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Delta airline is basically one of the major American airlines that are headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The airline is considered as the largest airline in terms of a number of passengers carried and also a number of departures. Delta airline consists of 889 aircraft in its fleet which is used to operate to more than 300 destinations in different parts of the world. This airline is a leading aviation company that aims to satisfy its customers in every which way.

One such programme by Delta airline is named as SkyMiles. This programme is the frequent flyer programme that benefits passengers who travel with this airline in the long run. This programme is also a loyalty programme for its customers. The passengers may take advantage in many ways and book Delta airlines cheap flights.

Is Free Ticket Scheme On Delta Airlines True?

In today’s world where nothing can be bought without paying a price for it, it is difficult to trust that you can buy a full travel ticket for free. But, this has been made possible by Delta airlines. If you are wondering how many Delta miles does it take to get a free flight, then you may refer the points below.

Getting the Free Flight Ticket with Delta Miles

  • According to Delta airlines miles charts, there are certain points and miles that the passenger is required to fulfill to get a free ticket with Delta airlines.
  • And to avail the free ticket, the passenger may have a minimum number of miles points accumulated with him.
  • And the minimum number of miles required for USA trip by Delta SkyMiles is 25,000. The requirement of miles has been lowered in some flights.
  • And the one-way award tickets will start from 12,500 plus taxes.
  • Also if you are looking for upgrades with the help of these miles then one thing to be kept in mind is Delta airline has different upgrade miles for different places. 


Therefore, the passengers have to fulfill all the terms and conditions before getting the free flight with Delta airlines. Now let us discuss what the benefits of utilizing Delta SkyMiles are.

Perks of Utilizing Delta SkyMiles

This frequent flyer plan benefits the passengers who travel to a large extent and on a daily basis. Let us discuss the benefits related to this programme.

  • With this frequent flyer programme, the passengers get the chance to experience services which he did not try while normal booking. Hence, the passengers get the advantage of many services while booking Delta airlines.   
  • The passenger may even get the chance to upgrade his booking by utilizing the accumulated Delta cheap SkyMiles.


The passenger also may request for a customizable meal, special instructions for an infant traveling along with you.

Getting in Touch with Cheapflightinfo

Delta airlines even provide equal assistance and help in resolving customer queries. This customer support is 24/7 active so that the passengers contact without hesitation. The highly qualified customer support will be giving the resolution in a very short span of time.

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