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How Many Bags are Allowed on Asiana Airlines?

When you need to make your travel experience majorly comfortable and pleasant, you must get permission for the baggage allowance. You might be willing to check with the various bags allowed on Asiana Airlines. Therefore, if you imagine taking your item and handbags to your destinations, you can hope for an allowance of nearly two pieces with maximum dimensions of 156 and a maximum weight of Economy Class passengers. If you are traveling in Business and First class, your baggage weight should be at least 32 kg per hand.

Get some further details about your bags being allowed on Asiana Airlines:

  • When you travel in Economy class, Asiana allows you to carry only 2 pieces of bags with 23 kg weight and should not be exceeded 273 cm.
  • If you select a domestic flight on Asiana, you can take at least 3 to 5 bags in the first can business class and pay the charges, depending on the fare type.
  • For additional bags with an exceeded limit of dimension and weight in the Economy have to pay around $200 per head in premium economy and business classes.
  • Additionally, your tour always decides to carry your 1 or 2 personal items free when you travel with Economy and business class of Asiana conveniently.  


Can I Take 2 Bags as Checked Luggage on Asiana Airlines?

Yes, you can when you travel with Asiana Airlines; it provides you with suitable facilities for checked luggage and makes your travel experience better every time significantly. The feeling of pleasure always comes with the necessary items you find in your bags, and your bags should be limited to Asiana. Asiana always includes one piece of checked luggage of 20 kg on domestic routes. If you are traveling on U.S. routes, you may carry two works in Economy and business class of 23 kg. Not only this, but you may also get three bags of 32 kg in the first class.

How Many Carry-on Bags Allowed on Asiana Airlines?

Logically, when you are ready to board and make some valuable preparation for carry-on bags, Asiana allows you little bags that you can easily carry with you effortlessly. Get the fact in the points provided by the customer service team.

  • When you select Economy class, you are allowed to bring only one standard carry-on bag and one personal item.
  • When you directly connect with a customer service team, you can request at least 3 bags and 2 personal items in the Economy and business class.
  • Get opportunity in the business and first class to carry-on pieces of standard bags free and include one-person items.
  • It will be good to add your excess bags and include one personal item and make your travel experience better every time.


What is a free Baggage Allowance on Asiana Airlines?

When concerning the baggage allowance, it refers to the maximum allowed baggage for its weight, number, and dimension that the passenger can have with Asiana Airlines. Check out the relevant baggage with limited weight, measurement, and pieces shall be determined by route or fare, and get comprehensive details to experience the pleasant flight journey proficiently. You are authorized to bring one standard carry-on bag and one personal item in the Economy class. When you select business and first class, you will experience an extraordinary flight journey with two pieces of started carry-on plus add a personal item to make your travel experience better smoothly. 

How Much Luggage Can I Take on Asiana Airlines?

It is restricted to take more than two pieces of luggage in the Business class, and both bags should be combined with length + breadth + height not exceeding 62 inches. You must be active with the decent weight of each bag must not exceed 23 Kg. For additional assistance, connect with a live person for baggage allowance guidance and enjoy your travel perfectly every season.

Asian Airlines has ensured that the customers are going to get quality service. That is the reason they have taken care of the comfort. You're allowed to carry two pieces of luggage with Asiana Airlines. Ensure that you have also maintained the baggage dimensions and weight as per the baggage policy of Asiana Airlines.

The Baggage Policy of Asiana Airlines:

In case you want to ask, "How many luggage can I take on Asiana Airline?" Then you only need to ensure that you have walked through the policies mentioned below. Then you'll get the complete details regarding the baggage you can carry. 

  • You're allowed to carry two bags in the cabin of Asiana's flight. 
  • The dimension of the baggage you are carrying should not be more than 62 linear inches or 157 cm. (length + width + height). 
  • If you have made your booking in economy class, then the weight of your baggage should not be more than 50 pounds or 23 kg. 
  • If you have made your booking as a first class and a business class passenger, then the maximum weight you can carry is 70 pounds or 32kgs. 


You need to ensure that you have followed the guidelines mentioned above. In this way, you'll not be charged for any baggage. However, if you exceed the limits, you must pay the penalty.

How Much Does It Cost To Add Extra Baggage on Asiana Airlines?

You will be charged additional fees if you carry extra baggage. You can go through the excess baggage cost, which is mentioned ahead.

  • If you're carrying extra baggage with you, you need to pay USD 200. The baggage weight should not exceed 23kg, and the dimension should not exceed the linear sum of 158cm. 


Make sure that you stick to the limits mentioned above. Then you'll be able to get the information which is required for you.

How Many Free Checked Bags are on Asiana Airlines?

You're allowed to carry two check baggage. It means you need to ensure that you do not have more than two bags, or else you need to pay extra. However, even within the limit of the number of baggage, you will be charged for it if you carry some special luggage. For example, if you have some sports equipment, you need to pay extra charges.

What are Asiana Airlines' Overweight Baggage Fees?

The overweight baggage fee of Asiana Airlines is given below. You only need to ensure that you have adhered to the weight limits. Then you will not be charged even a single extra penny for your baggage. However, you must pay the penalty if you exceed the weight limit.

  • In case the weight of the baggage is between 24kg to 32kg. Then you need to pay the penalty of USD 40. 
  • If the weight is between 33kg to 45kg. Then you will be charged USD 60. 


You must ensure that your baggage's weight is not more than 23kg. In that manner, you'll be easily able to avoid the penalty of the extra weight. Make sure that you maintained the dimensions limit with the weight.

How Much Do International Asiana Airlines Charge for Overweight Baggage?

In case you're traveling on an international flight from Asiana Airlines. Then you need to maintain the weight limits which are mentioned below.

  • Suppose the weight of your baggage is not more than 23kg. Then it will be entirely free for you to carry the luggage. 
  • In case baggage weight is between 23kg to 32km. Then you need to pay the penalty of USD 100. 
  • If the baggage weight is between 33kg to 45 kg. Then you're going to be charged USD 400.


You can even connect with the customer service team of Asiana Airlines. They'll ensure that you get the complete information regarding the baggage policy.

What is Asiana Airlines' international Baggage Allowance?

When you have purchased an international flight ticket on Asiana Airlines and are willing to know about the baggage permitted by the airline so that you plan the trip accordingly, do not worry about that because here you might have the information that can help in this.

Carry-on baggage

The carry-on pieces of baggage that have been permitted by Asiana Airlines have been illustrated at the bottom:-

  • When you have purchased the flight ticket economy class, you can bring one carry-on baggage, but when you have the business class ticket, you can carry two pieces of luggage.
  • And the weight of the baggage should not exceed 10kg with a dimension of 115 in a total of including wheels and handles.
  • The carry-on baggage to fit in the overhead bin or under your front seats
  • You can also carry a handbook, laptop, infant food crutches, or small strollers.


Checked in baggage

When you are taking an international flight then, the baggage you get to carry could depend on your fare type and route, but the dimension you can carry is 158 for every class.

  • The passenger traveling on the U.S route can bring two bags of 32kg each if they are traveling in the business class, but the economy class can bring up baggage of weight up to 23kg each. And the infant stroller weight could not exceed 23kg.
  • And the passenger traveling other than the U.S route, if they are traveling in the business class, then gets to bring up to two luggage of weight 32kg and if they are traveling in the economy class, then gets to carry one luggage of weight up to 23kg. Further, the infant troller of weight up to 10 kg can be carried.


What is the Asiana Airlines Extra Baggage Fee? 

When you have to carry additional luggage than allowed by the airline, So, you get to pay the baggage fees, which could be based on your route and fare type.

  • When you have an international flight ticket, you can bring more than two additional pieces of luggage, but their dimensions may not exceed 292cm, and you can bring one excess baggage by paying around $200. 
  • But baggage weight gets exceeded, then you get to pay around $100 to $400 based on the weight that you are taking.
  • And your dimension is exceeding then, and you might have to pay around $200 to $400.
  • Moreover, the domestic traveler can carry baggage up to the weight of 10kg by paying around $20.


Can You Bring a Backpack and A Carry-on Asiana Airlines

Yes, you can bring a backpack and carry-on baggage on Asiana Airlines. But that could depend on your fare type and route if traveling. Moreover, the passenger having the business class ticket can bring two of baggage weight 10kg each, but the passenger traveling in the economy class can bring one of luggage weight 10kg. And that has to fit inside the overhead bin or under the front seats.

Does Asiana Allow Personal Item

Yes, you can carry the personal item on Asiana Airlines. But certain items are allowed, and if your item is not available on the list, you might be able to carry it on the plane. And the list of the item is as follows:-

  • Handbook
  • Book
  • Duty-free item
  • Laptop
  • Small stroller

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