How Many Bags Can I Take on American Airlines for free?

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    How Many Bags can you carry free on American Airlines?

    Suppose you have planned a perfect trip to international destinations like Paris, France, Egypt, or the Netherlands for a vacation with your family. But, if you cannot understand baggage allowance and wish to get information in such regard, you will have to worry less, as here in this section, you will get appropriate information.

    In addition, if you want to know how many bags you can take on American airlines for free, you need not pay for up to 3 bags when traveling itineraries marketed and operated by American Airlines. Next, if you need to know about the weight and size of the bags you can carry for free, then here is a list of points you can consider for verification.

    • The calculation of your bags is by adding the total outside dimensions of each bag like length +width +height
    • Dimensions are around 62 in/ 158cm
    • Weight 50lbs/23kgs.


    Do you get a free checked bag with American Airlines?

    If you are planning to travel with American Airlines, if you wish to carry free checked bags, you then get options like one or more free checked baggage on this airline. Still, you must understand one crucial factor: on what basis you will get such type of facility, and for that, you must use the following points. 

    • In case you have a premium economy, business, or first class ticket
    • Or further, you are an elite AAdvantage or Oneworld member or active duty military member.
    • Another way to get a free checked bag is if you have an active AAdvantage credit card.


    Do you get two free bags with American Airlines?

    Though if you are traveling with American airlines within their premium economy or first class, it costs you more than usual, then in those circumstances, passengers are offered additional free checked bags. In addition, in premium economy and business class, passengers then get up to two free bags. At the same time, the first class passengers are offered up to three checked-up free baggage’s that totally depends upon destination and other contrary information.

    How Much Does American Airlines Charge for Baggage?

    The cost for American airline baggage depends upon dimensions or the preferable scenarios, which may differ accordingly. Now, in case you need to know about charges, you must use the following list of points mentioned here in the below section for your help. 

    • For the legless ship a bag, then $20 plus will be charged
    • American Airlines for a first checked bag is around $30
    • Further, for a second checked bag, the fees will be approximately $40, accordingly
    • Consequently, for third and fourth checked baggage, the charges would be about $150 to $200.


    American Airline Baggage Policy

    However, suppose you left with policies underneath which you get information on the terms and conditions of American airlines. In that case, you need not worry at all, because here you will get complete details with policies that you should know for once, and you will get immediate references.

    • According to American airline baggage policy, passengers must pay specific fees if they carry any sports equipment.
    • Overweight and oversize bags are applicable for fees that depend on per bag weight and categories.
    • Note that as per American airlines, bulkhead seats do not feature the option of under-seat storage. Therefore, all the carry-on baggage must be stowed within the overhead bin during take-off and landing.
    • Bags that exceed 100pounds or 46 kilograms are not accepted as checked baggage/hold luggage. Another point in this is that for overweight baggage, you need to pay the fee accordingly, which will be around $100 to $500 as per the baggage dimensions.


    Henceforth, if you are still left with some necessary information regarding American airline's baggage allowances, fees, and other points, then you should contact the customer service executive. Because once you will get in touch with an American Airlines customer service expert via call or online chat, you then achieve appropriate information from an official representative quite efficiently. Last, you can drop a message on the official mail address for such concerns, and then you will get proper and accurate help from the team over mail once it gets verified and the customer services are available 24 hours a day and you can take access for American airline service from all over the world without any problem and you will get immediate help.

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