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Does United Offer Free Texting?

Yes, united offers text messaging services that allows you to receive information of your flight on your portable device that is mobile.

You can avail the benefit of free texting subject to fulfillment of certain conditions namely

- By opting for this service user impliedly agree with the terms and conditions along with the security policy for united.

- United will not be held responsible in case of delay or message failure

- It is not available in all countries and standard data or messaging rates may be apply.

- Frequency of messaging may be based on customer preference.

There are opt in and opt-out options for in case of flight remainders and fight status services.

For additional information reply “HELP” from your mobile device or can call customer care directly.

Does United Have Whatsapp?

No, united does not allow customers to connect through WhatsApp. But for customer convenience they provide other methods through which customer can connect to them

  • Twitter- This is a alternative option with customer to directy connect to united and customer can raise their issues using hash tags.
  • Facebook- Customer can directly communicate united through facebook and get real time updates and also customer can directly tag them if they have any query or issue.
  • Hub – In HUB you can get all the information related to different category that is placed on different catalogue.
  • Mobile Apps – Customer can just directly download united app from google play store, amazon or from apple play store in case of iphone. With the help of app customer can have real time updates about the flights.


How do I text on United?

Recently United start providing texting services also. Customer can avail texting services as per their requirements subject to fulfilment of certain conditions. Some are related to terms and conditions and security issues.

If customer needs additional information they can reply “HELP” via mobile phone and they can also opt for customer care service via call directly.  

These are the only ways that can help customer to text united.

Does United Have A Live Chat?

Yes, United have an option of live chat and you can connect through live person directly. Customer can directly call the airlines for any flight-related services like:- 

  • reservations,
  • cancellations,
  • changing,
  • Current flight status.


Customers will get directly get web support for their trip. They also have special telecommunications devices and teletypewriters that are operated by round-the-clock live customer care support. There are special phone numbers provided by united to contact with live persons. Via calling on the phone number, physically disabled persons can also book a flight directly from them easily. This is actually a great initiative taken by united peoples to help physically challenged persons


  • Open any web browser and open the united flights url.
  • At the bottom, you will get a phone number.
  • Dial that number and that will connect you to real live person
  • Now you can discuss your problems or issues with them directly


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How To Receive Text Alerts From United Airlines?

Do you want to get text alerts about your flight from United Airlines? If yes, you are at the right place. Text alerts will help you to stay updated with your United flight updates. Here you will get to know how to get updates from United Airlines through text.

A text alert keeps you updated with your booking details, flight status, and any other changes done by the airline. Text is one of the most convenient ways of keeping track of air ticket booking. United Airlines provides text alert services to help passengers to access their flight information conveniently. Here is all you need to know about text alert services by United Airlines.

How To Get Text Flight Alerts from United Airlines?

If you wish to receive text alerts for your flight with United, you need to select the message alert option during the online booking. If you have not selected the option at the online booking, You can also set the message alert option during the online check-in with United Airlines. You can also turn on the text notification by following the below-given steps: 

  • You first need to go to the official website of United Airlines and head over to the Settings section.
  • Now you need to go to the Phone settings section of the page.
  • On the next page, you need to click on View All, followed by the Edit option.
  • Now you need to enter the number on which you wish to receive the text alerts.
  • Select the text messaging option and save the changes that you have made.


You will now start receiving text alerts from United Airlines on your registered phone number.

Does iMessage work on United Airlines?

iMessage is a text messaging application for iOS devices. You can use iMessage on a United Airlines flight because it is a WiFi-supported app. You will be able to receive or send texts on-flight using the WiFi services provided by the airline.

Does United have in-flight messaging?

United Airlines have started the in-flight messaging services from April 2021. Hence, now it has the message services on-flight. But, you can only use the messaging applications supported by WiFi and do not require cellular data. To use the messaging services, you will get high-quality WiFi network services in-flight by United Airlines. For more details about it, you can speak to a customer service agent at United Airlines. You can also check out the official website of United Airlines to fetch more information.

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