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You are going to make changes to your flight date on your Kenya flight, but you don’t know How much does it cost to change a flight date on Kenya Airways, so; according to the flight change policy, there are some appropriate administrative fees that you must pursue.

  • Online- $ 100 to $ 300
  • Call- $ 100 to $ 300
  • Travel Agent- $ 100 to $ 300
  • Award ticket- $ 50
  • Airport ticket office- $ 100 to $ 300


Kenya Airways Change Flight Policy

Before changing the flight, learn about Kenya Airways Change Flight Policy. However, if you search about how you will get it, this content will readily help you. Therefore, pursue the below things adequately.

  • If you make changes to Kenya flights free of cost, it is necessary to make modifications within 24 hours of booking.
  • Also, you can change the ticket within 24 hours of flying by paying the additional fare to the airline.
  • The change fees will depend on the fare, flex, and change of the date from the Kenya ticket.
  • If you have the “Flying Blue” program, you can easily change your ticket 2 times.
  • Changing the ticket will take charges from $100 to $300, probably according to the mode of modifications in the ticket by website, calling, travel agent, award ticket, and airport ticket office.


How to Change Your Flight on Kenya Airways?

You are searching to change your Kenya flight ticket due to some changes in your plan of flying with this airline. For this reason, you seek How to Change Your Flight on Kenya Airways. Thus, to know about them, you must follow the below down steps:

  • Go to the web browser of Kenya Airways on your search engine.
  • Tap on the manage my reservation, enter the booking number and last name
  • Select the find option, look at your booking details
  • Find the change option, make changes, and proceed to pay fares for making the Kenya flight change. After that, you will get its confirmation on your linked device.


How Do I Change My Flight Date on Kenya Airways?

You are going to postpone your plans, and for this, you will make changes in your flight dates. Due to this, you seek, How Do I Change my Flight Date on Kenya Airways? There are prompt steps to pursue it.

  • Open Kenya Airways on your search engine
  • View the “manage my trip” option, select it
  • Enter the confirmation number and passenger’s last name, and proceed to find my reservation.
  • Look at all the details of your booking, seek the change option, 
  • Tap on it, choose the date column, and continue to change the date according to your plan
  • Pay the charges, and get its confirmation over your email.


Kenya Airways Airline Schedule Change Policy

Generally, the airlines typically have specific rules and guidelines regarding Kenya Airways Airline Schedule Change Policy to make a schedule change, thus, to get it to track the points:

  • Airlines often charge a fee for changing your flight, including rescheduling. The fee amount can vary depending on the type of ticket you purchased, the fare class, and the destination.
  • If the fare for the new flight is higher than the original fare you paid, you may be required to pay the fare difference and any change fees.
  • There may be specific time restrictions on when you can change your flight. Some airlines have specific deadlines, such as certain hours or days before departure, beyond which changes or rescheduling may not be allowed.
  • The ability to reschedule your flight depends on the availability of seats on the desired alternative flight. If the flight you want to change to is fully booked or has limited availability, it may not be possible to reschedule.
  • Depending on the fare rules and the type of ticket you purchased, you may be eligible for a refund if you choose not to reschedule your flight. However, refunds are usually subject to specific conditions, such as cancellation within a certain timeframe or purchasing a refundable ticket.


Kenya Airways Name Correction Guidelines

Kenya Airways allows passengers to manage the flight after making the reservation. You can change the seat, date, destination, and name or upgrade the seat. Suppose you have to change the name on your ticket, here is the complete information shared for Kenya Airways Name Correction to help you:

Kenya Airways Name Correction process

In case of any problems, you can speak with customer support. To speak with a live representative, you have to dial the Kenya Airways Name Correction contact number. 

Steps To Speak with A Customer Agent

You can change the name only by contacting customer support. You must dial 1 (866) 536-9224 and choose the language. The helpline is accessible around the clock to assist you. Follow the automated IVR instructions to reach the suitable representative and avoid wasting your time:  

  • Press 1 for old and new reservations. 
  • Press 2 to cancel the flight and request a refund. 
  • Press 3 to change the name and ticket details. 
  • Press 4 for baggage and check-in services. 
  • Press 5 for airport inquiries and flight status. 
  • Press * to speak with a live representative. 


Moreover, you can get instant support at the airport. You are required to reach the terminal mentioned in your confirmation ticket, and customer agents are accessible at the ticket counter to assist you. But you need to show the documents when asked by the agents. What are the valid documents for that? You have to check the policies discussed below. 

Kenya Airways Name Change Policy

Follow the guidelines to modify the name on your ticket:

  • Passengers can edit and correct their names but can’t switch or transfer the ticket to their friends o family members. 
  • To rectify a misspelled name or due to marriage and divorce, you have to present valid documents like a driver’s license, passport, other legal ID, or legal documentation to the Kenya Airways office. 
  • The name can be changed before check-in. Afterward, you can’t make any modifications to your ticket. 
  • Tickets can be changed by the airline agents and not via web or mobile device. 


Kenya Airways Name Change Fee

Passengers must pay the change fee to modify the name on the ticket. You have to pay the amount between $ 100 to $ 300 to make the required ticket changes.

Kenya Airways Change Seat

The ticket holder can pick their preferred seat through the web or customer support. Suppose you need to change your seat or upgrade the flight. First, you need to check whether the seat is available. After that, you can adjust online by following the steps shared below for Kenya Airways Change seat: 

  • Go to the official website. 
  • Select the Manage Booking. 
  • Enter the booking reference and last name. 
  • Click on the Continue button. 
  • Choose the seat selection and upgrade choice. 
  • Select the flight, and edit your changes. 
  • Click on the submit button. 


Now, you can make the changes any time before your check-in. In case of any confusion, contact the customer support of Kenya Airways. Follow the airline on social platforms to get the latest updates about your flight and get discounts to buy tickets at lower rates. Visit the website for more details. 

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