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Suppose you must travel internationally for a business or vacation trip with colleagues or friends. In addition to travel, you need a passport, and if you are living in Rochester, NY, and you have applied for the passport, you do not have the appropriate information for the time it will take to provide your passport. Then, in that case, if you want to save time and get your passport quickly, then make an appointment as early as possible, or you can call the concerned office via the official phone number because the US department of state takes around 4 to 6 weeks for the routine application of passport and generally 3 weeks for expedited services.

What is the Fastest Way to Get a Passport in Rochester, NY?

The fastest way to get your passport in Rochester, NY is when you are in a hurry to travel other than any medical emergency, you can call the NPIC by using this number (1-877-487-2778), as with the help of a representative quite smoothly get assistance for passport application. The timing for the call would be convenient for Monday through Friday between 8 AM to 10 PM, and after getting in touch with the specified agent, you can talk with the available assistant on call and quickly check your passport application from the concerned expert. 

What do I need to get a passport in Rochester, NY?

Suppose you want to get your passport in Rochester, NY; then, you must complete a specific passport application form in that situation. Note; fill in all the necessary details because if you skip or fail to answer any question, it may delay your passport application. After that, you must also submit some important supporting documents, which are listed in the below section for your reference, and you must read them to get the application done correctly.

  • The first and foremost document that is quite compulsory to submit is evidence of United States Citizenship.
  • Another proof is identification. 
  • Photocopy of ID and a passport photo
  • A further requirement is a name change document.
  • Ahead of this, you also have to submit evidence of a relationship between parent and child or any other document that the department of state considers necessary.
  • Further, regarding a passport, if any additional documentation is required, you will get mailed for such instances.


Therefore, the last point to remember is the fees for the passport because there are both required and optional passport fees. As the number and amount of the fees directly depend on the type of passport, you are requesting and, additionally, how quickly you want to get your travel document.

Where can I get a passport in Rochester, NY?

Generally, to get your passport in Rochester, NY, you must visit Monroe County Passport's office. The address to which you have proceeded to get your passport is 39 W Main St, Room 101, Rochester, NY 14614. Or you can also call the office team and get assistance with your passport, and they will update you with the passport procedure; they can also mail you your registered id.

How much is a passport in Rochester NY?

Suppose you are planning a trip with your family or friends, but there is a condition: having a passport is essential to be eligible to fly. So, if you want to apply for a passport in Rochester, NY, and want to know how much it is going to cost you, please go through the mentioned instruction that will give you a brief picture of the same: 

  • Anyone under the age of 16 years has to pay $80 to the passport agency. (this amount is for the passport Book) 
  • If it is older than 16 years of age, you have to pay around $145 to the passport agency in Rochester, NY. 


Renew passport in person in Rochester NY?

Suppose you are a passport holder in Rochester, NY, and the validity of your passport is just about to expire or has already expired, which is hampering you from flying to your desired destinations. So, below is an address where you can get or apply for a renewed passport in Rochester, NY; please have a look at the address:

  • Monroe County Clerk's Office, Room 101, County Office Building, 39 West Main Street, Rochester, NY 14614. (you can visit the address to get or apply for a passport in Rochester, NY.)


What do I need to get a renewed passport in Rochester, NY?

If you are deciding to apply for a passport for some trips with your families or friends in Rochester, NY, and you are visiting the center, then you are advised to go through the mentioned documents that you are required to carry along with you at the time of visiting a passport center for applying for a passport; please have a glance at them:

  • One must visit the center with their parents if they are under the age of 15. 
  • Carry any government-issued photo ID, driving license, or non-driver ID card at the center, which will be your identification proof. 
  • Carry your certified birth certificate. 
  • Carry your one full-faced photograph at the center for identification. (picture should not include any wearing a hat or scarf for security purposes)


What happens if my passport doesn't come in time in Rochester NY?

Suppose you have applied for a passport, and are wondering how long it would take for the arrival of your passport from the passport agency, so please consider the following points that carry your answers to your queries. Have a look:

  • If your passport is delayed, you can visit the passport agency in Rochester, NY, and complain to them about the same issue. And make sure to carry your identity proof to the center so they can find out the application or they even can inform you of the status. 
  • There is a National Passport Information Center number, 1-877-487-2778, on which you can connect and get all the information about your passport. 
  • Do not try to re-apply for a new passport if a passport has not been delivered to you yet, and please try to get in touch with the airlines in order to avoid any trouble.

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