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Generally, it depends on the fare type, number of passengers, journey length, and destination. Each class of tickets has a different range of cancellation tickets. Let's find out below.

Flight within Canada:

  • For Economy Flex, there will be no fee.
  • For others, the fee ranges between 100-120 CAD.

Flight Outside Canada:

  • For Economy Flex, no fee will be charged.
  • For other tickets, the cancellation fee ranges from 150 CAD to 710 CAD.
  • If the cancellation is made 25 or more days before the WestJet flight departure, then there will be a charge of $250 CAD per guest for the Economy cabin, and for the premium cabin, it will be free. 
  • If the cancellation is requested between 21-24 days before departure, then you will be charged 50% per ticket cost. Within 21 days, tickets will be considered as non-refundable.

How Long Before a WestJet flight Can you Cancel? 

Westjet allows you to cancel your ticket within 24 hours from the time of purchasing the flight ticket. Any ticket that is canceled in a day time frame will be fully refunded as per the Westjet Policy for Refund, and your ticket cancellation request will be accepted by the WestJet airline before 2 hours of flight takes off.

Westjet flight Cancellation Policy [UPDATED]

Do you want to know the Westjet flight cancellation policy? In such cases where you want to learn about Westjet Cancellation policy 2024, then here are the points that you will find useful when you are canceling your Westjet flights.  

  • There are several factors like bad weather, thunderstorms, pandemics, any technical or operational issues, acts of god, or any other unavoidable situations that can cause your WestJet flight cancellation.
  • You are allowed to confront Westjet for a refund if your flight is canceled by the airline itself.
  • In the case where the airline cancels your flight, they will either rebook it for free on the next upcoming flight, or they are liable to make your journey complete under any circumstances.
  • You can demand compensation if your flight is canceled due to any of their technical issues under the EU regulation 261/2004.
  • The compensation amount may vary based on many factors, such as flight duration, destination, fare type, and others.
  • You can contact WestJet customer service ASAP in cases where you find your flight canceled unknowingly.
  • If the reason for canceling your flight is due to any extraordinary circumstances that are uncontrollable, then Westjet can't help you provide any compensation.
  • Within 24 hours of WestJet flight reservation, if you have canceled your flight ticket then under the 24-hour cancellation policy, you are liable to receive a full reimbursement.

How To Cancel a Westjet Flight Online?

Here are the ways through which one can easily cancel their WestJet flights. Westjet offers two modes that any customer can use to cancel their airplane tickets, which are either online mode or offline mode. One can seamlessly cancel their Westjet flights through online procedures. It includes canceling tickets using websites, mobile apps, and requesting via contact form. At the same time, offline approaches include calling the Westjet customer service reservation department, visiting the airport ticketing counter directly, and speaking with the ground staff.

Cancel Your WestJet Flight Online. 

Ticket cancellation through the website can be done by visiting the Westjet official website and following these steps. It is safe to check the Westjet Refund Policy before making any cancellations. It is the quickest way that people use whenever they want to cancel their tickets. Westjet has made the canceling process hassle-free.

  • After visiting the official Westjet website, you can navigate to the Manage Trips menu option.
  • Under this option, choose Manage Flights, and you will be taken to the Westjet manage flight web portal. 
  • There, you can either log in to your Westjet account or simply enter your Reservation code and guest's last name in the appropriate search field.
  • After searching for flights, pick your desired flight and go to the managed area.
  • There, find the cancel option and tap on it. 
  • After confirming the message, you have to pay some cancellation charges or fees as prompted there. The fees are optional and only appear to your ticket type. More information can be found in the cancellation policy.
  • Once done with the process, you will receive your flight cancellation confirmation in your email within a couple of minutes.

How Do I Get a Refund from WestJet?

There are ways to get a refund if you have successfully canceled your West Jet flight ticket. The above-mentioned ways can also be used to get a Westjet cancellation refund, but there is another alternate way that can be used for the same. Let's understand what it is and the process to use it.

Refund via Phone Call 

Normally, when someone cancels their flight ticket via online mode, they receive their refund within seven business days automatically. If there's a case where you didn't receive it, then you can call the reservation department and talk with the customer service agent. If you are thinking about the process, then you can follow these easy steps.

  • Dial 1-866-666-6224 on your mobile phone and wait until you are connected.
  • First, your call will be connected to the Westjet IVR system at their customer service department, and you must obey the instructions given to you.
  • Choose your language and service options by pressing the buttons as you heard.
  • Press 2 to enter in the manage flight menu, then,
  • Press 3 to request for a refund.
  • After this, you may serve a waiting period of about a few minutes, and your call will be transferred to the available Westjet support agent.
  • Tell them your request, and they will do it for you quickly.

How will I know about my flight cancellations?

You can check whether your flight was canceled or not by checking your flight status. There are ways to know your flight status by calling and talking with the WestJet customer service executives or by visiting WestJet's official website, choosing the flight status option on the menu bar, entering your flight details, and simply searching it.

What is the WestJet Econo Cancellation Fee?

WestJet is amongst the largest airlines in Canada, with extensive flight routes. When you wish to travel with the airline, then you can get multiple fare options, and Econo is one of them. Afterward, if your plan is abandoned, then you can cancel a flight ticket for the same. To process that request, you get to pay an additional charge, and which could be around $200. 

Can I cancel the Econo flight with WestJet?

Yes, you can cancel the Economy flight with WestJet. There are various modes with the help of which you can cancel your flight efficiently. Thus, you can get information about the utilization of those options by going through the bottom.

Cancel a Flight Ticket on A Call

When you do not wish to go through an extensive process of flight booking, then you can approach its customer service team and find a resolution. There, you just have to share related information with the airline, and the phone number for that is 1 (888) 937-8538. 

Online Cancelation:

When you are facing trouble connecting with the airline on a call, then you can use the online mode to conduct the process independently. Further, the step-by-step process in relation to this has been listed at the bottom:-

  • Go to Westjet Airlines' official site 
  • Further, choose the manage flight icon
  • Then after, submit your reservation number with your surname
  • And then, click on the cancel flight icon 
  • Now, a confirmation detail appears, and that could consist of the flight penalty amount and refundable sum.
  • When you could complete the process then, you can have a confirmation message in the registered email and phone number. 

Does Westjet Airlines charge to cancel a flight?

Yes, Westjet Airlines charges for canceling a flight ticket. Although, the cancellation charge of an airline depends on the fare types and route of a flight. However, if you are looking for an estimated amount, then you might have to pay from $0 to $400. Further, you might get across any kind of issues, such as How much does it cost to cancel a flight on WestJet? Because of this statement 

What is the Westjet Refund Policy?

When you have to cancel a flight ticket and seek a refund from WestJet Airlines, then you get to verify its statutory provision for the same. Thus, those details can be tacked in their policies, and that has been verified at the bottom:-

  • You might be eligible to have a complete refund from the airline for a booking that has been canceled within 24 hours.  
  • If you have crossed this grace period, then a penalty could be deducted, and the rest of the sum could be credited to the account.
  • When you have shared a reason for the cancellation of a medical emergency or sickness, then a free cancellation is permitted. In this case, you can obtain a full reimbursement.
  • When your flight has been delayed without any prior information, then you can secure a complete refund without any deduction. 
  • If the booking has been made with the travel agent, then a cancellation and refund could proceed with them. 

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