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Aeroflot Airlines is one of the top flights where you can get all the services and features that assist you in getting the best journey to their passengers. If you are planning to travel on Aeroflot airline then there is the following list of all the baggage that you can take on the flight, below are the following that is mentioned:-

  • You can take 1 carry-on baggage and 1 personal bag. 
  • The checked-in baggage that you can take to the flight is at least 2 bags only. And for that, there are some requirements that match:-
  • Dimensions of your bag will be 203 linear cm or 79.9 linear inches. And max. Weight is 32 kg in the business class seat. 
  • For economy class, the dimensions are 158 linear cm or 62.2 linear inches. And the maximum weight will be 23kg. 


How Much Does Extra Baggage Cost Aeroflot?

If you take a piece of extra baggage from Aeroflot Airlines, you have to pay the additional charges for your luggage according to the weight and dimensions of your luggage. Below are the following mentioned:-

  • In domestic flights- the charges for extra baggage are the cost between $40 to $100, and the price depends on the baggage weight and size. 
  • If you book an international flight ticket, then the charges of extra baggage cost $120 to $250, and these charges also depend on the charges.


Is Aeroflot Strict With Baggage? 

Yes, Aeroflot airline is strict regarding baggage when it comes to transporting a limited amount of luggage on the flight, and there are some specific policies for bags that every passenger have to follow that. When traveling on the flight, they must know about the dimensions, weights, and heights of their baggage. If they carry extra baggage, then they have to pay the additional charges that are applied, and fees all depend on their baggage weight, dimensions, and height.

Aeroflot Hand Baggage Allowance

In Aeroflot airline, the hand baggage allowance is for every passenger is allowed to carry 1 bag and 1 personal bag like a purse or small bag. There are some limitations of carry-on baggage that they must know to suit in an overhead bin or under the seat in front of them. The assistive devices and garments are not allowed as personal items. There is the following requirement that is mentioned below:-

  • The maximum weight of the baggage is 10 kg/ 22lb.
  • Duty-free goods are allowed if they are sealed in plastic bags. 
  • You can carry medicine and special dietary items that the airline needs. 
  • Also, you are allowed to carry baby food and a child carrier device if you have your child with you and require the essential items. 
  • You can take a rucksack, handbag, or briefcase whose weight is up to 5 kg and the dimensions are 80 cm linear. 
  • If you are traveling with a disabled person, then you can carry folding wheelchairs and crutches that passengers use.  


Aeroflot Baggage Allowance Economy

Suppose you want to know about the baggage allowance for the economy. In that case, the following list is mentioned below. You need to know that Aeroflot airline has two different types of economy: Economy class flex fare and economy class. Now, follow the below-mentioned pieces of baggage allowance of the airline:-

For the Economy Class Flex Fare:-

  • Airlines allow 2 bag pieces that are up to 32 kg per bag. 
  • The weight of 1 bag piece will be 10kg, and that is like max length is 55 cm, width is 40 cm, and height is 25 cm. 


For Economy Class:-

  • They allow only one baggage item, and that will be up to 32 kg per bag. 


The weight of that bag will be up to 10 kg, and that max length is 55 cm, width is 40 cm, and height is

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