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How Much Does United Charge for Bags At The Airport?

If you are flying with united airlines for the first time, you should be aware of the checked bags fee. These fees vary from person to person and what kind of luggage they are carrying. Here you can see the list of the cost as per the number of bags. 

  • When the person is carrying only one bag, then the first bag charge for hold will be USD 35
  • If you accept the second bag, you might have to bear the charges up to $45 USD. 
  • In the case of the third bag, you might have to provide the additional amount of $150 per bag.


Now, you can see How much does it cost to check a bag on United? The charges as mentioned earlier on the bags for checked and hold may vary, but you can see the optimum amount here. Though there is no such bag fee for the check for premium classes, and they are allowed to carry the three bags with particular length and weight.

How many bags can you check for free on United? 

United airlines always come with policies that help the person to fly comfortably. The major concern of the flyer is that they want to fly without bearing unnecessary charges. And in most of the scenarios, the person forgot to include the united airline' luggage fee that creates further issues.

Though, there are some terms where the flyer can carry the luggage without any charges. However, there are some limits in carrying the luggage, and if you are flying or carrying more than this, then you might have to bear some additional charges.

Now, united airlines allow you to carry a total of two bags for free. In this, you can take one carry-on bag and a single personal item. These personal items could be anything like a laptop, purse, case, and much more). Here you have to consider some size of the bags and weight too. The carry-on baggage should not be more than 10kg, and the length should be 45 inches. For larges bags, you are allowed to carry the 23kg weight, and if you wish to carry more, then you have to pay some additional charges.

It is clear that How many bags can you check for free on United? And for any doubt, you can interact with the live person of the baggage team too. It would be better, and you can avoid any unnecessary situation.

Can You Check A Bag With United Basic Economy? 

Bags policy is the same for the united basic economy as well as standard economy tickets. So you can go with the checked bags, but there are some changes as well. But that relies on the type of tickets you have. For most of the premium services, you can check a bag without paying any fee. It means the answer of Can you check a bag with United Basic Economy? is yes. You can easily learn about this by connecting with the support person of united airlines. They provide customer support through a phone too, where you can press a number and get the information regarding the checked bag.

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