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Lyon Airport is the third biggest international airport in France which operates several flights at a time from many airlines. For this, you also choose to fly from this departure. Therefore, if you don’t know how you will get it, here are the ways to reach out to them. Due to this reason, you look for How long it take to get through Lyon Airport so that it will depend on the transport medium. And, approximately it will take 30 to 40 minutes to get there. In addition, to take the flight from the departure, you have to reach 2 to 3 hours before flying from Lyon Airport. 

What are the Ways To Connect with Lyon Airport Customer Service?

To connect with Lyon Airport customer service, you must go through the following ways.

Phone call support- to get assistance from the airport support system, you must go through the following steps cited below.

  • Open the Lyon Airport website on your search engine.
  • Then, look for the “contact us” column under the “help and news” section.
  • Click on it, select your issues, and get your phone number.
  • Call the live person at 33-826-800-826 / 0-826-800-826
  • And wait for connecting the call from the agent. After that, you need to listen out it clearly to the options that are available there,
  • Dial 1 to reserve the tickets
  • Dial 2 to choose the preferable language
  • To get parking services, dial 3
  • Dial 4 to learn about the security
  • Dial 5 to get information regarding the flight status
  • To speak about the lost and found items, dial 7
  • Dial 9 to talk with the Lyon Airport customer service person
  • Dial 0 to get the baggage information
  • To speak to the live customer service agent, dial 9. And, by communicating with them, sort out all kinds of difficulties quickly.  

Email support- also, Lyon airport makes email support to solve the issues that the passenger can face. Therefore, to get this, they must go to the “contact us” page and take the email from there. And send the difficulties that you are confronting to the support agent. And, by speaking with them, sort out all issues promptly.

Chat support- the support person is also available on the chatbot to solve your issues. For that,

  • You have to open the official website of the Lyon airport 
  • Then, tap on the chat section, which pops on the side corner of your screen.
  • After that, you need to click on the tab related to your query.
  • Further, get instant support from the Lyon Airport person.
  • Thus, you can sort out all kinds of issues promptly by talking with them.


What is the Lyon Airport Phone Number?

Due to some reasons, it is a must to contact Lyon Airport on their Lyon Airport phone number and get instant support from a support agent by talking at 0 826 800 826.

Office phone number: +33-4-26-00-70-07
Flight information:

Is Lyon Airport open 24 hours? 

Moreover, if you want instant support anytime from the support person, for this reason, you are looking for Is Lyon Airport open 24 hours? So, yes, the support person is always available for you whenever you need them in 24 hours. In addition, you can take live assistance from customer service through calling, chatting, texting or emailing, and more.

How Do I Contact Lyon Airport Lost and Found if I Lose or Find Something?

Thus, if you lose or find something at the airport, you need to make a Lyon Airport lost and found contact with them. Therefore, there are some ways you can do it at that time or when they find anything that does. In addition, you must carry:

  • If the support person finds something regarding your items, they will email you that they found something about you.
  • When you lose any item, contact the lost and found service center at +33 4 72-22-82-83
  • In addition, finding or losing anything at the airport, you can fill out the form also and request it from the customer service of Lyon Airport.

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