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If you are planning a flight with Singapore Airlines and wondering how many bags are allowed without any charges and if you want to carry extra luggage what will be the charges for it then you came to the right place. Your checked baggage allowance depends on the weight or piece concept, depending on your final destination. When booking a flight with us, the airline will indicate your free baggage allowance on your ticket.  To understand the baggage charges and allowance, you need to understand the Baggage policy of Singapore airlines.

Baggage Policy of Singapore Airlines

The baggage policy of Singapore Airlines is mentioned below.

Carry-on luggage policy 

All carry-on luggage must fit in the overhead bin compartment or under the seat in front of you.

  • Baggage Allowance for Economy Class ticket holders is one bag
  • Baggage Allowance for First Class passengers: two bags
  • Baggage Allowance for Business Class Passengers: two bags
  • Maximum Weight for all classes: up to 7kg
  • Each piece's length, width, and height should not exceed 115cm for all classes.

Checked Baggage Allowance

  • The maximum Weight for Economy Class ticket holders is: 66 lb/30 kg total
  • Maximum Weight for Business Class flyers: 88 lb/40 kg total
  • Maximum Weight for Bags/First Class Passengers: 110 lb/50 kg total
  • Krisflyer Elite Gold Members are allowed an extra 44 lb/20 kg of baggage to all destinations except USA and Canada.
  • PPS Club Members have the privilege of 100% extra free allowance


What is the maximum baggage weight for Singapore Airlines?

In line with local Occupational Health and Safety rules, every bag you checked cannot exceed 32kg. You'll be required to repack your baggage if it exceeds 32kg. It also depends on your ticket and destination; first-class tickets get two pieces up to a 32kg baggage allowance as per the baggage policy of the airlines. Baggage allowance is also subject to your ticket and destination. Airlines can update the rules and guidelines for the baggage policy.

Can I take two suitcases on Singapore Airlines?

When you are flying with Singapore Airlines, you can take two bags with you in the cabin; it depends on your class of ticket. If you are flying economy class, you can only carry one bag with you. However, if you are flying in business or First class, you can carry two bags with you. You can put one bag in the compartment bin above you and one under the front seat. You must follow the dimensions rule of Airlines in order to check in smoothly and avoid any charges or issues at the Airport.

Singapore Airlines Baggage Allowance Cost

When you fly with Singapore Airlines, and your luggage exceeds the free allowance limit, you need to pay extra charges for the extra luggage. Cost is levied according to the weight of your luggage and your ticket type and if you are a member and a frequent flyer of Singapore Airlines. You can get a 10-15% discount if you add your luggage online through the website of Singapore Airlines. Each additional baggage can weigh up to 23kg per piece for the economy and premium economy, costing $150-USD 200. Each additional baggage can weigh up to 32kgs for First and Business class flyers and cost you between $100 and 225 USD. These charges are flexible, and you can get a better deal if you add extra baggage at least 6 hours before your departure time by going to the airline's official website.

This article should help you understand the charges and policy of Singapore Airlines. If you still have any kind of query or want to carry some special products, you can contact the airline's customer support. You can find the customer support of the airlines on the official website of Singapore Airline's Contact us section.

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