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Fiji Airways Cost To Change Flight

Making preparations beforehand while traveling is the best thing to avoid any kind of inconvenience, So, if you are travelling abroad and are wondering which airline should you prefer then you must consider traveling with Fiji airways. This airline has not left any stone unturned to help passengers and always have gone a step forward to help them.

So, if you doubt which airline you should prefer then Fiji Airways is the best choice. 

Also, the officials here understand that there comes a time when passengers may face issues when choosing to travel. And these situations may anyhow affect their travel with Fiji Airways. But, being a customer-oriented airline, they have brought a resolution for passengers stuck in such a situation. Hence, if you happen to have booked your flight and feel that you will not be able to board the particular flight then you can either choose to change or cancel the flight. The best option you can try is to change the flight and if you are wondering how much does Fiji Airways flight change cost then you can refer to the policy. This policy has been stated below.

Change Your Flight Dates with Fiji Airways?

There is an international airline that flies to dozens of abroad destinations and holds the name of the origin country in its title, and the airline is Fiji Airways. For its best on-board products, supportive cabin staff, aircraft cleanliness, hygienic, delicious meals, and all-time available customer services, this airline maintains 4-stars ratings. Let us get through the Fiji airways change flight service and its procedure. 

Important Policies for Rescheduling your Fiji Airways Flight

Some rules manage every service, and here you may understand the Fiji Airways Flight Change Policy in detailed points:-

  • You are eligible to change your flight and reschedule for another one within 24 hours of the ticket purchase or before seven days of the departure date.
  • If you change your flight dates on the day of ticket booking, then no charges will be paid by your end.
  • If you change the dates of your flight after this particular time, you may be charged at least 100 USD and onwards, as it depends upon the ticket type and destination of your journey.
  • You may request to make changes in your flight date in the last days of departure, but it may charge some more amounts.


Procedure and Ways To Reschedule the Fiji Airways Flight 

Online mode:- If you have made your booking with Fiji Airways in an online manner, then you would better understand that other facilities of flight change and editing in the ticket also can be done in the same way. Let’s get the answer to How can I change the date of my Fiji Flight? in detail:- 

  • You must visit the airline’s official website.
  • Now, click on the “Manage Booking” tab on the home page.
  • Fill in the details of your ticket, i.e., “Reference” and “Last name”.
  • Open your booked ticket and now select the “Change date/booking” option, and proceed to the next page.
  • Select the fresh dates for your trip and a new flight that suits your timing.
  • Pay the charges for the new flight and confirm your new booking with Fiji Airways.


Customer support:- There is also an important way for Fiji airways to change flight services; you may go through the customer services of the airline. Get acquainted with each one in detail:-

  • Phone:- Helpline services of Fiji Airways are operated by the helpdesk number 011-679-672-0777 and give you full freedom to contact the airline at your convenient time. You can talk to the live person on the airline and request to change the dates of your flight.
  • Live Chat:- Another helpline service for Fiji Airways is Chat, which you may obtain by reaching the airline’s official website or the mobile application. Get on the contact information page of the airline and click on the “Chat” option. You may request the airline the rescheduling your flight with the virtual assistant.
  • Social media:- To expand the support services for passengers, Fiji Airways also maintains social networking portals that you may utilize to contact the airline. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the platforms where Fiji Airways is available for you.


Learning About the Flight Change Policy of Fiji Airways! 

  • The 24 hours Rule: According to this, if a passenger is making changes in his reservations within 24 hours of booking the flight, then they will not be asked for any kind of fee. They can proceed without paying for it. 
  • However, if 24 hours have passed, then he can still change the flight but need to pay for the flight change fee. 
  • And also, according to the Fiji airways change policy for flights, if you change the flight for the next day, you need to make your accommodations. 
  • Also, if you are wondering how much the flight change fee will be by Fiji Airways, then it is not fixed as it depends upon various factors. Like the type of flight you choose, when you are changing the flight, etc. 
  • To change the flight, a passenger can choose the “Manage my Trip” option that is made available on the official website of the airline. 


In case you do not wish to change the flight, then you can choose to cancel the same. But, before that, you need to check the Fiji airline flight cancellation and refund policy as well to make yourself aware at the time of canceling the flight.

Learning About Fiji Airways Flight Cancellation Policy!

  • A passenger can cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking the ticket and is not required to pay any fee. 
  • If 24 hours have passed, then he can still cancel the flight but will be required to pay a cancellation fee. 
  • This cancellation fee depends upon various factors like destination, type of travel, etc. 
  • To cancel the flight, “Manage my Travel” is the same option that is active on the official website of the airline.  

So, with the help of the above steps, you can choose to make wise decisions as per your sanity. However, if you require any further help then you can contact Fiji Airways Reservation team of Fiji airways at any time.

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