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Flydubai is the preferred air carrier in providing the leading flight services. One can gather the latest deals on their website and book flight tickets anytime. Travelers are allowed to carry hand luggage on all the flights operated by Flydubai. The hand baggage must be within the specific rules and restrictions to be carry-on board. Following are the hand baggage rules you will be allowed in flydubai for your destination. 

  • For the economy class, you can carry up to 1 handbag during the journey. The hand baggage weight must be 7kg in weight. 
  • The hand luggage size must not cross 55 x 38 x 20 cm, including hands and wheels, if any. 
  • As per business class passengers, you can take up to 2 handbags. The maximum weight of each bag can be 7kg or 14 kg in total.
  • Each hand luggage must not exceed the general requirements so that it can be adequately fit in the overhead bin or locker.


Does Flydubai Weigh Hand Luggage?

Yes, flydubai weighs hand luggage to take on the flight. The handbags must be 7 kg in weight in the economy class. Business class travelers can take up to 2 bags of 14 kg in total. But in accordance with this, each bag must not exceed 7 kg in weight. 

Flydubai hand baggage size:

Flydubai always wanted to provide the maximum luggage on the travel. The bags must be within a specific size and weight to take hand luggage. Therefore the hand luggage size must not exceed 55 x 38 x 20 cm in both economy and business class. 

Moreover, if you want to carry more bags, you need to pay some fees or charges according to the destination and number of passengers. For this, you can communicate with Flydubai customer service and talk to the representative. They will help you to carry the maximum number of bags during the journey to your preferred destination.

What is the free baggage Allowance on Flydubai?

According to the flydubai, the carry-on and hand luggage will be free of cost for the travel. If you want to acquire the free baggage allowance, you must follow the rules and regulations. The weight and size restrictions of carry-on bags with flydubai are mentioned below:

  • You can take up to one carry-on and one personal item per passenger free of cost.
  • The carry-on luggage must not cross the weight of 7kg in economy class per passenger. 
  • If you book a business class flight, you can take up to 15kg of bags as carry-on. 
  • The free bags will only be allowed if the size will not cross 55 x 38 x 20 cm


How Many Kgs are Allowed in Flydubai?

The bag's weight and size will always depend on the fare type and destination. The checked luggage will be calculated according to the number of bags and specific rules. You can see the details below to find out how many kgs of bags you can take with flydubai.

In The Economy Class: 

  • As per this fare type, you can take up to 3 pieces of checked luggage for each passenger. 
  • Each part of the checked bag must be less than 32 kg per passenger. 
  • The maximum size of the checked baggage can be 75 x 55 x 35cm. The size will include the handles and wheels of each bag.


In the business class: 

  • According to the business class fare type, you can carry up to 3 checked bags free of cost. 
  • The size of each bag must not cross 75 x 55 x 35cm, which contains the wheels and handles. 
  • The total weight of each bag can be 40 kg to board the flight.
  • If your bags exceed the general requirements, they will be considered oversized and overweight. 
  • You need to pay the fees and charges for the overweight bags to carry on the flight journey. 


Flydubai Hand Baggage Rules:

According to the flydubai, you can carry hand luggage that must meet the rules and restrictions. On all the flydubai flights, you can take a piece of handbags of weight up to 7 kg in total. If you purchased the business class flight, you could carry two handbags of 14 kilograms in weight. The maximum dimension of the hand luggage can be 55 x 38 x 20 cm. If your handbags cross the general restrictions, they will be taken as checked bags, and calculate the allowance accordingly.

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