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In general, British Airways tries its best to give you your bags back within 72 hours. If they cannot find your luggage, they shall inform you about the same and then pay you compensation for the lost baggage. The airline, in general, takes a time of 21 days to find your bags. You can still claim compensation within these 21 days. The customer service team can also contact you to help you with queries. 

What Happens if British Airways Lose Your Bag?

In case the airline cancels the booking, you can claim compensation from the team. To claim the same, you can go through the procedure as explained in the steps provided below: 

  • Reach on to the webpage of British Airways 
  • Then, tap on the manage booking option. 
  • On the available spaces, provide the booking reference number and last name of the passenger using which you can retrieve your booking. 
  • This will take you to the booking summary page. On this page, choose the compensation option. 
  • This shall forward you to the compensation form.
  • Fill out the form providing all the required details, such as trip details, passenger details, baggage details, and reason for the claim, and also provide other required details. 
  • You can also add photos, screenshots, and screen recordings to provide proof. You can even attach other relevant documents. 
  • Then, submit the compensation form. 
  • You will get an initial revert with a ticket number, which you can refer to for future requirements. 


Does British Airways Pay For Lost Baggage?

On losing or delaying the baggage delivery, the airline takes the liability to either pay you compensation or take your complaint and work on it. You have all the legal rights to claim compensation against the airlines. The airline is entitled to pay you for lost, damaged, or delayed baggage. 

How Much do British Airways pay for lost baggage? 

The average amount that British airways pay in case of lost baggage is between $1500 to $3000. The airline makes sure that you receive the baggage within 21 days of the time you have raised the complaint with them. The airline also compensates in other ways by providing you with various services for free on the next flight you have with British Airways. 

What is British Airways Lost Baggage Policy?

If you wish to carry bags on the flight, it is your first responsibility, but with checked bags, it's the airline's liability to take care of your bags. If the airline still loses your bags, you can choose to get through and understand the lost baggage policy as follows. The guidelines included in the lost baggage policy are as follows: 

  • If you are at the airport, waiting for your bags, but you haven't received them same, you can report at the baggage counter to the airport staff regarding the baggage lost. You can provide your travel details so they can get through to you if they find your bags. Also, if you have left the airport, you can report for the same through the online process. Ensure you report for the same within eight days of the baggage's missing date. 
  • In case you have reported lost baggage, the airline shall send you a tracking number via email or text with your contact details. Follow the same to get the details of your lost baggage. 
  • You can trace your missing baggage using the tracking number you have received from the airline. You must log in to the airline's tracing portal, enter the required details and 
  • After you receive the bag, chcek for any damage or if anything from the bag is missing. You can contact customer service or the baggage service at the airport to claim for the same. If there is any fault in receiving the lost baggage, you must report the same within five to seven days. The team shall help you further. 


Does British Airways Compensate for Lost Luggage?

Yes, British Airways compensates for lost baggage. But for compensation, there are various departments that you check before making a claim, and the details on the listed item have been described at the bottom:-

Check the deadlines

When you report a piece of lost luggage to the airline, you may have to proceed before the expiration of its deadline. And the time limit according to the subjects is as follows:- 

  • For the missing baggage, you get to file a report within 21 days from the missing date.
  • And for the lost or damaged bags or content, you get to report within seven days.


Check Travel Insurance

When you have any type of personal policy that is likely to cover any kind of loss, try to contact them first. And if you need any proof related to the claim, feel free to contact the airline's customer service and avail of the supportive document.

Check Baggage Inspection

When any kind of damage or loss of baggage has been caused at the time of the US baggage inspection period, you should raise the claim directly to the Transport Security Administration.

How Long Do British Airways Take To Pay Compensation? 

When you have successfully submitted your claim request to the airline and want to know about the reimbursement period, do not worry about it because the details on this have been mentioned here. That the average time that is taken by the airline is five weeks from the date of submission, and if your claim is taking more than this period, then you could get longer than usual then you can get to the airline customer service for the resolutions.

How much does British Airways compensate for lost bags?

When your baggage has been lost, and you have reported that within the limited time to British Airways but are unaware of the amount you can claim for. For the checked and carry-on luggage that is lost or damaged, the claim sum could be lies between $500 to $3000.

  • Items are available in the baggage
  • Receipt of every item
  • Amount of everything
  • Damages occur due to this


Does British Airways Compensate for Delayed Luggage? 

Yes, British Airways compensates for the delayed luggage. But to receive the compensation, you may have to submit the claim form to the airline. And the modes by that you can conduct the process have been displayed beneath.

Via call:

When you leave the airline, you can approach customer service through a call and request compensation. Further to call, you can use the official number and select the option from the IVR menu. 

  • First, dial 1 (800) 247-9297, and select the preferred language.
  • Then press1 make a reservation
  • Press7 to file a compensation
  • Press0 to speak with customer service.


Via online 

When you can't get through customer service, you can use its online procedure and request your own. And the guide for conducting the procedure is mentioned beneath:-

  • Open the official website of British Airways
  • Then, click on the help and contact icons
  • After that, open the dropdown for making a complaint.
  • From that, choose the claim options and select start a new claim
  • Now, you can log in with the account or as a guest.
  • Further, a form appears, and there fill in the details asked and then clicked on the submit options.


Via Airport 

When you are at the airport and getting delayed in receiving the baggage, you can get to the nearby airport counter, and with the help of customer service, you can report that. When you have reported that, you can get a confirmation number to track the luggage status and seek compensation. 

How Much Do British Airways Pay for Delayed Baggage?

When your baggage is delayed due to the airline's default, you have submitted the claim within the deadlines. Then you may receive compensation of around $200 to $600, depending on the item carried in the baggage. When you need the exact detail on this, approach the airline's customer service.

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