support options below.

Phone call: Using the phone call option, you can connect with the airline immediately. If you are in between something and need instant assistance, you can always use this option to connect airline.

Via Facebook Messenger: The airline is also available on Facebook; you can click on the Facebook link   to connect airline.

Via WhatsApp: You can also chat with the airline on WhatsApp through the WhatsApp number is + 52 55 5898 8599 or by clicking on the link   

Write to us: If you want to share any enquiry, complaint, etc., you can use this option to connect airline. Go to the link  on the customer support page to share your thoughts with the airline. The airline will review your request and respond to you soon.

Volaris Customer Service Live Agent

You can connect with the live agent of Volaris anytime using the phone call option (1-808-300-5769). Go to the call centers section of on its customer support page online to access all phone numbers. Besides, if you choose Facebook or WhatsApp messenger, it takes approx. three hours to connect with a Volaris live agent. Once you get associated with a live agent at Volaris, you can solve the following queries.

  • Reservation related query
  • General information
  • Refund related issues
  • To re-book, re-schedule flight
  • For special assistance etc


How Do I Contact Volaris by Phone?

You can contact Volaris by phone whenever you need instant assistance. The support teams at Volaris are intelligent and patient enough to solve your queries. Here you can go through the simple and easy process below to connect airline by phone.

  • Go to the website on any of the regular browser
  • Click on the Contact link at the top right of the homepage
  • On the customer support page, you can scroll down to locate the Call Center section
  • Select the number of your country, considering the U.S; you can choose a U.S number that is +11 855 VOLARIS (8652747)
  • Dial the number, choose the desired language and follow the further instructions
  • Select the option that states speak to Volaris agent
  • You can now wait on the call by the time a live agent joins you
  • Once connected, you can get answers to all your queries


How Do I Contact Volaris on WhatsApp?

If you have to contact Volaris on WhatsApp, you can do it anytime by following the steps listed below.

  • Open the Website of on your device.
  • Locate the contact link at the top right of the screen
  • Go to the WhatsApp messenger link on the customer support page and click on it
  • You can also use the WhatsApp number +52 55 5898 8599 to chat with the airline
  • After clicking the WhatsApp link, you will jump to a new page
  • Click on the link Continue to Chat; now, following the instructions on the screen, you can go ahead with the chatting process


How Do I Complain To Volaris?

Having trouble with the Volaris airlines? Want to raise a complaint? Go on, read this article to find out how. Though the airlines try to provide satisfaction to their customers, sometimes things don't go accordingly, and customers want to raise complaints about their bad experiences. You can do it effortlessly by following the points mentioned below:

  • You can fill out the 'tell us your experience' form available on the official website of
  • Passengers can call the customer service team and raise a complaint against Volaris.
  • You may also lift a ticket through the official website.
  • You can write to them and post it to the airline's postal address given on the official website.


How Do I Contact Volaris by Email?

Passengers can drop an email via the airline's website. You can find the option of message us under the contact section by the name of 'submit a request.' Fill in the required information like your email, phone number, reservation code, your issue, and any kind of attachments that you wish to include. Now tap on submit, the customer representative will get back to you with a resolution. 

How Do I File A Complaint Against Volaris Airlines

There could be various reasons like loss of baggage, flight refund, problems with the Volaris frequent flyer program, any type of damages, etc., that passengers are unsatisfied and want to file a complaint against the airlines. You can perform the following things to file a complaint against Volaris airlines:

File A Complaint Against Volaris Airlines with the Better Business Bureau

This non-profit organization facilitates passengers to file a complaint against airlines in a very hassle-free manner. Go to the website of BBB and fill complaint form by providing some information to get help. You can review other customers' complaints that they have filed against Volaris as well.

File a Complaint against Volaris Airlines with the United States Department of Transportation (DOT)

Go to the website of DOT and raise a complaint against airlines. Keep the details like personal information, flight date or itinerary, reservation code, airlines name, etc., handy while reaching out to DOT for help.  

Raise A Complaint Through Volaris Airlines Customer Service

Contact the Volaris airlines through call support to get a quicker response. You can reach out to the Volaris airlines customer service phone number mentioned on the official website. Other than the calling option, passengers can take advantage of reaching via text option. You can drop a message on the official webpage of airlines, The client service team of Volaris airlines is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to help their customers and make their travel experiences much better.

Find The Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) Related To Volaris Customer Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Volaris customer service 24 hours?

If you want to get accompanied directly by a Volaris customer service team representative, then, in that case, you can use various contact platforms available in Volaris Airlines contact us section, as those are platforms from which you will be able to fetch appropriate help fairly. 

Then, the answer to Volairs airlines customer service 24 hours is, of course, "YES" because every platform you use, from phone to social media, works 24 hours a day and seven days a week so that every passenger gets immediate assistance direct from the suited and experienced representative.

The several mediums to contact Volaris airlines are phone, live chat box, and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp; these are available 24/7, and whenever you log in to these handles, you will just need to write down your message and get immediate help from customer service assistant.

What is Volaris Trip Assistance?

Volaris airline offers the facility of trip assistance at the airport to every traveler who is allowed from customer service representatives who are available at the airport premises at all times to provide immediate help for boarding flights, check-in, minor or children assistance, senior citizens or for military personnel to board the flight with baggage and other facilities to provide you proper and accurate help.

How Early do you have to be at the Airport for Volaris?

If you want to board your flight for Volaris airline from a specific airport, then in that situation, the most appropriate answer to reach the airport early at the airport is that you must take check-in your baggage and your ticket at least 2 hours before your domestic flight and 3 hours before your international flights. In addition, the Volaris airline timing would change accordingly, and to get its correct information, you can connect with airport staff and get instant assistance over your obstacle with time.

How Long Does Volaris Take To Refund?

The time for a refund from Volaris Airlines for a canceled flight depends on the medium you selected for payment, because there are certain specific modes to buy the ticket from Volaris airlines. Thus, if you have booked a ticket via credit card or any other online payment method, you have to wait for seven business days as per the refund policy. On the other hand, if you've bought a ticket from the airport by cash or check, you then, within 20 business days, note that a refund will be applied to the original payment method only.

Learn the basic steps to apply for refunds from Volaris Airlines:

Visit the manage my booking/my trips section from the official Volaris airlines

Enter the ticket reference number alongside the type passengers first and last name 

Now select the search button 

Once your booking gets retrieved, tap on refund status/get refund option

Next, on the page refund application form will open 

Fill the form with some necessary details like ticket information, contact details and trip type, etc

Furthermore, you have to select the drop-down icon, and you have a list of reasons 

Choose one reason and describe it within 1000 characters and tap on submit button 

In the end, the airline will send you confirmation mail on the registered id... Read More

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