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How To Quickly Connect with Punta Cana Airport?

If you have any questions regarding how you get through Punta Cana Airport fast, then you can call their customer service number, and the representative will get through to you to answer all your queries. If you do not know how to get a representative through a phone number, then follow the given steps:

  • Dial the phone number of the airport (888 442 2262) from your mobile phone.
  • Select any language of your choice.
  • Then you have to select the IVR options as per your choice.
  • Press 1 to make a reservation 
  • Press 2 to cancel your flight
  • Press 3 to know the status of your flight 
  • Press 4 to file a complaint 
  • Press 0 to connect with the representative


After that, your call will get on hold for a few minutes, and then you will get through to the representative.

Explain your situation, and the representative will provide you with the answer.

Other Ways To Contact Punta Cana Airport

If you cannot get through customer service using the Punta Cana Airport phone number, then no problem, as there are other ways to contact someone from the airport. You can use any of the following methods to contact someone from the airport:

Via contact form - You can fill out a contact form, and the representative will contact you. You can fill out the form through the official webpage of the airport and also mention the date and time to contact you. After that, the representative will contact you at your given time with the solution to your problem.

Via Social media - You can also send a message to the airport through their social media handle on any platform, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can write your issue with a picture of your problem and send it to the airport's social media handle. After that, a representative will reply to you with the answer. Here are the links you can use to send the message to the airline: 

Facebook -

Instagram -

Twitter -

Where is Punta Cana International Airport's Headquarters?

The Punta Cana International Airport is a privately owned commercial airport in Punta Cana, eastern Dominican Republic. If you have any query or problem and the customer service is not responding through phone calls and other methods, then no problem, as you can visit the airport and speak directly to the executive about your issue.

How To File For A Lost and Found an item at Punta Cana Airport?

While traveling in the airport, if you have lost or found any item, you can report the item at Punta Cana Airport's lost and found help desk or at the official website. If you have lost any item at the airport, you can visit the help desk, and they will provide you with the lost item or your item. You can also visit the airport's official website and fill out a form for your lost item, and they will deliver it to your house. However, you have to pay for the delivery charges.

How Long Does it Take to Get through Customs at Punta Cana Airport?

The customs and immigration lines at Punta Cana Airport depend on the season and day of the week. Suppose you have booked a flight on a weekday or during high season. The average time is 90 minutes to 180 minutes. However, if you want to avoid these long customs lines, you can buy a VIP pass, as skipping the process saves you a lot of time.

Suppose you have read the above information, then you must know how to contact someone from Punta Cana Airport using different methods. If you want more information on the airline, visit the airline's official website to learn about the customer service timing and the airline policy.

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