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Can You Ship A Dog On American Airlines?

Goodbyes are hard. But saying goodbye to your pet is the hardest thing you can experience in your lifetime. There are many airlines where you can take your dog but there are also some airlines where dogs are not allowed. The reason varies from far of animals to make others uncomfortable. Fortunately, you can take your best friend on the flight along with you. But American airlines allows dogs and other pet on the first priority.

How Much To Ship A Dog on American Airlines?

The cost of shipping is dependent on the following factors:

Size: The cost of shipping may vary according to the size and weight f your dog. The smaller the dog, the lesser the price. The approximate shipping cost is $700 but it may vary on the size and location.

Geography/Location: If you are flying your pet internationally, the cost gets higher. For domestic flights, a dog of 11 to 25 lbs. will cost $200.

Carry on pet: if you are flying your pet within America, Canada, and Mexico, it will cost you $125kennel

Restricted Breeds

American Airlines is allowing the pet to travel along for more than 65 years yet some breeds are restricted from flying. The breeds that fall under the category of snub dogs are not allowed to fly. Pugs, bulldog, Shih Tzu, etc. fall under this category. This is done to avoid respiratory complications. At a higher altitude, they face problems in breathing due to their small nose.

How do I ship my dog on American Airlines?

7 kennels of American airlines and 5 kennels of the American eagle are allowed in American airlines. If you are considering taking your pet with you on the journey, make sure to read all the guidelines provided by American airlines.

Some of them are listed below:

1. Confirm that your dog is eligible to travel

  • The dog should be older than 8 weeks
  • Make sure that the temperature is less than 85℉


2. It is compulsory to have the right kennel for your pet

  • Make sure that your kennel meets the guidelines provided by American airline


3. Make your reservation

In this, you can make a reservation for the transport of dog whether you are traveling with It or not.

To make a reservation, follow the below steps:

  • Click on Make reservations
  • On the next page, fi n the shipment details
  • Enter the shipper information
  • Now enter the dog details
  • Add any information if you want and then click on submit


4. Confirm your dropping location

  • If your pet is traveling/transported alone, make sure to drop it on time
  • Check the temperature again to be safe
  • Feed your pet a light meal and water 4 hours before drop off
  • Confirm that you attach a leash, food bag, collar, and muzzle with your dog


5. Reuniting with your pet

  • Check and confirm your pickup location
  • Be ready with your air waybill number


We hope that you go the answer to your question “How do I ship my dog on American Airlines”? Make sure that you have read all the guidelines carefully and the precise shipping cost will be seen after you fill in all the details of the dog and the flying details.

Does American Airlines Fly Dogs in Cargo?

Yes, American Airlines do fly dogs in cargo. Now, take a look at the various points to fly your dogs in cargo. 

American Airlines provide the facility to their passengers to fly their dogs or cats on a first-come basis. The main criteria for cargo are the pet should be 8 weeks old and the passengers can take up to 2 pets at a time. The total weight of the pet and the carrier should be 100 lbs (45 kg). American Airlines charges $200 per carrier for transporting pets.

Simple Ways to Book American Airlines flight for Dog

The answer to the question How do I book a flight for my dog is described below. Check them out.

  • First of all, get in touch with the Reservations at least 48 hours before your travel.
  • After that, check-in at the ticket counter of the airport.
  • Extra check-in time is common. You cannot check-in pets 4 hours before your American Airlines flight.
  • Take a health certificate of your pet along with you.


Is it Safe for the Dogs to Fly in Cargo?

Now, you must be wondering Is it safe to fly dogs in cargo. The answer is no. It is very difficult for the dogs to travel in cargo. The better you can take them along with you as carry-on luggage. If your pet is small enough, then you can take them along with you on your American Airlines flight and keep them beneath your seat. But make sure you inform the captain and at least one flight attendant about your pet that they are travelling with you. 

Ways To Ship My Dog To Another State 

The answer to the question of how to ship a dog to another state is described below. Have a look.

  • Check whether your pet is eligible for travel or not. 
  • Check whether your pet is more than 8 weeks and healthy enough to fly or not.
  • Check for the breed list as American Airlines restricts certain breeds for travel.
  • Check whether your pet will be flying as PPS or as ExpediteFS.
  • Look for compatible aircraft.
  • Look for the temperature 85°F or under will be recommended.
  • The right kennel for your pet is a must.
  • Start the reservation process for your pet.
  • Drop your pet at the drop-off location.
  • Also, you can track your pet by the tracking id given by American Airlines.
  • At last, you can pick your pet up.


American Airlines Pet Policy

You can have a look at the policies and other useful information we have summarized for you.

  • You need to present the heath certificate of your pet and they must be vaccinated
  • American Airlines allows only dogs and cats in their aircrafts
  • Your pet could not travel as cargo of its temperature is more than 85℉.or the ground temperature is below 45℉
  • Your pet is not allowed on flights that have a fly time of 12 hours.
  • You need to inform American Airlines in advance if you want to carry a pet with you.
  • American Airlines can carry up to 5 kennels on American eagle and 7 kennels on American Airlines
  • American Airlines allows only small dogs and cats
  • Your pet should be over 8 weeks old to be eligible for travel 
  • You cannot carry your pets in your cabins on a transpacific or transatlantic flight.
  • You can also not carry your pet in business class of some of the aircraft at American Airlines
  • You can take one pet on your ticket as American Airlines allows one pet passenger
  • However, two puppies of the same size or mother of cats and dogs can be allowed in the aircraft if their combined weight does not cross more than 20 pounds of weight scale.
  • The cage should have adequate space to move and stand your pet
  • Your pet will be counted as carrying on baggage and you will have to pay a fee during the check-in process and the pets are not allowed at the check-in counter
  • If your pet is traveling in the cabin, there is no need to present the health certificate.
  • You can take your dog and cat as emotional support in your cabin and they should be properly vaccinated
  • Other than dogs and cats, you can take miniature horses if you are physically disabled.


American Airlines Pet Cargo Policy

This policy is helpful for the customers when your pet is not able to gift under the ship or it is other than a dog or cat. Your pet is kept in the same temperature as a flight cabin.

  • Birds are not allowed in the cargo policy
  • The flight should not exceed more than 12 hours
  • The health certificate must be certified by the licensed veterinarian within 10 days of flight and the certificate's validity is 60 days only
  • Make sure to check in your pet at the airport before the departure time but not before hours of flight.
  • Snub dogs are not allowed in the aircraft. Some examples of snub dogs are pugs, pit-bull, shit Tzu, etc.


American Airlines Pet Fee

The pet fee depends on the following factors:

  • Size: If your dog is small in size, it will cost you less and if it is big then the price will be more. The approximate cost is $700 but it may vary as per the weight
  • Geography/Location: If you are traveling internationally with your pet, your charge is high.
  • Carry-on pet: it will cost you $125, to take your pet to America, Canada and, Mexico.


These were some American Airlines Pet policies you need to keep in mind if you are planning to take your pet with you.

So, these are some of the useful information regarding your pet's travel in cargo. Moreover, for any additional information, you can contact the American Airlines customer service chat. They are available 24 hours for your help and guidance.

How do I add a carry-on pet to my American?

Suppose you decide to travel with the airline along with your pet, and you look forward to knowing how to add a carry-on pet. So, you are suggested to look at the different ways mentioned below through which you can add; have a look:

Add through the official website.

The primary and feasible way is through the official website of the airline. And you will become able to add your pet. Have a look at the steps: 

  • Visit the official website of the airline to begin the process. 
  • Tap on Manage My Bookings and enter all the asked details, such as booking number and last name, and search for your flight. 
  • There you will find the option to add a carry-on pet; tap on it. 
  • Make the relevant fee, and submit the form. (you will be required to present all the necessary documents while check-in in, such as a health certificate, which must be in a prescribed size, etc.) 


Make a call to add a carry-on pet

It is always recommended to contact the airline on their phone number, 800-433-7300, and an airline executive will be assigned to look after your query. And they will ensure you are left in no confusion. Make sure to present all the necessary documents, such as a health certificate, etc. 

What is the carry-on pet fee for American Airlines?

You must be aware of the carry-on pet fee in order to avoid any extra charges imposed by the airline. However, it depends on the service of it: have a look;

Cargo Pet– Fees vary from destination to destination, and you will be informed about the fees while making a reservation. 

Carry-on pet– You will be charged $125/kennel within the US, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. 

Service Animals– There are no charges imposed by the airline.

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