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Breeze Airways is a low-cost air carrier that provides services at the best prices according to the destination. You can carry the pet on your travel in a separate carriage for the protection of the other fellow passengers. For this, the Breeze will charge a fee of $75 per to take your pets. You are allowed to take up to 5 pets, having one carrier for each on the journey. With this, you will find how much Breeze charge for a pet for a suitable trip.

Can You Take Dogs on Breeze Airways?

Yes, you can add dogs to your travel with breeze airways. There are certain terms and conditions to take the pets on the journey, which are mentioned below. 

  • Airlines only accept small domesticated dogs and cats on travel. 
  • The dog will be considered as carry-on luggage, and weight must not exceed 25lb/11.36kg. 
  • Pets will be allowed in the first class cabin having the underneath space for travel. 
  • The dog's carrier or kennel must be of a dimension not more than 17in x 8in x 13in (Length x Width x Height). 
  • The pet carrier will be considered as the carry-on bag, but you can only take additional hand luggage. 
  • Your dog must not be less than eight years of age to be eligible to board the flight. '
  • You can add the bags up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure to avoid any last-minute changes. 


Moreover, you can connect with customer experts to know whether Can you take dogs on Breeze Airways and board the flight.

How Do I Add My Dog to Breeze Flight First Class?

Passengers can add the dogs during the trip or any time before the scheduled departure. Therefore, if you want to know how do I add my dog to Breeze flight first class, you need to follow the given steps.

  • To begin, you can get the breeze airways official website on your device at
  • At there, you can select the My Trips option from the website.
  • You need to enter the correct email address and password to access the reservation. 
  • Once you select the Continue tab, you will find the reservation. 
  • You need to choose the flight from the given list and tap on the view option. 
  • You need to select the add the pet icon from the edit extras option. 
  • After this, select the pet category, breed, and passengers/accompanying the pet. 
  • You need to add the pet travel documents, if any, related to the journey. 
  • You can continue to checkout and pay the necessary fees for the same. 
  • Breeze Airways will send you the updated e-ticket and confirmation message at your registered email ID immediately. 


Breeze Airways' Service Dog Policy

According to Breeze Airways, trained service dogs are allowed to travel in the carrier. You can avail this feature free of cost as per the Breeze Airways service dog policy as mentioned below.  

  • The dog must be adequately trained to handle the disabled passenger. 
  • The service dog can travel with the passenger who can assist them. 
  • You can travel with the service dog by submitting essential documents. 
  • The trained service dogs will be denied boarding if they engage in disruptive behavior or threaten the safety of other passengers. 


How to Book a Trip for Pets with Breeze Airways?

Breeze Airways provide every kind of service to their passengers so that you can enjoy your flight without any disturbances and inconvenience. Airways not only care about their humans but also for their pets. There are facilities available for pets that will make your journey easier, and your pet will travel with you. For that, you need to book a trip for pets, but the question is How to Book a Trip for Pets with Breeze Airways? You can apply the below-written method that will help you in adding pets to the flight ticket. The method is explained in a simpler way for better understanding.

Adding a pet at the time of booking: 

  • Open the official site of Breeze Airways.
  • After that, go to the booking process, and enter the travel details.
  • Then the page will show you the available flights, then tap on the “Trip extras” page.
  • Following that, click on pets and enter your animal details, then attach the relevant documents.
  • At last, book the flight and get the confirmation message on your registered email id. 


What is the fee for traveling with the pet at Breeze Airways?

Once you add the pet to your flight booking, then, the airline will charge Pet Travel Fees at Breeze Airways, which is around $75 that has to be paid at the time of checkout. You can pay the fees through different modes of payment gateways according to your convenience. 

Adding a pet after the booking:

  • Search for the official page of Breeze Airways
  • Then move to my trips tab and enter your details.
  • The page will show you the flight details under that click on the “edit guest extras” options. 
  • Now the panel will ask you to add the pet and choose the traveler. 
  • Finally “continue to checkout” option and pay the 75$ fee per flight. 
  • But keep in mind that you need to add your pet separately for every flight you have booked. 


What are the pet Travel Restrictions on Breeze Airways?

According to the Pet Travel restrictions on Breeze Airwaysonly small, domesticated cats and dogs are allowed at the fee of $75 per journey one way. You can add the pet on a first come and first served basis.  

  • Airways authority allows the utmost 5 pets per booking, and only one pet carrier is allowed per guest. 
  • The maximum weight for the pet that will permit is 25 lbs, including the carrier. 


What are the Requirements for Breeze Airways Pet Carrier?

You need to be aware of the Breeze Airways Pet Carrier Requirements discussed below so that you will not make any mistakes while carrying your carrier during the entire journey. 

  • Companies do not supply or sell pet carriers. Carriers' dimensions should be up to 17” X 8” X 13” cm so that they can fit under the extra legroom and standard legroom seats. 
  • Carrier sides must be soft, and it needs to be well-ventilated and leak-proof so that your pet feels comfortable and pleasant while traveling at Breeze Airways. 
  • There should be enough room in the carrier so that your pet can sit, stand, lie down, and turn around. 
  • According to the breeze airways policy, only one pet carrier is permitted.

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