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Saudi Airlines, otherwise known as Saudi Arabian Airlines that, is based in Saudi Arabia. So, when you have planned a booking with the airline but the flight selected does not match your requirements, then you can pick a new one. If you are having doubts, How much does it cost to change a flight with Saudi Airlines? Panic, not because the resolution could be traced here. However, the cost of a change lies between $60 to $250. 

Does Saudi Airlines Allow date change?

Yes, Saudi Airlines permitted a date change. But the saver fares with traveling routes of the Middle East might not be able to make changes. Save those routes, others may be able to conduct the changes. Now, you can have an answer to a question such as Can I change my flight date Saudi Airlines? For that, you can get multiple options and could be charged with a penalty.

What are the Change Fees on Saudi Airlines Tickets?

The change conducted on Saudi Airlines could be done without taking any additional changes. But this provision is restricted to certain conditions and flight tickets. When you are not eligible to seek out such benefits, then you may have to pay an additional amount to conduct the changes. Moreover, if you are getting issues such as How much is the change fee for Saudi airline ticket? Then, do not get worried because answers could be located here. Hence, the amount for that could be around $200, and it is based on the fare rules. If you need accurate information related to this, then get a hold of its customer service team. 

What is Saudi Airlines' flight change policy?

Saudi Airlines offers different flights from a single destination with different features. So, when you are uncomfortable with the selected one, then you can pick another. For that, you get to go by Saudi Airlines Flight Change Policy, which has been defined at the bottom:-

  • The flight on airlines can be changed without penalty for carrying out the procedure within 24 hours of the ticket being purchased. However, there should be a gap of seven days or more between the purchase and the flying dates. 
  • When you have crossed those grace times, then you could have to pay an additional charge for a change depending on a flight and routes.
  •  If you have bought a saver fare, then you are not eligible to change a flight. 
  • The flight change is dependent on the availability. It means that when a space is available, then only you can switch to a new flight.
  • A flight ticket that is purchased with coupons or vouchers might not be eligible to change one.
  • When the reason for a flight change is illness or medical emergency, then you might be exempted from additional changes. But the document related to that needed to be shared with the airline and also has to be approved by them. 
  • The estimated penalty for a flight change is from $53 to $200, with a fare difference. 
  • If you have bought an airfare with the help of a travel agent, then you would have to reach out to them for a flight change, not the airlines. 


How Do I Change a Flight Date on Saudi Airlines?

When your planned event gets shifted to another date after purchasing a flight ticket from Saudi Airlines, In this case, according to the fare rules, you can switch to your preference dates. If you are getting confused about How to change flight dates to Saudi Airlines, then do not get worried because you can locate different modes from the bottom. 

Dial a change phone number

The date change on an airline could include a number of mini-steps, and you can avoid those processes by calling up. In this way, you can save time but get to share necessary information with the airlines. Now, you can use a Saudi Arabia phone number, 1-800-472-8342, and then choose a “date change” option from the telephone menus.

Change a flight date online

When you are urged to carry out new dates on your own, then you can use its online modes. Further, you can carry out those steps on your own and also be aware of every sort of detail. Now the points of getting there have been displayed at the bottom:-

  • Head to the Saudi Airlines authenticated web page
  • Now, choose the manage icon from the homepage
  • After that, enter your booking reference number with your last name
  • Further, choose a modify icon and select date change options 
  • Later, pick a flight from available dates and click on the next icon 
  • On the next tab, pay the cost of a change and fare difference with available means.
  • Afterward, you can secure an updated itinerary in the registered email and phone number.


Get to the Airline Counters

Saudi Airlines has an operating route to various international and domestic destinations. This is why you can find its office in the operating destination. When your requirement is not achieved with any of the online processes, then you can get to the office of the airline located at the nearby airport. There, you can share details of the itinerary with the requirements. When you complete the payment then, you can get an updated flight ticket, and a duplicate could be received in the email. 

How To Request a Flight Change on Saudi Airlines?

On Saudi Airlines, you can get an option to change a flight but in accordance with certain terms and conditions. Further, you can also render multiple different sorts of modes for changing a flight. But one of the convenient ways to Request For Saudi Airlines Change flight is to call because you do not have to follow any of the complicated procedures and acquire appropriate information about those too. So, the clues to use its phone number have been defined at the bottom:-

  • Just dial Saudi Airlines contact number, 1-800-472-8342
  • After that, pick a suitable option from the telephone menu 
  • And then, select a flight change option from IVR.


What is the Saudi Airlines Name Change Fee?

According to the airline rules and regulations, the name change fee depends on Saudi Airlines' name change policy, which is made under senior authorities' supervision. It maintains a trustworthy relationship between airline authorities and clients. You can follow the below-mentioned policy to get the correct way to change your name. 

  • According to the airline name change policy, you can change your name up to 2 to 3 letters free of charge, and that can be changed only once as per rules. 
  • If it is a whole name change, you need to pay the fees and provide your relevant details so that it will be easy for the airline to make the necessary changes. 
  • If it is a middle name change or any legal changes like divorce, then in that scenario, you can change it for free if you have shown the right document to the airline authority. 
  • If you have booked your flight through a travel agency or third party, then you need to connect with that particular travel agent or third party to make a name change in the flight details; otherwise, you cannot make the changes at the airline's official site.
  • If you have changed your flight within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket, then, in that case, you do not have to pay the extra fees for the airline flight details modification; on the other hand, if you have changed your flight after 24 hours of reserving the ticket then, in that case, you have to pay the price for the further modification. 
  • After the flight change process, if your new flight itinerary is costlier than the previous one, then, in that case, you need to pay the extra fees for your flight; on the other hand, if the new flight itinerary is cheaper than the previous booking then, in that case, the remaining amount will come back to your original mode of payment method. 


How to Change the Name of a Saudi Airlines Ticket?

You can change your name on a Saudi Airlines ticket with the help of an online method, which will be easy and accessible from your preferred system. The below-mentioned method will make your task easier. 

  • Open the official site of Saudi Airlines.
  • After that, sign up through your account, and the page will open. 
  • On the page, click on the manage your booking and enter the booking details.
  • Fill in the booking reference number and last name. 
  • The page will show you the booking details. Under that, click on the flight change button. Following that, you can make necessary changes, such as name according to your ID. 
  • Finally, pay the price (if any) and get the updated flight ticket with your registered details. 


This is how you can go through the flight name change process, and in case you are stuck in between your processes, then you can connect with the Saudi Airlines customer service team at a toll free number +966 920022222. available 24 hours and seven days. 

What is the name change fee for a Saudi airline ticket?

You can change your name in flight details on Saudi Airlines, but it may cost you a fee from $50 to $200. The fees depend on the letters and the number of errors you have made while providing your details. It is suggested to check through the official site of the airline, where all the information has been updated. 

How Can I Change Seats at Saudi Airlines?

You are about to fly with a Saudi airline but need comfort for your entire journey, so in that case, you can directly approach the airline's customer service team at +966 920022222. The team will provide you with the relevant information about the available seats and help you get one of those for your trip. 

  • Search for the official page of Saudi Airlines. 
  • After that, sign up with your, and the panel will show you the managed booking tab.
  • Now, fill in your reservation information, and the panel will display the flight details. 
  • Following that, select the flight change button and select the seat map. 
  • Finally, you can change to an alternate seat on the map according to your convenience and pay the seat charge ( if applicable ); otherwise, confirm your seat change.


You will get the confirmation code message with your registered details within a few seconds. 

What is the seat change fee at Saudi Airlines?

Saudia offers seat change for the prepaid seat options and after boarding the aircraft for some emergency scenarios or any case related to safety reasons. The Saudi Airlines seat change fee will apply on the condition mentioned below; otherwise, the airline offers a free-of-cost seat change process. 

The additional seat change fees are on specific selected domestic routes from $200, and for international flight routes, you need to pay $300. You can pay the charges via different modes of payment gateways. 

What are the Requirements Needed for a Saudi Airline Seat Change?

The Saudi Airlines seat change requirements are that you are allowed to change your seat free of cost. The seat change is only applicable on the basis of the availability of seats, and on request, you can ask for the seat change for emergency purposes. In case you are a pregnant lady, then also connect with the Saudi customer service team, and then you can change your seat according to comfort free of cost. 

For further requirements and queries, you can connect with the customer service executive of Saudi Airlines via the toll-free number +966 920022222. And keep following this article to clear your doubts. 

Final Word:

The titles that are mentioned above include sufficient information for changing a flight, such as process, policy, and cost. When you have any confusion related to that, then get in touch with Saudi Arabia customer service and obtain an answer.

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