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What cost Allegiant Air passengers need to pay for purchasing a preferred seat on a flight?

When a person decides to travel by air, getting a desirable seat on the plane is one most important thing that concerns them. Most of the airline provides the advance seat selection service to the passengers so that they can pick the desired seat according to their choice. If you are flying with the Allegiant Air, then you are very fortunate as the advance seat selection on a flight with them is available at very reasonable costs. Therefore, to know more precisely about the seat selection options on Allegiant Airlines and how much it can cost you, collect the data from below.

What is the cost for purchasing a seat on Allegiant Air?

You know by now that if you want to pick a seat of your choice on Allegiant Air, then you need to pay a certain amount of price for it. On the other hand, the passengers who don’t want to purchase a seat will have to accept the allocation by system during airport check-in. Besides, if you are wondering how much does it cost to purchase a seat on Allegiant Air, then you can know about the same from below:

  • The cost to purchase a seat on Allegiant Air costs between 7-21 US dollars, depending on which row you are choosing
  • If you choose to purchase a seat in the back row, then it cost as low as 7 US dollars
  • On the other hand, if you are purchasing a front row seat, then it can cost  up to 21 dollars


What is the procedure for a seat selection on Allegiant Air?

Now if you want to learn the procedure for purchasing a seat on Allegiant Airlines, then at first you need to know the options they provide. You can make selection through the Allegiant Air seat assignment from manage booking tab, as well as during online check-in. Moreover, the correct procedure to select a seat with Allegiant Airlines via both the options is explained below one by one.

Easy steps to purchase a seat through Manage booking

  • Firstly, visit Allegiant Air website on a browser
  • After that, go to the Manage booking tab and click on it
  • Then, on the Manage booking section enter your Booking ID
  • Next, enter the first and last name of primary traveler and then press Find tab
  • After that, open flight from My trips, on which you want to purchase a seat
  • Then open the seat assignment to view space availability and choose a preferred option
  • Henceforth, pay the applicable charges for the seat you have decided to purchase and save it


Easy steps to purchase a seat during online check-in

  • Open the official web page of Allegiant Air on a browser
  • Further, look for check-in option and proceed towards it
  • After choosing the check-in tab you have to provide the necessary details
  • Then enter your first and last name, as well as the booking reference
  • Next, click on check-in button and then open the seat assignment
  • Now, you can select a desired seat from the assignment and proceed towards payment
  • At last, pay the fee applicable for a seat purchase and get confirmed seat on flight


All the necessary details about the Allegiant Air seat booking fare as well as the explanation for the procedure you need to perform on different platforms, from where you can apply a seat purchase are given above. Apart from that, if you have missed any information or any other doubt regarding the seat selection on Allegiant Air, in such case you can connect to a customer care representative from its call center to collect accurate details.

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