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Suppose you have flown on Air France, but you lost your luggage, you have made the complaint, but you don't know How do I track my luggage on Air France? For this, you can contact the customer service, or you can track your luggage online, and you will know about how you can track your luggage status. If you want the process, then read this page completely and then proceed forward to track your luggage.

Process of Tracking Luggage on Air France

If you want to track your luggage status, you have to follow the process. When you follow the process, you will be able to track your status online. Here are some steps:

  • Go to the official website of Air France.
  • Enter your six-digit reference number and other details.
  • Now, click on baggage.
  • Enter the details of your baggage.
  • Click on the submit option.
  • You will get information from Air France about your luggage status, whether it is delayed, lost or missing. 


When you use these steps, you can track the luggage status on the airline.

Can I Claim For Delayed Baggage From Air France?

Yes, you can claim for delayed baggage from Air France; if the flight has been delayed more than 3 hours, the airline will give you the compensation fee. The airlines will charge different compensation fees for different destinations. 

How much does Air France pay for lost luggage?

When the airline misplaced the passenger's luggage, the Air France lost baggage compensation amount was $3,500 for domestic passengers. If the airline misplaces the passenger's luggage on an international flight, the airline will pay $7,500

Air France Lost Baggage Phone Number

There are different Air France lost baggage phone numbers, you can contact these numbers and ask them about your lost baggage, and they will tell you about your luggage status. If the airline misplaces the luggage, they will pay you the compensation fee. If the luggage is misplaced on your own, the airline will not be responsible for that, and they don't give you any compensation fee. If the luggage is lost in these cities, you can use contact numbers and email IDs and tell them about your lost baggage.

For New York:  You can use this number 800-873-2247; you can use the mail option

For Washington: +33 (0) 9 69 39 36 54

For Los Angeles:1 800 237 2747

For Miami: 1 800 237 2747

For Sans Francisco: 1 800 237 2747

When the passenger uses these contact numbers, they will get to know about their luggage status, whether it's delayed or misplaced. If the luggage is misplaced or delayed, you can send an email.  

Air France Lost Baggage Policy

  • If the flight is delayed more than 3 hours, the passengers will get a compensation fee from the airline.
  • If the passenger's luggage is misplaced by the airline, the airline has to pay the amount. If the passenger's baggage is damaged, the airline will repair it and give your baggage as soon as possible.
  • If you lost your luggage, you could file a complaint at the luggage center of the airport, they will provide you with all the details, and you can track your status.
  • If the item was misplaced in your baggage, you could report this incident at the airport, and the airline will find out and give you the item. If the item did not receive by the airline, you would get the compensation amount from the airline.


Air France Baggage Customer Service

If you are at the destination, but you don't receive your luggage, and you are worried. If Yes, no worries! You can contact the customer service team of Air France If you don't have the contact number of the airline. Here are some steps: Visit the airline's official website and click on the contact us option. When you click on the contact us option, you will get many numbers, and you can select the number according to your region. When you select the contact number, you can dial that official number through the phone. When you dial the official number, you have to follow the IVR steps; after that, How to get in touch with Air France Customer Service team; you can ask them about your luggage; they require some information like- your reference number, type of bag, color, size. After that, the airlines can track the status of your luggage. 

Chat with Air France

If you require immediate assistance with your luggage, you can use the chat option. When you use the chat option, you will get to know about your luggage status. To use the chat option, you have to visit the website of Air France, click on the chat option, and raise your query over there. They will track your luggage status and tell you about your luggage status.

What is the Baggage Allowance for Air France?

If travelers are ready to go on a trip and have purchased the flight tickets, they will pack their luggage in the amount the airline allotted. If tickets are purchased with Air France, they will have their baggage allowance. Passengers have to check the baggage allowance the airline has provided to them according to the flight tickets they have reserved. 

If you want to know the baggage allotted to the passengers by Air France, then they can follow the steps mentioned below: 

Baggage Allowance of Air France:

There are different categories in which all kinds of baggage are mentioned by Air France Airlines. To know the exact luggage size with its weight, follow the points mentioned below: 

For checked-in baggage:

If passengers are traveling to some place and they want to know the baggage claim of Air France, what they can take for check-in are as follows: 

  • Economy class: if travelers have reserved economy class flight tickets for their journey and want to know how much checked-in baggage they can carry with them, then they can carry only one bag that should not increase the size by 62 inches or 158 cm. The weight of the checked bag should not be more than 23 kgs.
  • Business-class flight tickets: if the passengers have booked the business class flight tickets, then they can carry two luggage with them for the checked-in baggage, and that should not be more than 62 inches per bag, and the weight must not be increased by 32 kgs.


What is the hand baggage allowance for Air France?

There are some items that passengers are allowed to take on the flight that is now to be hand baggage allowance or carry-on baggage. There is a policy according to it and based on the type of flight tickets they have reserved. To get the information related to the baggage, travelers can go through the process mentioned below: 

  • Economy class: the travelers who are the passengers who have reserved the economy class flight tickets are allowed to take one carry-on luggage with them on the flight with one necessary accessory item. The carry-on baggage size is 55x35x25 cm for the handbag, and the weight should not be increased by 12kgs. 
  • Business-class: if the passengers have made their reservations on business class flight tickets of Air France, they are allowed to carry a handbag of 55x35x25 cm, and the weight must be a maximum of 18kgs.
  • For every passenger and flight ticket, passengers cannot carry th handbag that does not fit on the dashboard above the seats of the passengers.
  • Luggage like handbags, purses, briefcases, backpacks, etc., are only allowed to carry on the flight. 


Carry on handbags for infants: 

There are certain rules for the passengers traveling with children or the infant with them.

  • The hand baggage should not increase the size of 12kgs in weight.
  • They must carry the child cart seats.


How Many Kilos Does Air France Allow?

If travelers have queries regarding how much weight they can carry with them while traveling by Air France, then there are calculated amounts of weight that passengers have to take with them. The following explanation will show the correct amount of weight. 

  • Air France Economy class: if passengers are traveling in economy class, then the carry-on baggage must not increase the weight to 12 kgs, and for the checked-in baggage, they are only allowed to carry 23kg.
  • Air France Business class: for business class travelers, Air France allows their travelers to carry one carry-on baggage that should not be more than 18kgs. For the checked-in baggage, two pieces of luggage are allowed to the passengers that should not be more than 32 kg per bag.


Air France Extra Baggage Cost Per KG:

Some passengers will carry the extra baggage with them and have to pay the extra charges. There is a cost accordingly synchronized by Air France for their passengers that they can look at and calculate the amount for the extra luggage:

  • If there is a second bag, the charges are around $30 to $70.
  • For the bags that are more than three and less than ten, you have to pay a maximum cost of $200.
  • The bags' exceeding weight will cost you around $50 and $350.

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