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The cost that you need to incur while changing your ticket on Spirit

You have got your booking done for your trip to your destination on Spirit Airlines but you need to change your ticket on Spirit and you are seeking the answer of how much does it cost to change your ticket on Spirit, then, you need to have a glimpse. This article covers all the aspects:

  • The cost mainly depends upon many factors like the time lapse between ticket booking and departure time of flight, the destination you are flying to and there could be some more factors like distance between boarding point and destination. Mainly, the factors are decided by Spirit airlines only.
  • However, for making a change into your ticket, you need to do it before flight departure.


You can make following changes in your ticket:

  • Can upgrade to any new seat: If you need to make any up gradation, you can do it through an online portal or through Spirit Airlines booking points
  • If needed to make any changes into a package: Spirit Airlines offers various packages for its travelers, if you had taken any package and needed to now switch to another package
  • Needed to change the ticket type: If you had opted for one way and now, you need to make it a round trip or multi-city, Spirit Airlines gives the flexibility to change the ticket type.
  • Also, you can reschedule your flight: If there has been changed in plan and you want that your flight should be rescheduled, you can get it done with Spirit Airlines.


The procedure to make changes to your ticket is as given below:

  • The modes through which you can make changes into your ticket are online with Spirit website, through customer care using helpline numbers and if you are still wondering how much does it cost to change your ticket on Spirit, there would be different cost applied for different modes.
  • Moreover, each mode has its own importance when it comes to utilization. However, it is recommended to contact the customer care when it comes to making any changes into your ticket as customer care executives have thorough information about the Spirit Airlines services, so, when you need to make any changes into your ticket, you can get it done with Spirit Airlines customer service.


The following gives the description of how you can make changes into your ticket with Spirit Airlines customer service:

  • Call on the customer service of Spirit Airlines. 
  • The agent receives the call and you need to provide the ticket number and other details and need to specify what changes you need to make.
  • The agent updates your information accordingly. 
  • At the end, you need to make payment through credit/debit card if there are charges applied.


If you have upgraded your seat: In this case, you need to pay a little extra. The cost depends upon many factors the mode through which you are upgrading your seat, the time left for flight departure.

If your new fare is less than the original fare, then, Spirit Airlines provides the passengers with Future Travel Credit that can be used within a prescribed limit for Future Travel Credit. 

You can also upgrade to a group booking, can book a car on rent and if needed a hotel for accommodation, you can get bookings for the same

For more information on how much does it cost to change your ticket on Spirit, you can contact the customer care of Spirit Airlines!

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